Thursday, July 31, 2008

Change in outlook

Recently a friend after reading the blog said "You are trying to portray yourself as a very emotional person which you are not. A wolf in sheep's clothing". Well I laughed it up at that time but later I thought on it. Really I am a wolf in sheep's clothing. I don't am not that caring person in real life that I make out in the blog. I am ruthless and churlish in behavior. Extremely short tempered and spew venom at suspicion of hostility.
Well on the other hand what i write is also something that feel. I am not making it appear a softie thing its really what i think. So it is also a part of me. Which one is true then
Am I wolf in sheeps clothing or sheep in wolfs?? Even I dont know. Only thing I can say is that I can write well and tend to flow away from reality when i write. So maybe i write what I aim to be in life. I want to be how i write. Dunno whether I ll ever be able to be like that but it will be a wish.
On reality side I am changing for nth time now. Again I am shedding some skin and changing stripes. I dont know why but suddenly I am becoming more naturally ruthless and unemotional.
I am losing the "guilt" that one has after you say something bad to a person. Pathetically boorish person I am metamorphosing in to slowly. I just dont care now. It may be a result of a string of recent incidences but its true, I am on my way to become a ruthless corporate person. I will fire people very nicely heheheeh. Hmm and I say i want to be emotional heheheh hypocrisy starts at home hehee. Well I have a crystal clear idea of what is causing this but I dont understand its purpose. Hmm well lets hear a song of relatively same meaning "Suddenly i see" from devil wears prada" Great song

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hmm its been time I wrote an astro article so writing one now.

Discovered by Herchelle so sometimes also called as "Herchelle". Uranus is the most different planet in the entire solar system. Astronomically Uranus is very different too its axis is titled at near 180 degrees so it appears to roll in the space as against most planets which move gracefully.
Further Uranus has no fixed orbit!!!!! It is so influenced by Saturn and Neptune that it changes its orbit lot of times. We can never predict accurately Uranus's position in space at a given moment. Uranus is mostly made up of gas and is very cold planet
Hmm now lets switch to the astrological part. Astrologically Uranus is known for its unpredictability, eccentricity and extreme para-normality. Just "URANUS IS NEVER NORMAL". Uranus is constantly looking for new horizons to see new things to learn. Uranus is the extremism in person, Uranus is genius or super dumb but never average.
If mars is sword Uranus is bomb
If Venus is poem Uranus is sensational ballad
If jupiter is PHd thesis Uranus is ripple causing research paper
If mercury is excellent oratorship Uranus is the power to control millions through speeches
If saturn is slow death Uranus is sudden uncontrolled death
Basically Uranus is extra polation of normalism in any field of application.
Mars is the warrior who will go on battle field with vigour Uranus is the mad scientist who can create weapons which kills 1000 soldiers in a blink
If Venus is the poet who writes " You are love my dear" Uranus is the poet which writes "Love actually is You"
If mercury is the wave that lashes at shore, Uranus is the storm that changes the shore for ever.
Extremely powerful planet Uranus needs to be studied in accordance with other planets and the degrees it makes wioth other planets
Trines with planets enhances their effect multi folds eg if mercury makes trine with Uranus then person is genius (Einstein has this)
90 deg,180 deg can create disasters for fast planets like venus, moon, mercury.
!80 degrees with venus indicate a sure shot troubled married life marred with dramatic situations. Extreme drama is also a sign of uranus influence.
Hmm I ll write more on uranus tomorrow

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rain gods are distraught

Its not raining here!!!!!!! Just no rains. Farms have not even sown, rains have eluded region of maharshtra for a month now. With trategic month like july gone dry very little is expected in august. Well there is water shortage and so the municipal body has cut water supply by 20pc. Its bad situations.
Well many people are doing different things to appease the rain gods. Some of them are even marring donkeys to make it rain. Some are praying day in and day out. Yesterday it rained a little bit but it was nothing substantial.
Traditionally to summon the rain god "Varun" a raag called Malhar is sung. It is said that it can bring rains. hmm now I dont know how much truth is their especially in this arcane form of singing. Well whats harm in trying? Heres Raag Malhar. Ghan ghan mala. Its in marathi nice song

