Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Everything is going helter skelter today. All made plans had to be cancelled and resheduled at 11th hour. Every thing is going worng. Finally I have cancelled my last coffe meeting to avoid another fiasco there. Yesterdays prediction is turning true inspite of the fact that moon left krittika for Rohini in morning itself. Such is power of moon in taurus. I want to point out to people who have told me I have bad moon(My moon makes perfect 180degrees with saturn) to experience what power moon weilds. It is logically correct too, out of all the heavenly bodies moon is the closest to earth and affects the future the most. Moon when exaltated can do miracles and turn miracles into cheap magic tricks too. So I answer the most asked question
"Which moon sign is the best?" The most logical answer is indeed TAURUS. Moon in taurus is a force to reckon with. Fact: There are very few people who have moon in taurus as compared to other moon signs. Rare but the most enjoyable people to walk to earth. They know how to live and to enjoy the living.
Today I feel like suddenly my life took a turn unexpected. I knew it from before but then you can never prepare well for bad things.
Now I am fixed about life What a puzzle it is. And then I know most before hand. Still life manages to surprise me. Heres to the puzzle that will never be solved "LIFE"

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