Saturday, May 15, 2010

Never forget it was bad

A friend reminded me of the blog so like just stepped in to write something. I don't know why I ever stopped writing anyway. I should have noted down these 5 months as they turned out to be very important months of my life.
Writing this article to just remind me of how horrible time I am having. I realised over time we tend to forget the bad times we had and tend to remember only the good times and get all nostalgic about days gone by. I did this with the '90s. I can safely say that out of all the time in the '90s I just had fun for less than 30% of the time still I tend to remember that as a good time. Reminding of the 30% good times while conveniently forgetting the ordeal of rest of time.
I have to stop myself from doing about the current time so writing this. This certainly is the most important time of my life till now but it is in no way all good. It has been full of disappointments and rejections. Jupiter changed in December and certainly improved my life but in perception. By that I mean that the background didn't change at all just the way I perceive changed. I once read somewhere that Jupiter on Jupiter gives a false sense of happiness, a sense that everything is alright. Well that was happening I believe.
Now that false sense of happiness is gone with Jupiter's transit to Aquarius. I am back to my sad self. The things that gave me comfort and made me forget the miseries are all one by one going away. Today was the worst day. You can get sad only to a certain extent then you just stop, you can no longer be sad its just not mentally possible to be more dejected than a certain level. That is happening today I reached like a Plataue, now someone tells me something bad I ll probably laugh.
This time different thing is that I no longer doubt planets, one event was like a slap on my doubtful face. I do believe that I will have good times to come but till then I want to remember the bad times for what they were BAD...
A really nice song from the '90s...the decade that I remember as happy..