Friday, May 23, 2008

War of zodiacs

Well a person asked me today "Which people are the perfect lovers?" So going to write about it today.
Broadly speaking we can begin with moon signs. We can easily drop following volatile signs
Gemini,mithun is not a sexual sign, people prefer companionship more so it cannot be
Virgo,kanya is neech rashi for venus ,Venus looses all sheen, people are literally unromantic and can make a romantic commit suicide with their talk.
Sagittarius Dhanu is passionate but not about love
Pisces meen is the epitome of mediocrity, meen cannot be the best out of anything so its dropped
Now we go to fixed sign
Vrishabh with its rohini nakshtra is a very strong contender, We can drop leo due to leo's obsession with morality. I wont say thats a bad thing but it clearly not a sign of perfect lover
Vrischik has very high sexual tension so it can be considered
Kumbh aquarius is out of question, wives of kumbh men are surprised if their husbands take initiative heheh
Hmm now the airy sign
Aries is a strong contender, Cancer is too homely to be a passionate lover, cancer lacks pasion so drop cancer
Libra tula is a strong contender with its swati nakshatra
Makar is simple too exhausted to make love hehehe
So we come down to mesh vrishabh tula vrishchik now lets go into details nakshtra wise intoeach sign
Vrischik has vishakha,anuradha and jyeshtha, Vrischik rash is a little immoral particulariy jyeshtha nakshatra does not know love it knows only lust. Anuradha is again ordinary. So vrishchik- vishakha stands tall here
Mesh has very little scope with only bharani nakshatra capable of nomination
Now we come to the big TWO. Vrishabh and tula
Tula has chitra and swati both nominated. Tula vishakha is jupiter ruled part of tula, venus's dominance is less as result people are very selfish and a selfish person can never please his love interest so tula has swati and chitra
Vrishabh krittika has very little influence of venus, they may dress very well and behave very well but krittka has curse of extreme possisivity people are very possesive so spoil their love life
Vrishabh Rohini is sure nominated, Mrig again is alittle companion seeking nakshtra mrig ony wants company not too much intimacy so drop krittika and mrig
So now line is mesh-bharani,vrishabh-rohini,tula-chitra,tula-swati,vrischik-vishakha now in line
easily bharani and chitra are ousted. A combination os mars and venus will give lustiness more, so its not perfect love again. Vrischik vishakha is too immoral and is just loose character nakshatra so it looses sheen at this stage.
Vrishabh rohini and tula swati have a stand of now
Hmm Rohini is the living incarnation of love with moon governing the nakshtra all good things are said to take place on rohini. Rohini is the woman in bedroom who has an enticing apprearance to her
Swati on other hand is ruled by Rahu, swati is very stable nakshatra too. If yu ask me it loose to rohini. Swati being in tula get to the positive side of venus. Tula rashi in general is very calm and cool and inactivate. People dont get angry and passionate about anything. In general life it may be very good but love requires a degres of intensity tula can never gather. Swati is the wife who opens tthe door to her husband when he comes home.
So certainly winner is Vrushbh raashi rohini nakshatra
Bye hope you liked the analysis

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