Monday, June 30, 2008


I was watching the movie "Ankush" for nth time. Ankush always makes people think. ankush literally means a sharp weapon used to control an elephant. Metaphorically it means a simple trick that can contain large energy and use it right direction. Back in 1986 when movie was released the situation was very different in India. Socialism was prevalent and its horrible negative effects had crept in. Corruption was rampant and inflation was on all time high further unemployment was so high that it was just impossible for people to get jobs. With absence of powerful private sector government couldn't provide all with employment. In such a situation the basic values of humanity were being preserved against the onslaught of selfishness.
Uranus was transiting jyeshtha nakshatra leading to total chaos and anarchy. 1986 was far the worst with Uranus finally entering the gandaant of jyeshtha-4. 1987 brought relief and by time Uranus reached poorvashada, socialism was almost gone and capitalism was taking baby steps in India. Rest as they say is history.
Some things are reminders of the past that was a learning experience. A past that was bad, a past that everyone wants to forget. These reminders are the ankush that we have to restrain our self when we are about to do some thing extravagant.
Well the movie will always be the stark reminder of a time of turmoil and change. Transition from poverty to wealth wont affect it because it has frozen time in itself. A time that needed an Ankush. Ankush of love and affection, the thought that "violence begets violence". Even in today's world the movie holds relevance. All violence has ever done is to create more of it. The prayer in the movie says this very nicely. I wanted to embed the last prayer but dint get that version. This is the happy version when everyone is alive and optimistic at last everyone dies and the prayer then is very pessimist almost like a mourn song.
Well watch this video and experience the turmoil that was the year 1986.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Answer to questions

"Dear Vibhav,Im naive and just startd to learn astrology.I have few Q's, if there is anything stupid sory for just asking out of curosity 1. Is it so tht if one of the prospective couple has anyone of these mahanakstras(anuradha,makha,mrigshira,swathi)then there is no need to check out the horoscope matching for marriage as the ill effects would be cancelld. how far is it true and can u plz tell why so
2. Moon in scorpio is debilitated and moon rules over emotions, if tht is so, can anuradha natives maintain a gud relation ship in marital life inspite of having a debilitated moon and why is it chosen to be a mahanak even if this nak falls in deblitated moon? I have read it somewhere tht debilitaion of moon can be cancled is it so, if so how?"
I got these questions in the one of the comments asked by Srivathsa. Firstly I am sorry I didnt reply promptly I had a exam and I just dint notice the comment to such an insignificant post.
Hmm about first question just because the native have mahanakshatra it doesnt cancel any ill effects. These nakshtras assume importance because of their size in sky. These nakshatras are very big and have large expanse in sky that's why called maha nakshatras they dont cancel anything and horoscope needs to be seen equally.
Question 2):- Hmm moon in vrischik is debilitated. See moon is karak for mind agreed but it does show its effects in people. Vrsichik people are secretive, dont care much for emotions and are very outspoken too. So this can be considered as negative effect of moon. Irrespective of nakshatras vrischik will always carry a certain traits on its own. Anuradha is no exception. Anuradha is no saint at all, people can be equally vicious as jyeshtha but difference lies in aggressiveness. Jyeshtha will attack anuradha will defend. I have already explained why its a mahanakshatra. Nakshatras cannot cancel any neech yogs. Nakshatras are to be seen separate from rashis

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jupiter arrives

Well I had my project orals today. Total havoc for me. We were asked to come to at 8 am to college. I was right on time at 8. Then we were told that our project was last one and it would take at least 3 o clock to be done. But guess it started at 6 and ended at 6 30. 10 hours waiting for external examiner to show up to review our project. Exam was very good though.

Hmm now a little astro view on this. According to a software I have I was to start Jupiter bhukti from today's date. Jupiter was finally going to come to share Rahu's absolute monarchy.

Well After at about 12 0'clock our project just stopped working!!!!! We were like "OMG". It has worked fro 3 months and now suddenly it goes caput?? Well at about 3pm we managed to fix it and get into running condition. At 6 pm our internal professors assembled in our room to preview its working before actually its shown to external. Well guess what happens? Power cut!!!

A generator was started and we managed to start project. Midway power came back and generator switched to mains. Within that second computer restarted!!!! Good lord I was at the end of my wits. Rahu was dancing like a wild adivasi all around me. Doing everything that I never expected. Rahu was like a wild animal destroying everything for me. I recalled that today was bhukti date, I was like "wrong date", no where is jupiter seen here this is Rahu's one-man-show.

