Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Medicine to the wrong wound

I seriously think venus transiting is applying medicine to the wrong wound. She is trying to fix something that is beyond repairs. Well I had expected nice new romantic life, but venus is reviving and scouring with old scars. Hmm well suppose my dasha is not helping either. I am so waiting for this Rahu-Rahu to end. Rahu -rahu will end a period of total anarchy, misery and just plain unexpected results. Rahu has given me good things but I am tired of the unexpectedness and surprise quotient rahu gives. I just want a stable and normal life now. I have had enough surprises, both good and bad in this period. Again a venus transiting over moon would have given very good results but again rahu peeps in and totallt unexpected occurs. Out of all the planets rahu is most difficult to decipher and predict. Largely now i know how to behave in rahu period heheh. Well lets hope i manage to hide those old scars with brand new clothes and forget what was the "past that was never expected".
A Scorpio's heart is a sea of secrets, some trivial, some serious and some dark. Well no one will ever know why i put this song here now, its one of the secrets that I hold in the sea. I dont totally relate to the song but a secret does. A secret that was an integral part of my life, now a scab waiting for fresh skin to grow and cover her up.

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