Friday, November 14, 2008

Present that became past

I was talking to karun just now and I recalled all the past things...the months of jan-feb-.......
Those were such fun months for me. I had a blast in those days. 2008 will be remembered by me especially for those days. I am going to cache them forever. I still remember the days. There was a community on orkut called as "Zone in heaven" it was run by a strict mod called "podiyan" heheh....later it just disappeared like smoke in air. The profiles gone....sad.
I met many friends in ZIH and then in Vedic forum many of whom I still have contact with on regular basis. Karun is one of them...he helps me with community now...I must say he has brought the community up..than me. I would like to thank Karun for doing the same. He is incredibly helpful and astonishingly nice to me(Hes vrischik lagna :O).
It is so different situation than that I would have encountered on 14th jan 2008. Very different.
Its so noticeable that the present changes into past so quickly. We boast of living in present but forget that all our presents become past and then we never know when we start living in our pasts.
Its unbelievable how the wheels of time change. Nothing remains same, every relationship every acquaintance has a expiry which we don't know. We go about taking for granted people oblivious to the fact that the expiry of the persons time with us is somewhere near. The ignorance is bliss sure also it is essential for healthy living.
Living in present, in the moment we never actually grasp our moments being past.......and when we never realise that we are living in past....................
Very nice song of same meaning

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back to solitude

Well a friend had reversed an important decision he took. He has repudiated on his stand he had few months ago. Now I am wondering whether everyone has to repudiate sometime of his life?
Anyway post to update on my life turns. Well the friends that I had in march/April have dispersed to follow their own fortune. So again I am I originally was blissful in solitude. Its not like I live as a loner psycho freak :P. But certainly anyone can tell that I am not that much interested in socialising at all. I still have few friends who come and go.
Recently I met with a friend after 4 years. He was with me in junior college later I went to engineering college he went to pharmacy college,so had no contact with him. All of sudden he scraped me on orkut and asked about astrology. Then scraps became chats and then actual meetings. It feels nice to meet old friends again. Old is nice but still new is dreadful. I don't like to make new friends at all. Don't know but all my friends themselves forwarded friendship I dint never. Its not that I feel anxiety of rejection, nobody ignores me(at least nobody has till now) still I just don't talk to people. I am not going to take crunch of planets to justify my behavior now.
Well I was waiting for an exam in late October. The exam was computer based and there was some problem with connections. So we were waiting. There complete strangers were chatting and cracking jokes like anything. As if they knew each other for years :O. After the supervisor called for exam everyone was as if this never happened :O. Whats this? temporary friendship or just cordiality?Even there I met an old friend. Don't know why I am meeting my old friends after 4 years :P. We didn't have much time there to talk still managed to squeeze in 15/20 minutes.
I started topic somewhere and ending it somewhere else :P hehehh
Hmm song for you, again in accordance with meeting people whom i didnt even see for 4 years here is the song 4 years ago.
The year 2004, George bush got elected controversially to second term........2004 the turning point that turned me and my life upside down. Here's a memory of the happy part of 2004
here's Sadhana Sargam crooning "Aao na" from "Kyu ho gaya na?".....a past that was different....a past that was happy......past that ended...that died in 2004..