I was so wrong. Just imagine what happened later external examiner walked in. I am not lying even a bit now, really this may sound cliche'd false but its damn true. Examiner was middle age grey hair ,very fair and very nice. He was veryyyy kind in approach. Best part was when one of internal professors asked us a little tricky question, external answers it for us!!! I was like "what is going on". I have myself appeared for 20 orals and heard about countless one. Nothing of this sort has ever happened before. All my partners as well as teachers were awestruck and were just like "AAWWE". External examiner explaining project on behalf of student??? This is totally unheard of.
Well I knew that Jupiter has arrived. Rahu danced like crazy all day but in end Jupiter has made its very first appearance and with a bang. I start my Jupiter Bhukti. Welcome Jupiter

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bored now

Hmm I am bored now, bored of holidays. Well I have a project oral still left to finish my engg syllabus. Its on 28th so time for it too. Astro community is going great these days. I spend most of time there, like it get to learn more and more new things. Well going out tomorrow in city, hope to enjoy some sun and some early morning shopping in city. Cya tomorrow

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jyeshtha: Curse of Oblivion

I know I was going to write Uttara bhadrapada but I am just eccentric that way so here is jyeshtha.
Jyeshtha expands to last four navmas of the Scorpio zodiac. Jyeshtha astronomically is a single star called "Antares". Antares is situated at the 8th navmas of the Scorpio zodiac ie vargottam Vrischik. Antares is tremendously big about 1000 times our sun and is verry powerful in terms of gravitational field. Antares is the giant of universe
Jyeshtha in mythology is called "Aalaxmi". There is story of jyeshtha:-
During Samudra manthan before Laxmi came up laxmi's elder sister came up from the sea. She was extremely ugly and poor. She had huge fat lips and obese body and was very unattractive. Closely following her came the beautiful and elegant laxmi. Being born early and being elder the ugly one was named "Jyeshtha" meaning "elder" being opposite to laxmi she is also called "Aalaxmi" people in certain interior areas of India called jyeshtha "akkabai". She was so ugly that no one wanted her, laxmi was married to Vishnu and was getting all attention. Jyeshtha grew jealous and angry, she became green with envy. Sensing jyeshtha's plight laxmi with help of vishnu convinced a rishi(I dont know name) to marry jyeshtha. Marriage did not last and rishi abandoned jyeshtha near a peeple tree. Laxmi again came her aid and she was converted in to a star. She was given many a boons by laxmi. Laxmi has a great affinity of jyeshtha but jyeshtha still is jealous of her. Since then jyeshtha is shining in sky burning with envy and hatred
Jyeshtha ie Antares is ruled by mercury. Antares is known to possess great power and is red in colour star has power of mars-uranus. Being born with moon in jyeshtha is sort of curse especially jyeshtha-4 which is part of gandaant. Jyeshtha people are extremely hot tempered people. Like residence goddess Aalaxmi jyeshtha people are very jealous and show contempt at other peoples good fortune. Jyeshtha glows with hatred and people are incarnation of anger, contempt, jealously, guile and treachery. Jyeshtha people are very snobbish kind of people.
The difference in behavior is seen with other snobbish nakshatras. Jyeshtha sort of makes compartments about in mind about people and when they dont like certain people they resort to snide thoughts about them. If provoked sufficiently jyeshtha attack with lightning speed and destroy their enemy. Their attack is so fierce that it is only second to the krittika defending her young ones. Even krittika leaves her opponent when she feels that the threat to her loved one is over but jyeshtha wont ever leave an enemy totally destroy every enemy.
Jyeshtha being mercury's nakshatra show exemplary intelligence. They are very sharp and extremely vigilant. Like a scorpion they attack every threat to its death. People are very devoted to their work and consider their work as worship. Even worship they do with a certain tenacity. Extreme penance, fastings and powerful devotion to their gods. They excel in jobs such as managers, sportsmen, astrologers, surgeons, accounts etc.
Extremely jealous and suspicious they have very few friends. But whatever friends they care for much. Same goes for family, they may shout and scream at family but do care for their family deeply.
Another thing about jyeshtha is the affinity of money and gold. Being laxmi's sisters the oddess laxmi never lets go of the sister doing everything to please her ugly sister. Jyeshtha people have proximity to wealth gold and prosperity. It may not be theirs but they are always surrounded by wealth
Antares the powerful star eludes the aura unparalleled. Antares jyeshtha the curse of universe, the curse of green colour,the curse of oblivion. Jyeshtha the curse of Aalaxmi herself

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life is fair??

Well I was on one or astro communities about an hour ago and just lectured an old man about how life is fiar and joy and happiness. Well the old dud(e) was like so unhappy. He lives in some swanky sub urbania in US ,owns great cars and has a plush house. I do know money is not evrything but you gotto be kidding me? How can not you be happy when you have all that? Well then is problem was that all his relatives look at him like a cash cow, they dont love him really they love his cash. Hmm so then i thought that is life really fair to all?? I dont know and am very apprenhensive that I ll know it someday. Hmm hope so one day I am 93yrs old sitting in a high tech chair(dunno what chairs we ll have then) and thinking about this and getting an answer. So till then I have to wait for the moment.
Hmm I am almost finished with Uttara bhadrapada study will write it tomorrow. Enjoy song. Sound of music, the very essence of optimism

