Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rahu-rahu with venus is no good

I am hating this venus now. Venus in 7th over moon is verry bad thing if you are me. Well I was all happy about my life. Then steps in venus with her fan glory and sweet knife. I hope i meet someone new as soon as possible. Rubbing past scars is no good. I need a fresh interest. I need a fresh entity to be the center of world, be in center of krittika pleaides.
Well day was a sort of astro day. I read about gochar grihas in afternoon, later on net i did little research about the astronomy and astrolgy co relation. Read a little about fixed stars in nakshtras and their "Taratmak" results, interesting thing to know.
Well not much to write about today. GP has got his internet connection back. Well he was telling me that he would recharge his connection since january this year. Well dont laugh by GP standards its quite early. GP doesnt listen to anyone. His will governs his actions only. Its going to be very difficult for him later when he will have to interact with people or even in love life. Anyway I have tried telling him, rest his fate I cannot do anything to help him beyong this.
Well time for song, hmm sad song I know but i like it. It signifies end, death of a relationship. But look beyond the usual it also signifies a relief and rejuvination. Love the lyrics and adore the tune Heres Waqt ne kiya....

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