Saturday, May 31, 2008

Greatest injustice of all:- Love

"Love is the sweetest of dreams and worst of nightmares"
- William Shakespeare
Well dear bard is always right, love indeed is the sweetest of dreams and can turn into the worst of nightmares. I have for long experienced pain due to love from other people.
I myself have experienced a different version of the pain. It is one the most dark secrets that I have in my heart. Very few know and will know about it. Anyway its not about me today.
Many of my friends have fallen in love. Literally "fallen" in love. I now know why it is call "falling" in love. One does literally fall from grace. Firstly it was KB who went mad for SP. Then GP went slightly mad for a girl. KV who went in to panic depression when he couldn't convince his gf. Well the list is endless. All around me people are falling in love.
Well I am amazed how people change in love. How willing they are to compromise for sake of love.
GP was most striking of the all people. Gp actually gets angry with his want-to-be gf, he doesn't talk with her if she doesnt return his call or ignore his message. GP even gets possesive.Its next to impossible for GP to behave like this for any other person. If any other person eg me don't return his call that's the least concern GP has. He doesn't even remember I was suppose to calling. But if she doenst call him he is mad and expresses his anger by giving monosyllabic answers to her questions. Well this is so not normal behavior. Likewise everyone changes. Again I spill secret I do it too, I have become so tolerant of a certain entity that its impossible I would do that for anyone else.
"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind".
Again Shakespeare masters the idiocracy that people reach in love. Once Shakespeare says
"Love maketh a jester of gentleman"
So true, people go to unbelievable lenghts for love.
Well then the reality creeps in. The greatest injustice of the world, greatest folly the world has is the fact that one can love a person who doesn't even remotely love you. That is the greatest sorrow apart from any deaths. Only death can rival the sorrow produced by a broken heart.
So I say the greatest injustice of all would be to deny a person his love. But again there is no one to blame here except may be situation and fate. Well fate surely has gifted man love but cursed him more with unfulfillment of the same.
Well in end life goes on forever and GP says "I ll ask another girl" well surely he will but not before grieving the loss he will be experiencing. some move on, some stagnate. Some totally leave the arena. And very few walk away triumphantly.
All Attempts are aimed at the one second when the coveted person says the golden word with diamonds dropped for welcome "YES"
I say don't get stuck move ahead. So leaving you with another bards quote. Bye
"To mourn a mischief long and gone,
is the next way to bring new mischief on.
That cannot be saved what fortune takes,
and patience her injury, a mock'ry makes."

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