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nice day

Firstly I have something to say to Rajeev
Thank you again. I think planets in lagna do affect personality and look well. So Venus and all u said will surely make difference. All i want to say is poorva bhadrapada people have tendency to age faster. As far uttara bhadrapada is concerned its a verry long story. I ll write about it in coming 2-3 days
Hmm so had a nice day, very pleasant weather in city. I am loving my life at this stage just relax.
Well I am quite bored now to write any article now I ll write tomorrow. hehehe.
Well cya guys tomorrow. Hmm song ka kya kare? Well take this one its great
Oldies are very good

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Childishness: Boon of mercury

Hmm I was out with my friend tonight(since that scrap episode I am not even going to use pseudo names, people are too insecure). There we happen to get into an argument over who is more childish. Well for starters we both are rather spoilt kids on the block. Both live in respective homes and never do any chores for ourselves. I have seen hostelite friends trod through their chores but both of us don't do any sort of activity that can remotely relate to chores. We get in to argument mode with each one insisting that other is more childish. I was also doing the same but i knew it was me. Yup in the 2 spoilt brats I am the more brattier.
Well astrologically speaking childishness is governed by the vivacious mercury. Mercury is the planet that causes grown ups to giggle and guffaw like children. Mercury is the child in a person, mercury is the ability to find pure joy in simplest of things, the most basic of things can be a source of such large amounts of mirth. Mercury is the power to extract happiness when its running low.
In that matter I have a very nice mercury as compared to my arguing friend. He has a very nice sense of humour and is intelligence enough to comprehend even the complex of jokes but he lacks the ability to laugh at nothing. Well simply be happy for no reason what so ever. He cannot be childish. He enjoys what one is normally suppose to do. But will he stop on road to see bullock carts or elephants or camels or even plain donkeys?? No never he will zoom past. I on other hand will be gazing at all of these animals I like to see them, they are very nice hehehehe.
I havent agreed to him till now that I am the more childish of the pair so finally "I accept" I am more childish. hehehe and I have no qualms about it.
Hmm well since we are with childishness lets hear a childish song. I just loooove all aqua songs. everyone knows their barbie girl song so a different song by aqua

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poorva Bhadrapada: Jupiter's muse

Well during my absence a person named Rajeev has read the blog and has nice things to say. I want to thank you Rajeev for taking time out to read blog and further writing nice comment. As per your request I am writing about Poorva bhadrapada today.

Poorva bhadrapada ia located as 3parts in aquarius+1part in pisces. Poorva bhadrapada astronomically is called M 73 helix(round portion behind) and two prominant stars named delta aquarii and gama piscii. Poorva bhadrapada first 3 parts are very different from the last part of it. Poorva bhadrapadas ruler is the huge Jupiter. PB(poorva bhadrapada) is part of what is called poorva triad ( Trini poorva) which included Poorva, Poorva ashadha and bhadrapada. All poorvas share many properties and so are grouped together. Further PB is part of Jupiters traid of Punarvasu-Vishakha-Poorva Bhadrapada. We will talk later about differences between PB and its jupiter sisters.
PB in Kumbh has no major stars and so is not capable of giving what is called "taratmak" results.
PB first 3 parts born people are moderate looking, generally they look good for about 20years of life then their beauty starts degrading very fast. As children they are very attractive. Saturn makes his presence felt sure. Regardless of lagna and planet in lagna this part is true. PB people are very intelligent. Kumbh being the most important intelligence showing sign(mithun and tula are also intelligence showing) PB in poorva shows intelligence of highest quality in whole raashi chakra. People are very scientifically inclined and show great deal of interest in "how things work" and "what will happen if". Kumbh PB is not as god finitive as Meen PB. PB in kumbh is the perfect combination of intelligence(Jupiter)+persistence(Saturn). Most scientist, intellectuals, philosophers are born in these parts of PB.
PB people are not cunning at all. All that intelligence is never used to teach someone a lesson. Saturn induces a sense of laxity and a sense of laziness in them. They are very lazy when it comes to daily chores like cooking, cleaning and household things. They are a par above the general mundane public. Don't like gossips and prefer intellectual chats. Thing to be seen is this intelligence is very different from mercury's intelligence. Mercury is this witty person making jokes about very serious things, while PB is the person who is giving lecture on the same.
PB is not stylish at all. They are fashion disasters. Ruled by planets like Saturn and Jupiter entire PB is horrible when it comes to fashion or make up sense. Wear any clothes. I have noticed they prefer black-and-white clothes very less colours.
PB-4 ie part in meen is very religious as opposed to first 3 PB parts. Jupiter-Jupiter combination makes them extremely old narrow minded thinking.They are opposed to modernity and cling to their vedas and dusty old books. Very stubborn people wont budge but also same time cant fight for their beliefs. A Jupiter overdose makes PB-4 a relic of past gone by