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun day

I had to supervise some plumbing work in my terrace today. Well I was not doing anything just overlooking what the plumbers were doing. I was all excited about watching what those people did and their tools and instruments etc. Well after 15Min's I had seen all new things and but expectedly got bored. I always get bored within 15-30min of absolutely anything. so started looking here and there from my terrace. Then I saw the Coconut trees in our garden. Huge straight trees with foliage at the top within coconuts hanging through the unique leaves.

My father has planted these trees when he was a teenager under the guidance of my grandparents. These are many other trees in my garden but these are special. Its almost like they have a personality and behave independent of us. So I had quite a time pass looking at trees than looking at those mundane plumbers. I only liked a new "threading" machine they had brought with them. It is such a pain-in-ass to do threads manually, I have done in workshop in first year of engineering. Their threading tools were awesome liked them a lot.

Some shots of the coconut trees for everyone to see. I suggest you click on second picture to see how wonderful the tree is really. My camera phone is quite effecient so got big images.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cushions Up

Many new age cars have a facility that in event of an accident the car pushes air bags to reduce damage inside and possibly to save lives. Well my fate is shoving air bags at me right-left and center. Hmm Well its like fate is saying "I had no other option forgive me", I have done that looong time ago.Many happy and joyful moments are thrown at me now. Well my sister and brother-in-law (to be) brought a cane swing for my house, I loooovvve it, I just spend a lot of tiem on the swing. I had visits from friends, relatives outings, lunches,dinners. Its long list, but there is a change really. I dont generally have such a social life, I am loner type of person btu suddenly many people are calling me all of sudden. Hmm fates way to heal me I suppose.
I saw "Batman:The dark knight" today. Amazing movie, perfect depiction of Batman as a human being and not some exemplary extra-human force. Liked it very much. Heath ledger has played an outstanding role as the joker. Well its sad that he died and didn't live to see the acclaims that he is receiving for his work. Such mysterious deaths remind me of Neptune the planet is known to cause such events in persons life. Well when heath died Neptune was changing signs, dont know I haven't seen his chart. Anyway its good to see that Heath is not romancing Maggie Gyllenhall in Batman. It would have been weird wouldnt it? first the brother Jake then sister Maggie hahaha. Would that qualify as "incest"? Dunno OK enough I am going a little overboard with this thing. Well Heath was wonderful actor the world saw his acting powress when he was alive in Brokeback mountain and even in his death in Batman: Dark knight. May His soul rest in beatific peace.
Batman:Dark knights theatrical trailer

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am priest to Rahu

Yup I am totally kneeling down,completely surrendered to Rahu now. Rahu has formidably,single handedly brought about so extreme changes in my life that I just cant comprehend it now. I am talking with a person and within an hour a decision is made amicably to completely severe communication with each other. This is Rahu-rahu at work, nothing is more idiosyncrasies than this manifestation of the shadow planet. Rahu brings out the secrets when least expected. Sadak pe lata hain Rahu . It is the planet unfazed even by the brazenly fiery sun. Rahu is a boon and a very bad anathema( a very powerful,heartfelt solemn curse). I have Rahu placed in Pisces ie meen at 28degree(ie revati-4 gandaant ) in 5th place (Vrischik lagna). Revati's master mercury aspects rahu by 7th aspect and makes near conjunction with rahus better half ketu. Mercury being deeply exalted aspecting rahu has made the Rahu-Rahu dasha a roller-coaster ride for me. Every pratyantar dasha had some new things to teach. Rahu-Rahu dasha has made me take decisions which were a far possibility just minutes ago. "I ll think", "i need time to ponder" etc is not allowed in Rahu. Split second decisions are the Rahus call. Well I have gained much much more than I have lost in Rahu-Rahu so I am not sad for the dasha at all.
Even as it nears its end in Rahu-Rahu-moon it still has the potential to shake the life out of me.
Well further 16years I ll be spending under the command of Rahu, though antardasha will change but still a rahu factor will remain in background. I am very apprehensive about how these 16yrs will go now. First 2 yrs were a shock to me (both good and bad shocks). I request Rahu to calm down and take it slowly, spare me the shocks pleeeeeaaaaasssssseeee.
Embedding "Navgraha Stotram". A song written 2000yrs ago by rishi Vyas in praise of the navgrahas. Its a sice on indian tradtion please hear it completely, its an insult to planets to leave it half heard.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rainbow Lost

