Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little boxes little boxes.......

Well I have been a little unwell(Venus in aries and set over eastern sky sob sob). So didnt write yesterday and by the way i didnt do anything yesterday just was home. Hmm I want to write about a syndrome today its called little boxes. Well i was talking to KB on phone and we were talking about general things. Later KB happen to mention what every person wants in life. I remeber him saying that his perfect life would be "A high rise flat in mumbai with cars etc, a good wife and children and he teaching his children abcd(the alphabet)". I was like ooooooooohhh hold on. Dont generalise things.This is not everyone wants. Well I dont know what I want from life but now I know what I dont want for sure hehe hehe. Hmm you cant really generalise this motion about life but to some extent you can extend the realm of practicality in to the abstract domain of happiness and satisfaction.
See a nun is happy with her life but for us her life is the most horrible thing in the world. Like wise for celebrities, we thing they live great lives but in reality very few are really happy.
So the theme has limitations. But average joe person can expect what KB mentioned. This brings us to the little boxes syndrome. Every person has and gets the same things. Alike houses alike chilfren jobs etc. And then live life like practical clones of each other. Every society has a few "normal" things that people of each age sex and gender combination are expected to do. If you dont then you are a rebel. But if you do you are one of the thousand boxes.
For sure I tell I dont want to be a box a cliche and a clone of thousands of other people. I prefer to be an outcast than live in little boxes.
The song that inspired this thought, the classic used as "Weeds" theme song. Enjoy but also think
Little boxes little boxes, little boxes on the hillside...............

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