Monday, May 26, 2008

BG is back!!!!!!!!

Well I am totally exhilarated today my internet friends BG is back on net. Finished her exams and back with bang. Acutally I and karun were tlaking some astro thing when all of sudden BG comes online and messages me. We were like OMG. BG is a very funny cute and sweet person. She is totally sweet from heart but very mischeveous. Earlier in year we used to spend hours gossiping and bad mouthing other people hehehe. Well i totally missed her during her exams. Hmm now she is back I am looking forward to more fun on internet.
Actually BG scrapped me in january this year, it was regarding Karun. I have told entire karun kahani earlier in blog. April last week,check archives. Then we hit off, from astrology to normal things. Karun was our central topic though. Now adays Karun is no longer the sad person he used to be so we are verry diffrent position now. Well heres to great time ahead with BG.
Well song for BG suits her perfectly hehehe

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jungli !! said...

yh true karun not a sad person anyore... so i should thanks to vibhav and BG too to push me out of the well of pain and sadness to the world of happiness and reality where everything has a reason when it happens.... i have a seprate position for these two in my life and they are respected the most after my parents... !!