Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April ends

April month is ending today. April 2008 has brought about so many changes in life. April 08 will always be remembered for its bounty and happiness. Venus gave her best in April. Now planets are changing, for good or for bad. Very important event occured on 24th april Neptune changed sign. Neptune changes sign once every 15yrs, so imagine the magnitude. Neptune changed sign for just second time since I was born!!!!. Sun changed sign and became exalted in aries. Mercury managed to escape aries and enter safe zone of taurus. Major part mars just left gemini after tormenting it for 6months and entered cancer. Saturn has become sationary on way to become to striaght after months of regression. Jupiter is stationary on way to become retrograde. huff.... Planets are playing "me too" with each other. Its pressure to study effects of all these at once. Its raining predictions on account of each planetary transit.
Well I can safely say all these planets gave me happiness onall quarters of life. I am on correct path with all right things tkaing place as per what I expected. Journey is equally joyfull as the destination itself.
Song I like a lot. No moral from it, just listen enjoy and be happy

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