Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome to America

So finally got time to write a blog. This is my first post from USA.....

I arrived in US about a week ago but was busy with the university process so didn't get time to write anything. After a long process of examination,application,visa,packing,a gruellingly long flight, lot of jet lag I finally arrived in US. I had a flight from Mumbai to Atlanta and another connecting flight from Atlanta to Cleveland,where I currently am. I had never sat in an aeroplane before, but now that I have sat in one it hardly matters that I have. Weird emotions, when you don't have it you are constantly thinking of how you can have it, and when you DO have it, booh its no more important.
United states is a little different country, It doesn't have an ethnicity or a culture it can call it its own, it surely is a melting pot of all the world has to offer. It is a country where you can find a cafeteria owned by a black person, which has Latino waiters serving German pastries to finicky Indian customers :). One thing I totally hate is the amount of eat eaten here. There is practically nothing I can get in restaurants here. They have very little vegetarian food on counter. I do cook for myself but that always is not possible with the time constraints and the odd class hours. I have a class at 6pm to 9pm.WTH is this?? :O. Anyway the thing is this country is not like any another. In many countries it is possible to identify the "country people" and the foreigners, but here uh ha. USA is just not that easy, people who might look like totally adapted to American way of life actually might have alighted from an aeroplane in last 48hours and vice a versa. it or not, I have to live here for another 2 years now. Like loudspeakers at Atlanta airport I say "Welcome to America"