Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ashlesha: Misconceptions and Misinterpretations

Ashlesha post got following responses

Devyani Tiwari said...
well since in your first lines you mentioned you do not agree perfectly with the discription of ashlesha nakshatra, then why didnt u try to find out anything positive about it? i am really fed up with the discription of ashlesha naksharta and would like to hear something good about it.i am an ashlesha born person,and i dont think i am like what these astrological sites and books cosnider.i am highly emotional, and not at like a person who would never forgive anyone, i consider myself as a good human being though no one is perfect but i can definiely say i am kind, and loving person. to give more example, my best friend she is also an ashlesha, and she is one of the sweetest person i have ever met. i would give u my dob and time, u can test urself.Dob 29-4-1985 time 1:45 amplace jabalpur
July 10, 2008 1:17 PM
Anonymous said...
Thats 100% true devyani, i am also Ashlesha born, from my point of view ashlesha are very emotional, too much kind, but problem is that they never forgive for example they will forgive in the sense that they will not react and take any revenge but mind that action for lifet time and change behaviour toward that person or event.
July 19, 2008 10:56 AM
das rama rao said...
I agree with the views of devyani My son's star is also Ashlesha.He is aged 28 years. I have not seen any negative aspects so far. He isvery calm from the child hood. He is not matching with the description of ashlesha.rama rao,
August 21, 2008 4:00 PM
Siddharth said...
Dear vibhav,This is siddharth, i am ashlesha born but in 4th pada! u have very good knowledge about a nakshatra phsycology! u may aware about sadesati on karka rashi...its really difficult period for me nowdays, feeling heavy mental sickness and lots of other problems! why its happening! is the same thing happening with punarvasu and puhya also?? what do u think?regardssiddharth...
August 26, 2008 8:23 PM
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So wish to clear the air on the most contraversial(hmm after Jyeshtha hehe) nakshatra of all times.
Ashlesha belongs fully to Kark(cancer). So it is but natural that the qualities of Cancer will percolate down in behavior. So all "cool" "calm" qualities are of cancer not ashlesha.
I have written before but still repeating. Many things are taken in to consideration for determining how a person behaves. Lagna rashi, lagna nakshatra many many things. But moon affects the most so moon nakshatra is important.
What I wrote was general decription on ashlesha. It has to do with astrology more than psychology.
Eg Venus is placed in ashlesha, it will certainly cause ego problems in marital life. Wife/husband will be egoistic, stubborn and unyeildingly unemotional. Moon just didnt come in to picture here.
More results from the lordship of venus can be given depending upon lagna
Moon in ashlesha characteristics>> I ll write separate charcteristics for moon in ashlesha
Moon in ashlesha people are certainly frugal and poverty striken mind. I am not saying they are poverty striken their mind is. That is inspite of having money they wont spend it on themselves.
They detest extreme luxury and love moderation and austerism.
Stubborness is inheritant charcteristic. People are very very stubborn. They may not fight and create a Hullabablaboo but wont be complaisant either. Sycophancy, servility is certainly not the nature of ashlesha. This can be a good point haan. Stark contrast to the servile punarvsu and pushya ashlesha atleast has the guts to stand up for themselves.
I hope this matches with what ashlesha people really are. I ll take care to separate general naksahtra characteritics from "moon in nakshatra" charcteritics now onwards

@Siddharth:- Yup kark is having saade sathi. All naskahtras are affect equally.Hmm pushya
is little spared from saade sati due to its very humble and downto-earth nature.
Well dont misunderstand Shani, saade sati is time for very huge changes and revelations. Its not possible to personally tell someone on blog, contact me on orkut if interested more. Remedies are there but chart needs to be read for that.
Bye all