They are not very popular people. They live in a group of similar people to them. Here the difference between PB and Jupiter's other nakshatra come into picture. Vishakha shows Jupiter's brilliant intelligent but lack the sustenance and the persistence provided by Saturn. Vishakha is popular PB is not. Vishakha is talkative Pb is loner wont talk much. Punarvasu is very different altogether. Very religious and pious its not much into research as PB is. Its rather in to teaching. so Jupiter has 3 different wives to control. Out of these Jupiter treats vishakha with contempt,punarvasu with awe and PB with pleasure. So PB is Jupiter's favorite nakshtra. Poorva Bhadrapada is Jupiter's muse

Winds blow now

Hey I am back. Exam was good, finally over now i can sit back and relax a bit. Well monsoon has arrived in India and south west winds are blowing through the landscape. Sort of thing for me too, winds of change have finally arrived to me. Bringing change with them now. I still have a project oral on 28th of june. That will complete my engineering course, finally i ll finish off all my 4yr syllabus. A very interesting coincidence has occurred here,on 28th of june I start my Jupiter bhukti. After 2 years of sole authority Rahu will finally relinquish some of his authority to Jupiter.
Bhukti is a transition phase a sort of demilitarised zone between planets. Bhukti period will see the effects of Rahu declining and Jupiter making a grand entrance. Antardasha changes are very important if you are running long dashas.
So I prepare to farewell Rahu and lend a Welcome hand to Guru. Rahu has given me many things. Most importantly I grew up in Rahu dasha, Rahu has inculcated in me so much knowledge about the world its people their emotions and interaction. Rahu has given me the gift that will last me a lifetime "Astrology". Rahu the essential idiosyncrasy in a person,Rahu the eternal eccentric,Rahu the ruler of Kaliyug.
I Welcome Jupiter, the planet of knowledge,learning,teaching and everything shubh. Jupiter the first Benefic. Jupiter the conscience in a person, Jupiter the Guru.
I am embedding a wonderful song today "I believe in you" from animation movie Lion King.
I did in Rahu and hope to in Jupiter too. Moat important person to believe in is yourself

Lonely the path you have chosenA restless road, no turning back

One day you will find your light again

Don't you knowDon't let go be strong
Follow your heartLet your love lead through the darkness

Back to a place you once knewI believe I believe I believe in you

Follow your dreamsBe yourself an angel of kindness

There's nothing that you cannot doI believe I believe I believe in you

Tout seulTu t'en iras tout seulCœur ouvertA l'universPoursuis ta quêteSans regarder derrièreN'attends pasQue le jourSe lève
Suis ton étoileVa jusqu'où ton rêve t'emporteUn jour tu le toucherasSi tu croix, si tu croix, si tu croixEn toi
Suis ta lumièreN'éteins pas la flamme que tu portesAu fond de toi souviens-toiQue je croix, que je croix, que je croixEn toi
Someday I'll find youSomeday you'll find me too

And when I hold you closeI know that it's true
Follow your heartLet your love lead through the darkness

Back to a place you once knewI believe I believe I believe in you

Follow your dreamsBe yourself an angel of kindness

There's nothing that you cannot do

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Small break.....

I am starting my final engineering papers from tomorrow, so wont be writting blog for about a week. I ll be back on 17th on june. Well lets hope these last papers are good and no problem arises with them. Till then goodbye and take care, see you all soon.
Hmm leaving with a song, a very old song. The lady in this song is the famous comedienne the late Tun Tun. This was before she became uncontrollable fat and was in to comedy. She used to sing and under the name "Uma devi". She really has a great voice, shes singing for herself in this song.
Heres tun tun aka uma devi singing the very nostalgic "Afsana likh rahi hoon" film is "dard" circa 1948. Enjoy the time that was 1940's

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Krittika:- Razor of the cosmos

By now most of you would have guessed my favorite moon sign is tul. After tul i like vrushab moon sign.The fact that it is my sign may have a role to play here wont deny it. So starting with first nakshatra in vrushab krittika. Hmm its my nakshatra but i have met other people with other planetary combination so wont be talking about me now. This is general krittika I am not exactly like this hehe

Krittika(pronounced k-r-o-o-t-i-k-a-a) is divided as 1part in mesh + 3 parts in vrushab. Mesh-krittika is very different from vrushab krittika. Mesh krittika is the dhanu navmansh of mesh and contians star named algol so its a whole subject in itself. I will write on it later its very intresting part. Its very rare that people are born on krittika-1 so talking about majority ie vrushab krittika now

Krittika contains 7 stars of which one has gone missing and so now we can see 6. It is called pledias in Greek mythology. In Hindu mythology krittikas were the foster mothers of kartikeya and Shani himself. Kartikeya gets his name from krittikas.

Krittika is ruled by Sun and has gods Agni and kartikeya as its god-fathers. Agni is said to have been born to krittika. Krittika is the essential passive female power. It has intense energy inside it but on surface it is cool. If Ashwini is fire that burns krittika is box of gun powder, you can play cards on the box as long as its not ignited but when ignited it explodes with unnatural energy.