I always have visions corresponding to events in life. Had a very profound one in afternoon, very rare occurrence.
I am a meadow filled with nice grass all around waiting for someone to come. Nobody is coming and I am starting to grow uneasy. Finally over the horizon a rainbow appears. It is magnificent with its superb colours. Rainbow is one of the best creation of nature rivalled perhaps only by the Aurora Aurelius of north pole. Rainbow is clear pristine, actually it is not there but we can see it and feel the joy it gives. Rainbow in unfeigned,unguiled and unlike the "mirage" has no chicanery associated with it.
Hmm I see the rainbow and I run toward the end of horizon and start shouting,screaming, hooting, howling and neighing "Why are you so late?" I demand and answer. Rainbow smiles and says "I will come when I want, you don't own me". The sentence hit me like a thousand ice needles hurled at me. I say to rainbow "But I love you, I ll take care of you, never leave your side". Rainbow replies "I never have loved you, I liked your company but never loved you". A gloom descends over the meadow temperature drops and ice begins to form of what recently was dew. Anger, sadness,frustration all combined together I begin to think all is lost and its irrecoverable.
The human psyche is a very tough nut to crack. Like the human body, the human mind to is very adaptive and regenerative. Just when you think all is lost and depressive thoughts loom the mind, the human mind summons some of the most holiest and helpful energies to its help. These are the energies that reside in darkest corners of your mind. Pristine white in appearance these energies have to appear in case the defenses fall and the soul is left alone in debris of the palatial mansion it once inhabited. These energies escort the soul like the lampades escort the vulnerable "Hekate". Drag the crying soul away from the carnage site in to the deepest layers of subconscience where a hut is built for the soul to regenerate and recuperate. It is not the palace with towers that it once was but "Crowned monarch better than his throne". What happens if kings throne is gone the king still lives. He lives to build another palace.
hmm so I was telling about the gloom that followed but the gloom is replaced by slow sunshine as the innermost energies arrive to rescue the soul. Slowly I can see the rainbow again, rainbow is not happy either. To Rainbow i say " Don't worry rainbow I am very fine, but will you be fine??"
Rainbow doesn't say a word but tears drop from its face. I feel sad for rainbow and then like the tempest unexpected words just spurt out like prophecy on way I predict to rainbow " Rainbow will find its rainbow soon". Leaving the rainbow I walk down the meadow but now its filled with beautiful butterflies and ladybirds. The meadow gives solitude and beatitude to me. The serenity that few have expereinced. As I walk away I look back and smile at the companion that was lost in time, a rainbow that was lost forever.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cinema's childhood memories

Hmm today writing about my second hobby after astrology ie cinema appreciation. I have always liked old movies due to their "arty" status. The movies between 1937-1960 are the best movies only paralleled by the art movies of the 1980's.
Lets see a historical background in which these movies were made after 1945. Second world war had just ended bringing optimism back to world, conservativeness had also made a comeback after "who-knows-what-happens-tomorrow" psyche of the world world. In 1947 India became a nascent state fueling a further boost of optimism. Communism was not that aggressive and Britain was still considered a super power with its various colonies. The era reeked with excitement for the happy future. Few films were made and films were a piece of art not a commercial venture with publicity billboards and cheap antics to draw attention. Even music was divine. Singers in pre 1960's era had distinctive songs to their credentials. Noorjahen was known for "jawan hain mohobbat", uma devi for "afsana likh raheen hoon". What is lata mangeshkar known for?? 1 million songs but not one song has a stamp of immortality associated with lata. I best like Shamshad begum and noorjehan. Unfortunately Noorjehan decided to leave for pakistan in 1947 but Shamshad begum did give playback to CID songs which are still the classic of Indian cinema. The era was childhood of Indian cinema, like most childhoods it has best memories, lets hear another blast from past a song from CID.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well I am sort of distraught today. Well no one seems to to know what I want or expect from any one. I can always know what person wants and how intensely he feels it without the person explicitly screaming it out. I am sad today on that account.
No one jus doesnt understand me.
hmm you people listen to this new song from JTYJN

