Saturday, May 17, 2008

Waiting for Venus!!!!

I am having a very bad time. All things are going wrong. Its very frustrating. Now i had planned to go out today. At 10 am morning all was planned and fine, then twists start occuring DD suddenly decided that he wants to go his hometown,to his parents. Now what can you say, you cant stop a person who is going home after 4 months. So DD out of picture GP as usual stabs in the back too. GP has to go to some absolutely stupid farewell and so I am not going any where. Well i lined my black cloud with a slivern lining and went to hill for some fresh air. Really enjoyed there though. I like being alone, the feeling of solitude is very relaxing and healing for me. My mother tells me ever since I was a child i liked being alone. I never get bored alone, i like.
Hmm I am waiting for venus to recover, to come out of the horrible aries and enter its home turf of taurus. Venus in taurus will give bounty to many people. So just waiting for venus dearest to gather her clothes and move home.
Well song for you. The song and the movie is the reminder of the care free day the 1990's were. I was young int he 90's decade but still feel like it was the decade to be active and going. So heres a song from 1991 flick "Saajan". Beautiful songs made this movie immortal, essential element of the 1990's I give ode to the the decade that was the intersection of technology and joy the decade that was the 90's

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