Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time to study now (Thats what my mom thinks hehe)

Hmm my mom thinks its time that i study hehehe. Acutally she told me in much stronger tone, ehhe. Hmm well I will sure have to start some study now. Venus is going great transiting through krittika but is very close to sun so its not that powerful. Well I had a very good day today. I went to college for some signatures but unfortunately didnt get my teacher in time. Then I called DD (I called GP too but he as always refused the invitation) midway then we went shopping for DD then went to a restuarant and had a very good time. Right now DD is with GP, I wont be meeting GP now on my own initiative, I have had enough.
Well time for some good song now, NEW song by WESTLIFE shows their achievements uptill now. Enjoy the best Westlife

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