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Crackpot TV

Hmm I had a quite nice day today. Inspite of the horrible cold i am suffering from the day was a enjoyable one. I went to meet my project partner Friends and so had nice time with them. Hmm I had a sort of argument with a new entrance in community called "TV lakshmanan". He is 46yrs old and complete crack pot, he is like so idiotic in his mannerism. He is forcing his views on us. Describe chart like this, don't use these planets, Uranus , Neptune, Pluto are not useful. Well just because the 2000yr old astro books don't describe them that doesn't make them not there. Well at that time rishis didn't had telescope and so couldn't see Uranus and other planets but now we know of their existence and so its quite logical that we use them.
Just because its a western discovery doesn't make it shit, people like this TV are regressive in thought and so they are dragging astrology back to ages where there were no planets beyond Saturn. Hope the upcoming generation of astrologers recognise their importance and use them in their predictions. That will be the biggest slap someone can give to this TV.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ashlesha characteristics

well since in your first lines you mentioned you do not agree perfectly with the discription of ashlesha nakshatra, then why didnt u try to find out anything positive about it? i am really fed up with the discription of ashlesha naksharta and would like to hear something good about it.i am an ashlesha born person,and i dont think i am like what these astrological sites and books cosnider.i am highly emotional, and not at like a person who would never forgive anyone, i consider myself as a good human being though no one is perfect but i can definiely say i am kind, and loving person. to give more example, my best friend she is also an ashlesha, and she is one of the sweetest person i have ever met. i would give u my dob and time, u can test urself.
Dob 29-4-1985 time 1:45 amplace jabalpur

I received this comment to ashlesha, Well firstly I don't read charts here so you can either scrap me on orkut or paste it the community, both links can be found in my article "laughing around".
Hmm about ashlesha now. It is true that ashlesha is not all bad, but it is no saint either. Ashlesha moon is different case alogether. Well how a person will behave depends on many factors Lagna rashi,moon rashi, lagna nakshatra, moon nakshtara, major planets and their strenghts etc. So its very possible that if majority of these factors are pointing to opposite personality then ashlesha effect shall be minimum. As a general nakshatra it is certainly bad and will give effects as written. Now most logical question is "Then why write such effects if they can be cancelled by other factors?" Well if we dont then its most probable that we just cant write anything in astrology as most of things are dependent on others. Well basic rule to learn astrology is learn all individually and then integrate all. Well I cnat exactly "find" good characteristics about any nakshatra.Hmm I have met many ashlesha people and they have following good characteritics common to moon in ashlesha 1,2,3 ashlesha-4 is completely different part as its gandaant part
Patience, calmness, no-nonsense attitude, sweetness is very relative and forgiveness is not there in it, think deeply again ashlesha can never forget even she forgives. Memory is very sharp and used for many other purposes other than studies.
Hmm well any nakshatra is not bad altogether it has both sides just few nakshatra have a aggressive and a negative connotation. Some people actually like being called rude and shrewd so again everything is relative to some other thing.
Good luck to you and dont think ashlesha is all bad it is a very powerful naksahtra you should be proud you are born in such "fangy" nakshatra

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Confession of an abnormal child