Same can be said of people born under krittika, people are generally above average stature and have commanding appearance with a stern face and small penetrating eyes. Eye bows are very neat and naturally shapely. They have a certain magnetism attached to them, everyone will look at a krittika person when he/she will enter a room full of people.

Krittika borns are snobbish in nature. Its their tendency to look with contempt at others if they are not up to the mark. Extremely choosy and have very static and fixed notions about all things in their mind. They are very demanding people, constantly need attention and someone to boister their huge egos (ego is absent when krittika is seen with kark/meen lagna). They are very careful about how they appear in public and are very self conscious of themselves. You ll never see krittika borns dancing rabidly on streets. Dignity is to be maintained even if sacrifice is needed. Very fashionable people giving minute details to their attire and appearance. Krittika is surely the narcissist nakshatra.

It is the birth star of Sun, thus people are sharply intelligent. They have very sharp wit and a veracious tongue. Will insult people at the drop of hat and it will be very bad (mesh/vrischik lagna with krittika is particularily very bad). Emotions are a thing to play with and only they have feelings others feelings are to be completely ignored. Intelligence is also manifested in observation, they have keen senses deeply analysing every view,sound, taste and touch. People will be scanning you all over part by part paying attention to every minute details.

Krittika is caring energy. Krittika cares for its loved ones with all energy it can gather. Krittika Born's are very good family people. They will take very good care of family. Krittika born females are extremely good mothers, rather they are perfect mothers. In general people look after others very well. This trait gives them very loyal friends and relatives. They perfectly know what other person expects and try to fulfill all. They are also sought after for their advice and directions, many krttika people have become successful consultants.

Krittika love life is interesting part of krittika. Krittika females and to some extent males never get heart broken. No one will leave a krittika girl after knowing her well. She is the near perfect combination of love and lust. Same is said for males, very few girls will reject krittika men. After Rohini its the most wooed nakshatra owing to their very caring attitude. They are opposite to the favoured rohini. Rohini people want others to take care of them and krittika like to take care of others. So krittika-rohini match is the best compatibility in the entire rashi chakra. They are very romantic people too. They may not be poetic and expressive like rohini but none the less let the other person know hoe special he/she is.

Lastly the bad points of krittika. Extremely angry people. When provoked will wage a long lasting war. They use secrets to their aid and destroy enemy. If their loved ones are attacked they put up the best defense ever seen in human psychology. I ll say people who have krittika as their family friends are very lucky because they are very seclusive. They choose their friends very carefully because later they stick by their friends through absolutely anything. Very possessive people, want frequent reassurance of affinity. Can be irritating, as they smother others with excessive care.

So well krittika ends here. Will write about the much talked about Rohini later.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mesh Vs Tul; War of the stars

Today would be talking about the Shadashtak yog between mesh and tul. Every sign has a shadashtak sign for it but not all are that powerful yogs. A few other yogs are sinha Vs makar, vrushabh Vs dhanu also vrischik Vs mithun, Today we ll be talking about mesh and tul.
Mesh(Aries):- Ruled by mars, sign is a fire sing and is movable sign. Divided into 9 parts, called as navmansh parts, they again are given names mesh,vrushab......till dhanu(last part). It contians 3 nakshatras Ashwini(first 4 navmansh),Bharani(next 4navmansh) and krittika (last 1 navmansh). Mesh is exaltation sign of Sun, mooltrikon sign of mars, delibated sign of saturn. So in general it is sign of war, agression,self respect,self defense,battle for supremacy etc. Sign rules the head.
Tul(Libra):-Ruled by Venus,sign is air sign and is movable sign too. Divided into 9 parts with same numbering as mesh has. It also contains 3 nakshatra. Chitra(first 2 navmansh),swati(next 4) and vishakha(last 2). Libra is exaltation sign of Saturn,mooltrikon sign of venus and delibated sign of Sun
So consider the oppostion here. One has sun exaltated other has it delibated. One has saturn exalted other has it delibated. Both are important sign in nisarga kundali so assume importance as owners of kendras.
Now lets consider Nakshatra wise combinations.
1)Ashwini Vs Chitra:- This will be a battle to behold, Ashwini will always attack first which gives chitra the benifit of crying "attack". Chitra being the mars's nakshatra will sure fight back giving ashwini a mouthful of its own filth. ok scenario will be like :-
Mr ashwini and Mr chitra have had an accident on a road. Fault is of Chitra and damage is more to Ashwini. Ashwini will shout and scream and demand repairs even abuse mr chitra. Mr chitra will call the police and tell the police all that ashiwini has said. Ashwini gets even more angry and starts again, police will think ashwini is trouble and shout at him. Chitra is in his car and off while ashwini gets in to trouble.
Ashwini Vs Swati :- No way can swati stand off the attack by ashwini. Swati is too weak, even if the person has very agressive lagna swati shows her traits. Same scenario about accident:-
Ashwini will come screaming and shouting , abusing. Swati will make a very bad face and say "Its to my mistake". Ashwini goes on and on. Swati waits patiently hearing all crap. There is long traffic honking. All start to shout at ashwini realising he is conrnered ashwini relents and goes. Well ashwini got high blood pressure swati got abuses.
Ashwini Vs Vishakha:- Well vishakha is a little different, it can stand up for itself but differently.
Ashwini has come up shouting and abusing Mr vishakha. Mr vishakha tells him to wait a sec. He makes a drama about calling someone and secretly selects a boy amongst the crowd and tells him something in very pleading tone. Ashwini is restless and comes again. He talks and talks vishakha listens to all. Then when all is over, vishakha drives away ashwini realises his tyres are flat!!!! the boy has done his work and got paid as well.
Bharani Vs All tul naskahtra:- Bharani will react differntly. He is not that aggressive and if some lady in vicinity tells him to give up he will in a minute. He wont create a drama and will try to settle with money. demand money in very subtle tone though. Usually tul will pay the money if it is justified and matter will be resolved.
Krittika Vs Chitra :- Major drama will happen here. Krittika will park his car right in front of mr chitra and wont move at all. All honking wont affect him. He wont abuse chitra but extreme displeasure will be conveyed in mild tones. This can result in stand off a sort of check mate. krittika first pad is known for its stubbornness he wont give up at all. Most probability is that chitra will offer money to end the embarsing situation. Krittika will take all the right damages and then smile at chitra. They may even go to coffee then.
Krittika Vs swati:- Nothing here. Nobody will fight. Seeing that mr krittika is not abusing or bad mouthing swati will apologise immediately. Most cases krittika wont even ask for money. Things go on as usual. Point to note swati has apologised to krittika because reaction is different from ashwini. Swati will never apologise to ashwini.
Krittika Vs Vishakha:- Krittika first pad is ruled by jupiter and is very intelligent. Vishakha will realise it cannot fool with him. Vishakha will try to bargain out through the situation. Even falsely apologising or trying to end matter. Both dont want police, both dont want any sort of fiasco but both dont want to withdraw. Tricky situation with both them holding their horses waiting for moves. Outcome will be tricky.
Bharani nakshatra will generally try to extract money, krittika want to win morally and ashwini wants to beat up the other person. Tuls on other hand would never be aggressive. They only want to save their skin nothing else.
Well thats it about the most powerful shadashtak Mesh Vs Tul. Will write about some more. Bye

