Thursday, May 29, 2008

Damage control day

Hmm well today I was on damage control spree. Earlier in week I was very angry with GP and literally cursed him.Now people who know me know whats it to hear something bad from my mouth and I said verry bad things to GP. I cant say sorry to people very easily, I have problems with apologies. So I was in damage control mode. Well firstly saw that GP has created a blog and is writing about cars, duhh. Puhlease I was happy GP would finally express his feeling to someone, but only thing he writes is some cars. I mean you can sell your entire family to some Vietnamese slave lord still cant gather enough money to buy a spare part for that car. Anyway thing to say is GP is still elusive and wont open up to anyone. GP is pursuing a girl for quite a some time now she has not replied in either way, but I sincerely think GP's lack of genuine emotion display has lot to do for her indecisiveness.
About Vishakha nakshatra now. Actually Vishakha is GP's nakshatra hehe. I may have got a little harsh on vishakha. I have vented my ire reserved for GP on in general vishakha nakshatra.
Let me do a little damage control. Following is also vishakha properties
Vishakha being Jupiter's nakshatra people are very intelligent and brainy. People are very compassionate and humanity oriented. They may be a little stone like from outside but have very complex emotions inside them. Wont display emotions to anyone except chosen few. Vishakha is the star where venus gets its sereneness. Venus gives a very nice personality. As a direct result this nakshatra is the most popular nakshatra. I think that's enough sucking up.
Listen to this very sweet song by westlife

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