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am learning a lot these days, its incredible thing going on. What I see is not anything new, it has been going on for quite a time now but I never saw any "knowledge" in it. Day by day I am turning more more into a fortunist(A person who believes that life events are completely independent of persons actions). I remember a quote my teacher did, my astrologer teacher is a 79yr old man who has seen many unbelievable faces of life He once said
" I no longer feel anything, everything has a divine reason and hence is carried out. There is no point we wasting our energy on the events that we just cannot control"
He further explained it further saying that if now a person were to behave badly with him he doesn't feel bad at all, because the offender is not to be blamed at all his planets are to be blamed.
Isn't this a sort of sainthood, beatific canonized things?? I am not(and will never) reach such stages but the quote made me think on it.
Is absolutely everything ruled by Fortune?? Are we just the means to express it. Are all our actions the result of fate?? I am still not very favourable in this "total fortune" kind of argument.
I still have quatumable faith in "human efforts". Is this because I have not seen the entire thing?? Will I turn into my teacher when i turn 79(yup I ll live beyond 85 even 90 i guess). Well only time holds answers in its fast grip.
The reason for this sudden thought was the persistence shown by friend in doing what is clearly going to cause him a lot of pain and humiliation. I have told him uncountable times that the way is not right but he is insisting on it. What is this? Fate else what?? The condition has clouded his mind making him take decisions that are not good. I have stopped trying now. Will I have to give up on many occasions now?? Will it become a habit to leave people to their fates rather then helping them have a better future?? Such clairvoyant knowledge is surely "burden" in many forms. To foresee a close persons suffering and not managing to stop it is the worst curse knowledge can impose on a person.
Well its not all pessimistic on my side at least. I believe (atleast now) that the human spirit has powers hidden that can certainly "attenuate" future if not change drastically.
Hmm a song that has a very nice meaning. From movie Baazi(1950) heres Geeta Bali singing for herself
Tabdeer(hard efforts) se bigdi hui taqdeer bana de;
Apne pe bharosa hain to dawn laga le.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unusual as usual :)

Firstly I have something for astro buffs. Here is the link where I have written about Revati-Ashwini gandaant. Actually I was bored to copy-paste it again here plus the fault of redundancy must linger on me so just pasting the link
Do read it and give feed backs either here or on orkut.

So whats unusual as usual?? Its me hehehe yup I did another unusual thing today I dragged my "not-so enthusiastic" friend(He even attempted to run away) to eat "roadside" food. Now many people will go "whats unusual about it"(people are so rude) well here it all. It was really really roadside, in every sense of the term. There was even a fully functional Indian(read dug up) road there, no chairs to sit on!!! So where did we sit?? On road eheheheh. Yup we sat on footpath.
I had this plan to eat road side "Chinees"(Way it was written on stall) food. Well I always come up with really crazy ideas(This is one of the sane one imagine the insane ones). So just went walking to road side stalls and ate it. It was delicious even my early reluctant friend said that he will come again. I like doing different stuff very much, the hackneyed and triteness of life takes its toll on me and I do very unusual stuff. Loved an evening by roadside "Chinees". Goodnight

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well sorry for absence I was out of station and so couldnt get enough time to write. I had a very good time there though loved my outing. Hmm my competitive exam is coming near I need to study for it too so will be quite busy till mid sept after that i will be back to daily posts.
I was going through some posts that i posted in aprila nd may. It felt good it felt as if I wa sback then, hmm I made a mental not ethen "write regularily" because you can feel nice when you read it later on.
Well my sisters wedding is coming up and I am very busy with that too. Shopping is major wedding business. To add to that my sister asks my opinion on every thing. Right from gold to footwear so I have to be for her each time. Still its quite nice time. Result is coming up followed by my exam so its quite hectic september I ll have. I even have a birthday coming up on 23rd of september. I ll turn 22 on 23rd. Great na I am there for 22 whole years heheeh. Hmm Also I have my astro exam on 5th,12th,19th october so thats another thing to look after. I ll appear for my first year, so taking admission for second year of "Jyotish-visharadh" is another task I have. Lots of things to do and yet lots of time at hands. Its a pleasant situationI would liek to freeze in time in form of this post so writting it down one by one. Further also the blog sort of lost its personal touch so trying to reinvent it.
Well I was hearing soem very old songs today afternoon, its quite relaxing experience to just lie down with your i-pod and listen to songs and sleep in between-hear in between. Its very nice unique expereince, I looooooooovee it very much.
Haan the point as I was hearing the following song. Its from a movie released in jan-feb 1947 called "Anmol ghadi" it has Noojehan in lead. Noorjehan like quite a few yesteryears actors was a very good singer and gave her own playback. Heres Noorjehan singing "Jawan hain mohobbat"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cunning,manipulative and treacherous

Well writing in ascending order CunningnessManipulation Downright treachery.
Today's blog will deal with all such stages of behavior and its association with nakshatras.
Cunning Nakshtras:-
1) Bharani:- Bad side of venus Bharani is the wealth greedy. Bharani is fond of money and worldly pleasures. The need to secure wealth gives an in built characteristic of cunning behavior. Bharani is what is called Dhoort in hindi/marathi. Bharani is quintessential marvari
on the block.
2) Ardra:- Ruled by the lord of cunningness himself, Ardra is the the epitome of Rahu's inheritant cunningness. Extremely canny nakshtra, nothing escapes the senses of Ardra.
Very good at theorising and postulating Ardra is the perfect detective.
These nakshtras are cunning,selfish,business oriented but not manipulative. They do not exert power over other people unlike the next lot.
The manipulators
1)Krittika:- Supreme queen of manipulation, krittika is the Amazon with ambrosia. Krittika use respect,reverence,coaxing,cajoling,fear and downright threat to get their job done. Moon in an emotional sign and exalted give them deep understanding of emotions. They exploit this to their fullest advantage. Twisting turning and moulding others so that they fit the bill. Extremely stubborn, hot headed,self respecting, krittika aggrandizes rather apotheosizes him/her self.
Worst manipulator of all Krittika is the deity of using people to own benefit. One of the most difficult nakshatra to manipulate too, no one can manipulate a krittika person.

