Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome may. May god help us in may!!!

Welcome the year has dragged May in to our face. May is sure a challenge now. The complete oposite to april was. It is sure raining miseries this may. As i am writing I am chatting with AB. Ab had great time in some garden in Amsterdam. Now dont raise a eyebrow AB is ganga maiyya pavitra aur doodh se dhula and all that jazz. hehehe. He simply liked the flowers better. hahaha. Well good for him. hmm I am planning to go to coffee tonight. Well lets recap the day fast then. I had a blast shopping today. I went in to shopping spree shopped for clothes whn my cupboard can no longer hold any clothes. hehehe. LAter went shopping for shoes, belts and caps and allllll. I like enjoyed myself very much today. I wish such days come again and again. I also liked the sense that i ll be seen with my new clothes all over college and other places. I sort of set trends every where. Many wont believe but many people copy what i wear. I am sure i ll start a new hat craze in college. hehehe. lets see i ll tell you about it. I am off for some coffee now cya tomorrow. Enjoy your self Chao

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