Venus is back and can be seen on eastern horizon in evening again. After one and half months of being behind sun and so no visible to us. Venus had set on eastern horizon in early may bring an abrupt end to marriage season, but now she is back and so are marriages in full swing. Only few muhurthas are available because the chatur masa will be starting immediately. I was at a marriage function in morning. As usual the function was a boring affair. Well I needed to talk to someone for a while so called a friend but as usual when friends need me I am always there but when i need friends saab bhaag jate hain any way I was absolutely near his house so had called. I was just flaming with anger but had to smile at relatives at the function. Well he will pay for it later, everyone does.
My mother has a very idiot friend who has a "perfect" son. My mother always gives me examples of this creation of god. I always feel very angry jealous and have contempt for this prodigy-in-making. I am very scared of my hatred nowadays the effects are becoming more and more disastrous. OK I ll write a secret very few know till now. Last year when my mom was praising the "prodigy's" beyond my control I made a secret wish "I wish he be dead". He had a near fatal accident in which his lungs were punctured and a time was when doctors were unsure of his survival. I was like lightning struck, first thing i did was make a very serious anti wish. Fortunately he survived (they cut off half his lung he has 1 1/2 lung now). Again then in spite of all this ordeal he managed to get great marks and mom and her friend went all gagagag. Then again green envy hit me this time wish was "Let him fail", he failed in one maths subject. I was flabbergasted with this. All this is true very true, people who know me will surely never doubt this thing at all. I have never boasted or even told anyone purposely about Uranus gifted energies.
Finally I met him today, he was so normal person not the kind that would be airy at all. I think my mom and her friend had exaggerated his good qualities a tad too much. We were talking about academics and future plans. He wanted to go for MS after his engg degree but said that his parents have had too expenditure because of his accident and so he will try it after 2/3years of job. I was dumbfounded, he was so true and I did not even suspect an iota of what i had image of him in my mind. He was talking as if I was the "perfect" one not the usual him. I have realised what grave follies I have committed, I think i deserve whatever the fallout maybe to this horrible wishes I made.
Long time ago a relative had said this about me "Child is a curse on family, has a black tongue, should be tied to ladder and burned alive" I was only 8 then didn't know what I used to say to people. My parents always knew about this quality and so I was kept happy and contented all time. I have 100 more examples but wont go into details.
I feel very sorry for what I have done and so confess to the world and ask for forgiveness. I so wanted to say sorry to him but he wouldn't have understood that in anyway. I make another wish "Let there be arrangement for money so that ............ can go to US", I feel a little light after writing this confessing.
Black tongued abnormal child begs for forgiveness

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ashlesha:- Celestial serpent slithers in cosmos