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reconciliation costs affinity

Blog especially to end the distraught and estranged friendship I was talking about earlier. I have decided to reconcile and bring an end to animosity and the profanity that had creeped in to the relationship. Well but this doesn't come cheap the cost is affinity. The incidence has destroyed the archetypal image i had of the person in my head. As the vision proclaimed the girl has burnt the old person and moulded a new character that suits her and is to her liking. I have no relation what so ever with this new Frankenstein and so should not be even in close proximity of the person. Well practically people are not black or white most of them are of varying shades of grey. So practically I have decided not to harbour hate. Hate is a double edged sword it kills the hated and kills the hater too. So I have given up on my strategic position and decided to flag the white flag. Further the person very recently even apologised, now i dont know whether its straight from heart or from the very manipulative brain but i dont care.

So I no longer have any enmity in mind, having said so there is huge "BUT" to it now.......

I no longer have any type of affinity with him either. Earlier i had taken liberty of reprimanding him for his mistakes, now that would be a severe mistake now. So I no longer am going to correct, advise or consolidate him. Most important decision of all " I AM NEVER GOING TO SEE HIS CHART AGAIN FOR ANY KIND OF PREDICTIONS". I am not going to be the person to look to anymore now. He should go to professionals for help. Just a very normal and platonic friend. This are teh decided terms and conditions from which I ll never move now. Haan and one more thing I am not going to compromise anything for him now. He has fallen from height that was unparalleled to a depth that is also unparalleled. I am not feeling exactly thrilled to write this all but I was not the one to create a tussle here. So like it or not the above said stands true.

I have always valued anyone who is worth the value and in very rare cases I have changed that value. Sadly this was one.

Well I don't want to end on this strict note, so just will talk few sentences about the time that has gone by. I have had the most funny, enjoyable and interesting time with the person. Nostalgia will always carry his name along side good times. So here the good times we had and nothing can corrupt memories.........

Heres "A little help from my friends" 1969 from woodstock. I like this version more than Beetles version.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have a dream........

Well finally I am on track and adjusting to fit right in. Well I say all happens for good. Even if it seems that its not right now, it is the right thing over time. So studying for exam and doing time pass for rest of time. I had decided not to see charts for few days, til my exam gets over but then DD asked me to look how his exam will be. So saw his chart. Hmm realised something, mercury is retrograde over my moon. Now mercury is the 11th lord for me, 11th place shows friends and 11th lord in very bad state over moon has caused me pain. Hmm nice teaching.
I have said many times faith drives me towards my destinations. It removes all obstruction, whether i consider them obstructions is different thing but later i realised they could have been major ones. Every time I go away from my destiny fate drags me back to it, it is not pleasant transit but the right one i suppose.
Hmm I am concentrating on my dream now. I have a dream.. to fulfil. I owe myself the task to complete it. So with renewed vigour and vitality I trod my path. A path I have seen many times through visions, astrology and just plain intuitions. Towards my destination I go now. To fulfil my dream because I have a dream...... a song to help me cope with reality.....
Well I feel like hearing that song today. The song is the epitome of optimism and positive energy.
It is the Phoenix that can flap its wings free from the its own ashes and elevate to heavenly heights.
Heres I have a dream....... Westlife version

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taurus moon kicks in!!!