2)Vishakha:- The serpent spits poison in Vishakha. The Uranus influenced nakshatra is manipulative but in different sense. Vishakha policy is "I am best,whatever i think is right". This is the base of manipulation Vishakha carries out. It is extremely extremely stubborn nakshtra. Vishakha uses charm and coaxing to manipulate people. This is the downside to vishakha it is a stealth killer, it is slow poison. Comparing Krittika and Vishakha is like comparing Cyanide with Arsenic. Both are deadly but cyanide is quick to react arsenic takes time. Vishakha vishkanya is the mohini,enchantress who used the emotions to get work done.
Vishakha is also quite difficult to manipulate. Vishakha's weakness lies in fact that they are not that well versed in emotional matters. A powerful moon grants krittika the advantage so Vishakha has its nemesis in Krittika. But individually both are equally potent manipulators.
Now we move on to the treacherous ones.
1)Ashlesha:- Nakshatra is indication of snake, much lies here. Nakshatra is quite prone to treachery. Simply cheat swindle and bungle people. Nakshatra being in moving cancer saves grace and so it is not the greatest feign er of all but certainly is one of the worst buccaneers in Avkhadahchakra
2)Jyeshtha:- Queen of chicanery,bucaneery and artifice Jyeshtha rules supreme over all other nakshtras when it comes to treachery. Full of feign,artificial emotions and drama the Raakshas nakshatra is the worst for cheating,swindling,bungling etc. Very jealous tendency prevails as well. Moon is extremely delibated in jyeshtha making it opposite to krittika/rohini. People are devoid of emotions and are very calculative in almost all matters. They never experience true pure emotion of love. Jyeshtha is the villianess of Avkhadahchakra.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

India turns a ripe 61yrs

India celebrates her 61st birthday tomorrow. On 15th august of 1947 India became a free nation. A democracy was created out of imperialistic colony, a new Sovereign was born, a star was born. I am very sure that in 1947 nobody had expected this nation would last so many years. Especially when the sister nation of pakistan waged so many direct (and many indirect ones) against the young nation. Well karma has given the right results for both the nations.
India is land where religion and philosophy have attained their culminating points, land where language and food changes every few kilometers. Land of contradiction, land of nature worship, land of a thousand gods and goddessses.
On her 61st birthday I salute the land that has raised me, given me many gifts intellectual and physical both. Salute India by her national anthem Jana gana mana..........

Heres Indias National song "vande mataram" in its original tune. I had to find this tune amidst screaming by A R rehman and company. Such beautiful tune and people find the screaming more appealing. Here pure unadulterated "vande mataram"

Monday, August 11, 2008

News Channels need psychiatrists

Indian new media is totally going mad. Its almost stupid, moronic and sometimes balantly insipid. The fore most channel in this is "Aaaj Tak" its the most flagrant flamboyant and downright churlish. I have a dubious eye for every news shown on AAj Tak. Its simply lost the intellectual boundary. I have like a 100 examples to tell but I am quoting some of the choicest
Gems real gems nothing else

1) Hmm "special report" was being shown on Aaj tak with a anchor who looked like she just had ultra intensive chemotherapy and would loose teeth right in the show itself.
A Buffalo was being shown on screen, with its owner and with BIG red font it was written beneath it
"Dhoni is bhais ka doodh peete hain" Dhoni (MS Dhoni is cricketer) drinks the milk of this Buffalo. The metally retarded reporter was asing the buffalo owner "Aake bhais ka doodh dhoni peeta hain, aapko kaisa lagta hain???"> How do you feel about Dhoni drinking milk of your Buffalo. Huh??? Whats he going to feel for GODS sake its his job to milk his Buffalo and distribute milk. Pigeon brained idiots at Aaj tak

2) Headline>> "Model ko Kutte ne Kata" Model was bitten by a dog
When we expect some famous model to be shown what do we get?? A fat huge lady (model huh?? What does she model? Extra large size clothes??) she was bitten by dog. Go get a Rabies injection or you would be the one biting people!!!!!!! Idiots