Hmm before I start ashlesha I have to paste something I found on internet. Generally I dont agree perfectly wiht descriptions but his one is very close to what I feel about ashlesha so pasting it here. I have NOT written this.
Ashlesha nakshatra (Hydarae) Spread from 16:40’ to 30: degree Karka. Ruling planet is Mercury. Symbol-coiled up snake. According to Valmiki Ramayana, the twin brothers Lakshman and ShatrughnaIt were born in this nakshatra. is the nature of a snake to hide himself, to encircle and entwine, to creep on the chest, to embrace, and to enjoy or unite surreptitiously. All this is an attribute of Aslesha also. The cunningness of the serpent, its devious nature, the burning sensation of poison and pain along with all consequences that poison connotes are to be read in the constitution of Aslesha. The virtues and vices of the serpent are all in it. Chandra in Aslesha sicklied over with various faults in great intensity. Whoever would have his or her karmadhipati (Lord of the 10th house) or bhagyapati (Lord of the 9th house) in this star would run the risk of having all his or her principal acts in life handicapped, jeopardized or spoiled by many kinds of danger and obstruction. If the Lagna is in this star, the native would possibly be of wily disposition. Such people would like to work in secret and their words would carry the sting of poison.
Ashlesha is the serpent of the cosmos, carring deadly sting the poisonous snake moves through the universe. One of the most powerful ironies of the astro world is that ashlesha finds herself in Cancer. Cancer?? It is no place for ashlesha,hmm close understanding will reveal it actually is.
Cancer's crab has a very strong hold over its substrate. It is the most akkhadu rashi of all the rashis. Even the fixed earthy vrushabh cant match up with the stubborness that kark has in itself. In such an environment the serpent survives and prospers. Ashlesha happily glides in cancer.
Ashlesha astronomically is identified with star called Asselus Australis. It is moderate star with no taratmak results as such. Ashlesha-4 and its follower magha-1 is called as gandaant and moon here is not good at all.
Ashlesha people have the blessing of moon in karka and hence are calm cool and emotional people. Emotions run deep in this nakshatra. People are quite sharp and aware of surroundings
observant of everything. Nothing slips past the snake as it slithers on desert sand. Now the counter part. Hissing as the snake ashlesha spits venom at its victim, makes it highly poisonous nakshatra. Verrry verry unforgiving nakshatra, wont forgive and will never never forget. Jyeshtha will kill with sword ashlesha will slow poison its opponent. Ashlesha is the human incarnation of the intelligent King cobra. Agression is contained and controlled, other people dont realise that the person is angry or has contempt on mind. Most unfathomed nakshatra, you can know an ashlesha for years still wont be able to read what he/she is thinking at a particular scene.
Now the gandaant part. Ashlesha-magha gandaant is the most dreaded of all three. This part ignites the passion of the serpentine world and the passive energies of the snake world are ignited by planets in gandaant. Ashlesha gandaant requires immediate nakshatra shanti or it can even incur balarishta on the young born in gandaant.
Ashlesha is the god of serpents, ashlesha is the snake, ashelsha is the serpentine characteristics in humans ashlesha is the silent viper that lurks in the cosmos;Ashlesha is the killer perfect

Friday, July 4, 2008

Laughing around

Firstly I ahve to give all astro buff a link on orkut. I write about nakshatras here
so you can read about all nakshatras. I write here too but small nakshatras are written there. I am working on ashlesha going to write it soon.
Today I went to see the movie Jane tu ya na jaane na nice movie liked it. Laughter movie with sprinkle of childish romance. Speaking of childishness I was full on toady. I was acting total crazy today, I knew but who cares I like being happy and it makes me verry. I parked my bike loong from the theatre so I could just walk through the streets. I like walking through streets its so interesting so many different people to observe and see how they behave its like a classroom of psychology itself. Then I was laughing like crazy throughout the movie and even before it. Now the crowning glory: I was bored of walking back to my bike so asked my friend to drop me near it, we were going but on way I saw a buffalo and her little baby, I told my friend to go his way and when he went I turned to buffalo and watched it for some time before waltzing down to my bike. I know I am going to get teased for this but it would be less as compared to what I would have got if I did it in front of the friend. I just enjoyed it today. It was new begining for someone close and I was part of the happiness that surrounds genesis. New day has come today. Welcome the new day

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Venus's ire : Love

Yesterday late night I got a message that one of my close friend has been rejected by a girl. I dont know the details as I have not met him today but the certainty of message is cold truth. Many people consider me right to share their secrets and confide with me their feelings. I too like to help whenever possible. This case is different I have never got involved with another love story as deeply as I was in this one. I am still not over the inital surprise to show any of later feelings. Well this guy is good looking, handsome, from a good family and gets good grades (inspite of studying very little). So what happened? Even I dont know. One of the few puzzles that still remains in the mind. Astrologically the guy has rahu in 7th but has a very nice venus in 2nd, 7th lord in 6th, 5th lord in 3rd. so not favourable position for love is very clear. Still I always hoped that the blazing venus will do a miracle and confer upon him the benediction. Venus has turned her back to him and left him in a lurch. I have known from begining that these positions are not the best but still encouraged him and even tolerated him insulting me for her. Still fate is the ultimate thing and nothing can change it. Many a times I have tried to interfere to save people some pain but fell flat.
Alexander said " Fortune favours the brave" but dear alex forgot that it is fortune itself that makes a man brave.
When I was writing this blog I met him and he told me that its was clear from her reactions that she was going to say "no". He is doing well Thank god I didnt want another sad lover to console.
Game that fortune plays:- The guy has love he doesnt want but doesnt get love he wants. Sure reality is stranger than fiction, song says it all

