Friday, May 30, 2008

Chitra nakshatra :Celestial Architects

Well writing blog now as I may not be able to write it in evening. So writing about chitra nakshatra today. Chitra nakshatra spreads over Virgo and Libra each rashi having 2 parts f the nakshatra. Chitra nakshatra contains one star of utmost importance the "Spica"(Alpha virinalis) star. Most of the chitra's properties are infact properties of spica.
Spica as seen in picture is a big bluish star. Spica is said to be 400 times the size of our sun.
Spica mainly has the properties of Venus. So naturally people in chitra nakshatra are very much inclined toward venus and her properties.
Traits in chitra nakshatra:
People born in chitra nakshatra irrespective of their moon sign are very artistic people. Chitra nakshatra born are very talented singers,dancer,actors,artists,authors etc. Chitra is known as the nakshatra of architects too. Chitra people are creative and very good planners. Celestial architect Vishwakarma rules this nakshatra. Therefore many people born under chitra become successful architects. I dont say interior designers because the ruling planet mars doesn't allow shallow expression of beauty. They create buildings that the world stares at.
Chitra nakshatra people are blessed with beauty, especially those born in tul-chitra have very prominent facial features. They look different in the crowd, their skin has a reddish tone with beautiful large eyes and usually very fine eyebrows. Their look is very similar to the people born in krittika nakshatra except eyes are small due to krittikas sorrow. Chitra people manage to befriend many people, due to mars's lordship they are not spineless like swati nor diplomatic like visakha, Chitra people are quite straight forward in nature, kanya-chitra is known to use and manipulate people but other planetary factors also contribute to this.
Chitra is thr girlfriend of moon. Chitra is sort of friend moon would take out for a movie or social gathering. One of the most friendliest of the nakshatras. Chitra is the esential social life for moon. Though moon prefers rohini the best but he wont take rohini out for a party. Chitra people are very social people. Generally moon near spica gives a huge lot of friends. They dont categorize friends at all. Like swati all friends are same for them and in case of need chitra helps all irrespective of when, and how long, and how close friendship is. Chitra being mars ruled shows a surprising element of anger. People can get angry and surely show their anger to other people, let others know of anger. They wont break furniture but can raise eyebrows and spread eyes to signal anger and displeasure.
Chitra has an inhabitant godly gift. Ideas expressed by chitra native may seen illogical and simply foolish but with time those ideas are perfect fit for the problem. They are the type of person who is not bothered about the sentiments of others nor are they selfish to others. But in spite of this adamant attitude their dealings with the poorer section of the society will be very cordial and full of kindness. Quite often they are mistaken by others that being very rude and stingy. They have a tendency of giving reply on any matter without forethought and then wake up at the eleventh hour and try to rectify utterances when it is too late.
Being very good actors Chitra can effectively fool around people and create favourable situations for themselves. Chitra says that "I hate lies but a few white lies wont hurt". Hypocrisy is somewhat seen being a part of mercury's sign. Its not as pragmatic as in jyeshtha or ashlesha but a subtle amount of hypocrisy is seen.
Chitra is only nakshatra where resident ruling planet does little change. Chitra in kanya is very intelligent nakshatra, generally engineers, creative directors and architects are born on this part.
While the part in tul is more favourable for artist, painters,singers and dancers.
Chitra is the brain behind big creations. They have general leadership qualities. They may not be charismatic leaders like mool, but surely they can make others work with their charm and intelligent persuasion.
So concluding chitra we can say the nakshatra where Vishwakarma plans celestial creations. Chitra the nakshatra of creativity, artistry and planning. Bye


masquerade said...

Excellent analysis! In addition to generic information available on Chitra, I am delighted that you've contributed a lot of original comprehensive and thoroughly researched material of your own. I am a Chitra born (Venus in Makar lagna)and a fashion designer and at the risk of sounding boastful, I am told that my creations are out of the world yet functional. I like clean lines and I ensure comfort takes precedence over bells and whistles :D

Antish|||zzz said...

Hi am born under chitra nakshatra but i was also told that i have kalsurpa yog. What effecdt does that have on my life path.

Vedic Moon Sign : Virgo
Nakshatra : Chitra
Sun Sign (Western) : Virgo
19 sept 1982.

Can you please advise on this. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Vibhav

Please write about dhanishta nakshatra (and if you have time, then punarvasu also).

Looking forward to it.



i m chitra born in 3rd pada of libra sign. . .
nyc description bro. . .
I have experienced ths before thought speak up problem but i wore jupiter bcz it was in cancer lagna so al d problems solved. . .

Anonymous said...


My baby boy born on chitra nakshatram pada1.. Is there any impact to the family?