Monday, May 12, 2008

Eternity has a curse of tragedy

Well I have done nothing throughout the day except eat and sleep so have taken up a topic here. Does eternity really has a curse?? Does normality never gain the priviledge of eternity? I was stricken with the question was watching the classic mughal-e-azam today. Well i know many people are grasped with this questions but they dont have the time,power of the inclination to search for answer. I really think if a thing wants to be remembered for ever it has to be abnormal. Both sides of normality are capable of beig time immortal. See people rememeber "Queen Victoria" true but they also remember "Black beard". So morality has little rolw to play here. And we are not going in to moral things here. Just the fact that something is para normal gives it ability to become eternal and immortal. Physically there are very few things that can remain unchanged for ever but many things and people have attained virtual immorality in the sense that they remain in memory long after being physically destroyed. I leave you with that thought today. As this thing was started by mughal-e-azam lets see a scene and a song from the same. Uncertainty is very nicely depicted as a negative impact here.

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