Ajeeb dastan hain, kahaan shuru kahan khatam ye manzilien hain kounsi na woh samajh sake na ham.
Ye roshani ke saath kyun dhoonya utha chirag se, ye roshani ke saath kyun dhoonya utha chirag se
ye kwab dekhti hoon mein jab padi hoon kwaab se.
Mubarake tumhe ki tum kisi ke noor ho gaye,mubarake tumhe ki tum kisi ke noor ho gaye
ksis ke itne paas ho ke sab se door ho gaye.
Kisi ka pyaar leke tum naya jahan basoage,kisi ka pyaar leke tum naya jahan basoage
Ye shaam jab abhi aayegi tum hum ko yaad aaoge
Ajeeb dastan hain, kahaan shuru kahan khatam ye manzilien hain kounsi na woh samajh sake na ham.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Simple day

Today was quite an uneventful day. Most of my friends have left for their native places so sort of bored nowadays. Still went out with my friend(No names, people are verrrrrry insecure about themselves) and had a nice time in evening, had fun. I dont have much to write about today as no major writable thought has come to my mind today. Briefly we talked about seriousness and how people are very serious about life. Really some people are damn serious about everything. Laugh at very few ans sparse jokes and have a face like they have just buried someone. That's the kind that I thoroughly hate. Life is beautiful enjoy it. Many people destroy present in search of better future and when actually they have a future they automatically get a bad past. So its worthless trying to control everything, let go of the kite and enjoy the ride. Live in the moment, for the moment, by the moment. Each second is the unit of happiness squeeze it for some.
Enjoy wonderful song of the same meaning.

Ane wala pal jaane wala hain, ho sake toh isme jindagi beetado pal ye bhi jane wala hain.
Ek bar waqt se lamha gira kahin, Ek bar waqt se lamha gira kahin
wahan dastana mili lamha kahi nahi,Thoda sa hasake thodasa rulanke
Pal ye bhi jane wala hain.
Ane wala pal jaane wala hain, ho sake toh isme jindagi beetado pal ye bhi jane wala hain.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crazy time

Yesterday one of my Internet friend said that I am too serious and too grown up in my writing. So decided to do something absolutely fun and without any purpose. I went on collecting nursery rhymes. Yes I looooooooovvveee kindergarten songs. They are soo cute and refreshing. Just no meaning at all heheehe. No deep felt lyrics or cryptic messages in songs just plain stupid fun songs.
Hmm I do seem serious in writings but people who know me would vouch that I am quite opposite in person. I am very idiotically funny. I laugh at drop of every silly hat. Right now as I am writing this I am hearing and singing "Oh sussana", hehehe fun song. I am never deadly serious about anything in life. I dont even fight seriously; most of time I am giggling or guffawing midway in a fight.
Well on a little serious note nursery rhymes remind me of kindergarten so they are the vague memories of a time when I was 2 feet in height and weighed 11kg(Yup i have a card with my vital stats dated 1989). A time when I thought that world was filled of mulberry trees and everyone had a mulberry tree near their house(because I had one). I had taken granted that everyone had a mulberry tree hehehe, those who didn't have it were aliens. A world which had soooo much too see and explore. So many questions to ask lot of answers to procure.
Still I am the same person just tripled in height and many times over in weight still enjoy "oh susanna" and still smile every time I see a mulberry tree. I still make faces when my mom tries to push some ugly vegetables down me. I still run around house (unfortunately no one chases me now unlike then).
So similar yet very different, Its like a silk Caterpillar on mulberry tree metamorphosing in to a silk moth. The exterior the body changes but the life the essence is the same.
Enjoy "Oh susanna" by vont tapp German movie