3) This is the best one >> headline>> "Ravan ki mummy mili"
Ravan was mummified?? Idiots just dont understand anything about any subject

There are many others will keep you people updated. Haan and their speciality Astrology
When shani went Vakri they were showing an animation Saturn goes around in its normal orbit, then like a person applying brakes comes to halt and puts on reverse gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the limit no planet goes behind in its orbit. Didnt these people learn basic science in school or were they educated in some shoddy hamlet in interior regions of chambal or something??
Also when Saturn conjuncted wit mars they were claling that day "death day" and god knows what not. Actually conjunctions give results a day or two before actually conjuncting. And even if it were so there is no need to frighten people with such gory descriptions.
Also recently they were going on a mindless idiotic propaganda about "danger date" 8/08/2008
is saturn's number and it is dangerous and what not. Nothing happened now they are silent about it. Perhaps they should write " Aaj tak ka baval such nahi hua!!!!!"

In this stupid one the woman (she is the one who looks like jus got cancer treatment) is calling "karan johar" "handsome" UUhh do I live in another world??? Surprisingly youtube doesnt have much aajtak gossip i ll try some other sites and post vids. Bye

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fear?? Do we fear fear??

Hmm question is right do we fear things/situations or do we fear our "fear" itself. Now It may sound very foolish and naive to as such ridiculous questions. Hmm I think its not "fear" we are afraid of but the actual thing that is fearful hahahaha yup. Hmm i fooled all who thought that I would launch into a tirade of philosophy on "fear"
Well on fear lets hear a song haan. Hear and watch it carefully its not what it seems. Its got a "fearful" twist in it. And haan do tell me how you felt at the end of it. I was laughing my wits out.
Please hear it fully ie dont push the red bar hear it all, its best done that way. Shania twain is jus outside thing secrets lie inside. heheeh. Do tell bye

Friday, August 8, 2008

Uttara Bhadrapada

Well had a very hectic day(had a pooja at home will write about it tomorrow). Keeping my promise and writing it finally. The much awaited Uttara bhadrapada.

Uttara Bhadrapada is not distinguishable from rest of Pisces astronomically. It does not have any fixed powerful star or any landmark to make it visible as different nakshatra. This quality has been incorporated in its astrological profile too.
Uttara Bhadrapada(UB) is the nakshatra of humbleness, kindness and humility. Saturn trio of nakshatras Pushya-Anuradha-UB UB is last and most "grown up" of all three. UB is the nakshatra that is the extreme righteousness of Saturn. It is very "shubh" nakshatra and is considered the essence of Pisces.
Moon in UB people are very simple down-to-earth people. They are very easy people. Simple, emotional, family oriented,narrow minded people. They live life in its most mundane form.
Extremely religious and god fearing people.
Well basically there is not much to write about UB. It doesnt give nay out-of-ordinary result with any planet. It is sort of mild and not flamboyant nakshatra that has no bad things for all.
Haan UB and mercury thing. Mercury in meen is neech, it is particularly bad in UB. It is the most bad state mercury cna get in. Mercury is very young and vivacious planet but just cannot stay with an old and knowledgeable nakshatra like UB. That is only place where UB assumes importance.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Changes rule now

Well I am undergoing another round of changes, you can say a thought changing process or something big thing like that. I am getting more and more goal oriented now. Earlier I was last person to be goal oriented and "planning for future" kind of person. Now suddenly after 21years I am planning what I ll be doing year ahead!!!!!!! Don't know what it is but I am making huge plans!!! Earlier I just didn't care what is happened and lived in moment and found happiness in every second. Now its whooooom gone. Perhaps I am "growing up" Whoa its scary. Dunno if I want to grow up heheheeh. I guess everyone goes through such phases. Some early some late bloom (like me). Hmm accompanied by this "new" found knowledge I am also growing more and more unattached to everything that was very dear to me. Guess I am prepared to enter the corporate world hehehe. Ruthless backstabber and cruel job snatcher in the making.
Yes that's what i am going to become one day, I see it in my chart clearly. Rahu is taking me to pre determined destination. All the softy and emotional stuff is going to drop away like a space shuttle loses its useless pieces on way. As I transit from the dasha of "planet in 5th" to dasha of "lord of 5th" Together these two are going to give me a "make over". I am writing this down now so I can read it some time later and recall my earlier self. Rahu sheds skin to don a more sinister one.
Well I found a very nice touching song on net today. From a movie called "Gardish" released in 1993. Very different song, I love to collect loong-lost songs. Enjoy the philosophical lyrics