Firstly today is shaniaschar amavasya, ie shani jayanti. So lets wish shani a verry happy birthday.
Hmm well after yesterdays bad day i thought it was over, but nope. Same friend pops up again in night and we go all over all again. Well I have a very peculiar planetary condition in chart. Its a saturn in lagna place making 178 degrees with moon in taurus (exaltated). As a result i get depressed very easily, I get very sad and just keep thinking of that sad thing. Well then a day or two pass by then exaltated moon takes over and drags me out of the depressive abbey in like hours. Its like 2 hours earier i was sad and now i-was-never-better. Well dont know whether its a curse or boon but i have both sides to extreme. People have underestimated the power of moon. It is supposed to be weak and readily influenced by other planets. Infact a strong moon can easily influence other planets. Waxing moon is rohini nakshatra is supposed to be most powerfull moon of all.
Well i am alright now and completely out of sad sorrow thanks to taurus moon. But i ll remember all this as what-not-to-do kind of thing. I have decided to be very careful when i help someone now. It will be very difficult for me to just help anyone now. Further I ll compromise for even few. Astrology help i ll give all, my opinion to select few. Well aristrotle and olympia when teaching young alexander said the following thing. I think its the most important thing to learn. I guess everone learns it the hard way.
"Never under estimate people. People are like snakes, one can care for a snake all your life. Feed it protect it, nurture it all life. Still it will not hesitate to strike you with the fatal bite"
I have been very choosy about my friends till now. Thats why maybe I never was stabbed in back. But now I am going to enhance my stategies to understand people and identify bugs early on. At a later stage the weild too much damage to me.
Hmm AB was in london and UK for weekend. I have yet to see photos but his description were great. Ab must have had a great time i believe. What is called "Time of our life". So want to dedicate a song to AB. I think i have posted this earlier (I am too lazy to go thro archives hehe) but again I give FIFA wordcup 2006 song "Time of our live" by toni branxton and El divo.
To AB :- Watch it. heheh.
Bye evryone cya tomorrow

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sorrow deserved

Hmm I am so glad I wrote yesterdays blog in afternoon. I couldnt have possibly written it at night. Yesterday night can be counted as the one of the worse time I have ever had. A friend of mine was fighting with me on chat. Actually he has been mentioned before but I dont want to reveal any thing about him, not even psuedo name. Well this guy is the sweetest perosn I have ever met, he wouldnt get angry at all, was very patient, never complained about any of my eccentric behavior. I always thought he was odd, how can someone be so tolerant. Anyway he wasnt and that he quite showed me yesterday, and very well. Well I cant tell you exactly what triggered this but there was the essential element of which fights are made of, "girl". Yup that was it. The person who has smiled at my abuses for 3 years took flight and was practising knife throwing with me as his target.
Well I have a considerable lot of friends. Well in a interaction misunderstandins are bound to happen and they do happen. So its not something thats new to me. But all of my friends have a protocol. If you dont like a certain person's behavior you have to tell him clearly what, why is wrong and how he can correct it. Well its simple way to keep long term misunderstanding at bay.
I also get rebuked for my verry odd behavior all the time .Well there is no shame in accepting what you have done wrong, if the person tells you what effects it has had.
Here it is different, its not that simple. You keep all follies in mind and puke on other persons face when you cant control any more. I was flabbergasted at his behavior. He was literally speaking that i have have never even heard him say to anyone (leave alone me). He always treated me better, but yesterday was a horrendous experience. Imagine he was lying for 4 years?? All that "ooh-so-sweet" behavior was a farce a pure deceit. This is the real person. I was really dumbfolded for rest of the night. Usually when someone gets to me they are in for a long fight but yesterday i ddint even protest. Its like holding the scorpion by its sting, leave alone fighting the scorpion is busy with thoughts to protect its sting.
Well its not the things he said that are disturbing (actually they were) but the reason was even more. I some how had scarpped his gf(she isnt even his gf) that provoked the out burst. Well nothing like girl to bring and end to a nice friendship. Arre I wasnt going after her, nor I was talking to her about him. I dont know the reason why he did that.
Well I am very deeply hurt and after a long thought have decided to bring this friendship to a platonic form, a form of aquaintances.
Well 2 dasy earlier i wrote
"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind".
Saw the blindness of love first degree. If this is he wants, this will he get then.
Well I had a dream/vision after all this during night. Dont know exactly if i was awake or not
I am in a room full of white irritating smoke. I can smell the pungent odour of burnt flesh. There are tears in my eyes from the smoke. Then as the smoke clears out I see a white room, old white room with showers at the top. Its very similar to a nazi death chamber and at the end of room there is thin spectacled girl with a huge white sack in her hand. She drags the sack towards me and throws it at my feet. Says "gift for you" and walks back. The bag actually is a bet sheet wound up and it opens up to reveal ash and burnt bones together. I am desperately searching for something in the ashes and burnt carcass. I am not finding what i want the room is getting dark. Suddenly the door opens and light breaks the darkness. I go to the door sad dejected as i coudnt find the thing i was looking for. I have ash all over my hands and my face. Tears are running down as i reach the door and cross over the porch of the door. Then i look behind at the ashes for a last time. The door slams shut and light envolopes me. I am in my favorite restaurant surrounded by happy friends. All are happy eating and laughing every one i cared for is there save one.
I have understood what it meant and will surely behave that way. Good day to all. Bye

