Saturday, May 24, 2008

Swati Nakshatra

Nowadays my life has become very boring so I am not writig about it. Instead I ll write about some astro stuff that I feel like writing
Todays topic is the Swati nakshatra. Swati is the middle part of tula rashi extending from about 6 degrees to 19 degrees. Swati is the essential essence of tula rashi. Swati is indeed tula rashi.
Swati the birth star of Rahu. Rahu is born in swati. Swati nakshatra has the calm and cool effect that rain has on scorched earth. Sun goes in to swati nakshatra in about october each year. ITs is very rare that it rains in swati nakshatra. It is said that if it rains on swati nakshtra on sea the raindrops are converted in to pearls. Such is the importance given to swati in zodiac science.
People born in swati nakshatra are very cool calm and tend to stay away from fights. Swati nakshatra cant fight. Their strenght lies in the fact that they can change their enemies mindset and convert him. People are very kind and help every deserving person, problem is that they cant say "no" to people. They have manyyyyyy friends. So many friends that only vishakha in tula can rival their number. Swati people are very popular. Other people are attracted to swati nakshatra just to be friends. Difference should be noted. People are attracted to other venus ruled nakshtras/signs too. People are attracted to vrushabh raashi people owing to their influence and their power to give sound advice. Krittika,mrig are on forefront of giving advice. So people flock to vrushabh for advice, but people flock to swati for no reason what to ever. So I say most popular people are swati people.
Now the bad side of the nakshatra. I think they are spineless people to be around. They cannot stand up for either themselves or for their loved ones. Cannot defend themselves against verbal or otherwise attack. What is use of all popularity if someone jacks you off in middle of road and only thing you can do is smile?
Generally this is tendency of all the tula rashi but swati shows in its full glory. I have many tula friends nice and cheerful but equally irritating heheh bye


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog and noticed that you are an astrologer in the making.
Was wondering if you analyze birth charts? Lemme know :)

Anonymous said...

hey u can become a great writer!
im swathi nakshatra....i read abt it many times...but urs remain vry new

Anonymous said...
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Asav Patel said...
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Anonymous said...

Whatever you said is true.You could've written more about education and career also.The thing that we swati nakshatra people can never say no to anyone is also true.I always wondered why i cannot say *No*. Anyways thanks alot :)

Rohit Singh Negi said...

I am Swati Nakshatra and your observations are remarkable. However Swati Birth Star gets coloured by 2 very important factors.
1) Rahu - its Rashi Lord and its Nakshatra Dispositer.
2) The Lagna
You should write more details. Your style has a very "impertinent" but attractive manner which is more in keeping with Kaliyug sensibilities. eg- Rahu - Jupiter Yuti( Guru Chandal Yog) isnt such a bad thing today as it was during the time of Rishi Parashar. Keep up the good work!!!!!