Friday, May 9, 2008


Well as title says tomorrow I will be invoking the finalize() method on my college life. OK for all non-computer people explanation>> In Java language we use objects to do certain actions. When we are throughly done with the objects and dont need them we release the memory and CPU resources by using the method finalize();. Java then destroys the object for ever, it invokes garbage collector on the object.
I am invoking finalize() on my college life. Tomorrow I have a last oral in my college then I only will return for 4 papers. I end my college life tomorrow. I am sort of sad remembering thefun I had in the college days. Well all is gone now. Everyone will go their own way on their own path now. Hmm four years saw lot of changes. Changes in me changes in my attitude. Progressive and frictious too. Now I have a world to fathom not just few eccentric professors. A world to fight with not just 4 project partners, and a world to look at not just a college playground outside my window. Horizon changes, but in one place it will be same throughout the life :in my head. Time ll freeze to tomorrows moment and I will remember the college as I will see it tomorrow.
I am studying for tomorrows oral viva now.
Before ending the object collegeLife i will look back at its history and then with a tear in one eye perfom

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