Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moon transits through the dreaded Krittika!!!!!!

Moon is transiting through the demonic Krittika nakshatra. Well moon usually is in krittika every 25 days then whats the matter?? Well for 4 days each year moon transits through krittika when krittika's ruler the autho-totalitorious Sun is at his crowning glory. Krittika the birth star of Sun is flaming with energy owing to her master's well being. Moon in krittika is the ultimate outburst of energy. I will illustrate Krittika more for you people. Krittika is divided in to two zodiacs. Every nakshatra is divided in 4 parts called "pads". Krittika is divided as 1part in aries(mesh)+ 3parts in taurus(vrishabh). Well now sun is in aries, its exaltated and moon is in aries as well such amavasya doesnt affect much, moon is too weak to create trouble and is in control of over powering sun. Then moon moves in to taurus, free from sun it becomes exaltated in taurus flexing its new found muscles moon challenges the ultimate strenght of sun. With both sun-moon exaltated and supremely powerful Krittika glows with pristine,unparalled energy. Transfering all this energy to earth. Ultimately affecting all people on earth. Most affected are people who are born in taurus moon sign. cancer libra and aries also face bad changes for a while. I am born in taurus and in krittika nakshatra. People who have been with me will relate to this sudden energy burst thing. All krittika people suddenly evict so much energy that they blind the opposition. hehehe. Anyway tomorrow I am keeping my fingers crossed as the celestial bodies create havoc in heavens. Lets hope its not something serious to worry about. Will tell you what happened tomorrow.
As for todays day, well special thing was that GP came calling. I behaved perfectly well as though nothing has happened and am going to do it.

Hmm I got this video to show how krittika must look. Ash doesnt have the fiery look of krittika but all other effects are same just imagine a femme fatal in the video

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