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Shani

Well Shani celebrates his birthday on 3rd of june. So lets wish shani a very happy birthday. Well to celebrate shani's birthday heres the mythological story of his birth (general story told to all)
Here is goes
On the new moon night of vaishakha month thousands of years ago moon came to meet sun.
On new moon night there is no light and no moon so some people believe shadow (chaya) came to sun. Well they did their thing and moon(or chaya wont say again) got pregnant. Well she immediately went in to labour (Dont ask mythological story). Sun being the caring man summoned the 7 krittikas in whoes home all this drama was going on (sun and moon are in krittika nakshatra on every shani jayanti) to help moon with the labour. Then he went off. Krittikas looked after the moon well and in the wee hours of evening moon had a child. Sun heard the news and was on his way. The child was dark, far cry from his parents, very ugly, and didnt cry or moved at all. Then slowly the child moved and then cried even later. As the child was slow the krittikas proposed and gave him the name "Shani" meaning slow (sanskrit "shanai shanai means slowly). Sun arrived on his chariot of 7 horses and a horse man. When the horses and chariot man looked at the child, shani cast his glance on them. Horses died and chariot man immediately developed leprosy.
Shocked by the childs apprearance and his deeds moon fled away to rohini nakshatra the next day. With moon gone the krittikas took the responsiblity of up bringing the baby shani. Sun meanwhile was also shocked by this instance and went to consult lord shiva. Shiva explained to him that this child is born to punish people for their bad deeds and he will be the supreme judge.
Sun decided to shift this dangerous shani in to the underworld in care of guru. So sun came to the krittikas to procure child shani (who was 1 year old then). Krittikas whelmently opposed this proposal to ship shani to underworld, it was no place for a 0ne year old.
Sun became frustrated and decided to steal baby shani from krittikas himself. Sun proceeded to the krritika nakshatra. There a krittika named "amba" was playing with baby shani alone. Sun sounded warnings, amba didnt budge. Sun in utmost act of desperation attacked amba with arrows. Amba had shani on her hands, she couldnt defend herself. In a bid to save baby shani she ran screaming and shreiking with pain. The Universe watched as the Sun again and again attacked a defenseless, unarmed woman with baby to protect. Amba shouted and pleaded for help.Mean while the rest of krittikas got worried and had started looking for amba and shani. When they finally found the pair, sun had critically wounded amba and but in the most selfless act she had managed to keep shani out of harms way. Rest of krittikas were verry angry at this attack. Like a elephant herd protecting their young, the krittikas formed a circle around the wounded amba and shani. Krittikas were excellent warriors, together the krttikas unleashed a fierce attack on sun. The clash was male energy versus the female energy. Normally female energy is consolidated and passively nuturing. But when they have to defend their young females show one of the fiercest form of attacks. The krittikas unleashed a blitz kreig on sun.
Unable to withstand the attack sun fled, to die another day. There is lot of debate on what exactly happend to amba. Some say she died and so there are only 6 stars in the nakshatra. Some say goddess parvati saved her. But the courage and dedication she had to a foster child is still talked about.
Shani now was year and half and still with krittikas. Then an unanimous decision was taken to shift shani to the underworld till he has learnt the right wasy of life. So a year and half old shani was dragged by his very father away from his foster mothers while the krittikas could only wail and sob. A promise was made to krittikas that every 30 years shani will return to them and live with them for a year and half.
Shani was shifted in care of guru. Guru being old and knowledgable, gave shani all knowledge but he couldnt love and care for shani as the krittkas did. Shani became a loner and depressed perosn. Slowly he grew in to a tall thin, emancipated and ill looking man. Later he was attacked by a rishi with bramhastra on his leg and so became lame too.
Shani came to hate Sun, moon and to certain extent the kritttikas. And till date he does hate them.
Shani the black sheep of sun was giving the job of judging people and punishing people for their wrong doings. Till date shani has judged everyone in his dasha or the sade sati.
So heres kudos to shani. Happy birthday Shani