Arzoo humne ki toh hum paye,Arzoo humne ki toh hum paye
Roshini saath laye thi saayein; sayein gehere the rohni halki
Hum na samjhe baat itni si.....................
What lyrics!! Great.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Rohini:- Queen waves the cosmic sceptre


Queen of Nakshatras "Rohini". Rohini is placed completely in taurus(vrushabh). Rohini is the essence of vrushabh, Rohini astronomically is indicated by a very very very powerful star called "Aldebaran". Star is more than 1000 time the size of our sun. Having bright yellowish glow aldebaran is the most benefic of all stars matched only by "pollux" in punarvasu nakshatra. Aldebaran is seen as the "eye of taurus" in the sky the essence of the taurus bull aldebaran grants life to taurus. Also called as "Alpha Tauri" aldebaran is called "Archangel Micheal " in western astrology. Micheal is the angel of life and the star exact opposite to aldebaran ie "Antares" (in jyeshtha) is called "archangel Gabriel" angel of death.
Rohini is laxmi while jyeshtha is her elder sister Aalaxmi. Please refer to artical on jyeshtha for more info on this. I am skipping most of mythology except how the nakshtra got its name. "Rohini" means "Avrohite Rohini" ie "one who ascends". Rohini was supposed to have taken flight and reached nakshtras lok.
Hmm now to astrological considerations of Rohini. Most, most most "shubh" nakshatra of all times, rohini is the supreme ruler of nakshatras. Undisputed queen of cosmos Rohini commands many qualities. Moon is BEST in Rohini nashatra, it cannot get better than this anywhere int whole "avkhadahachakra". Moon is fully exaltated and just shines like and eternal star near aldebaran.
People born in Rohini nakshatra are very very calm cool composed. Very romantic and endeary people. They are very attractive owing to their powerful moon. They induce subtle long lasting attraction in surroundoing people. People born in Rohini always have fortuen of being "cared" for. They always have someone to take care of them. The charm of rohini makes other nakshatras yeild to them and serve them and take care of them. Rohini is very powerful to entice Chitra, swati, to some extend vishakha and most importantly the fiery Krittika. Rohini is ONLY ONLY nakshatra that can seduce the dreaded krittika and calm krittika down. Not only calm krittika rohini can also make krittika take care of itself. Krittika loves to care for and Rohini needs to be taken froming the best compatiblity in entire Rashi chakra.
Rohini gets what it wants, by hook or by crooks Rohini knows how to extract its covetation from surroundings. Rohini is stubborn, Rohini doesnt like "no" as answer. Rohini is very vain, arrogant and narcissist of its beauty, popularity and fortune.
hmm lets discuss popularity now. Rohini is subtly popular. Rohini does want attention but despises over attention. Rohini doesnt like to be center of attraction always, but misses being it when no one pays attention. Rohini is not extremely popular nakshatra. Vrushabh rashi being earthy sign rohini has a good deal of selfishness induced inside it so it doesnt agian much popularity. In popularity it is 3rd in line behind Vishakha (1st) and Swati (2nd). Point to be noted it Vishakha and to some extent Swati always are at forefront during social events and meetings. They approach new people and make new aquaintances and hence become popular. Rohini NEVER does that, people come to Rohini, even Swati is like Rohini to some extent.
Now some things about Rohini-Jyeshtha axis. 2 major power house sister stars ie Aldebaran and Antares make oppostion through Rohini and jyeshtha. So my advice to astrologers is that always see jyeshtha before predicting using rohini and vice versa.
Hmm much much more to write on Rohini but ending this artical here. IF anybody wants to know any specific thing please do write it I shall be very pleased to share my knowledge. Its quite impossible to write everything down here.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Living in the moment

Well I am living in the moment nowadays. I am studying and enjoying at same time. For a change I am enjoying my studies now, its better than boring program codes we were rutting in engineering syllabus. Hope to get a nice admission now. I am enjoying each every second now.
Today's eclipse had a sort of bad effect on me (I was expecting that), had a horrible headache that just wouldn't subside till late evening. I ingested 2 paracetamol tablets still it was killing me. Hmm by night I was very fine. Still I liked every second of life I am living. I consider myself very lucky to be the very few who have the knowledge and intuitive clairvoyance required to divinate and for see future. It has helped me in very unexpected way. It has helped me realised how volatile life is and so how to enjoy every bit of it to its hilt. Yes astrology has taught me to live life in every second, in every moment. It has changed the Life as i see it.
Well a beautiful song of similar meaning

Guys I ll write on fixed stars soon. I have been busy with very different studies recently so didnt get time for much contmeplation on nakshatras. Hmm btu i ll write watever that is there already. Sure my promise