Friday, May 2, 2008


Well I am having the last practical of my engineering syllabus tomorrow. I am studing for it, just took out time to write this. I am not going online today. If i meet someone then it will not be easy to stop chatting. hehe. Well officially i ll finish all practicals I had in my graduation syllabus. Its sort of sad. With every step I see the end coming closer. First it was submission then practicals.I have a last oral on 10th may. Then only 4 papers. End is like a near probablity than a distant one that it has always been.
I am feeling kind of nostalgic today. Remembering all the practicals I have been through. All the tension and the 11th hour problems and 12th hour solutions hehe. It was fun through the years. I feels kind of sad that it all will end now with tomorrow. I am not writting more today as I have to study. I wanted to embedd the song "Time of our lives" today but the original cannot be.
Original can be found on the link
I am embedding a another version. Do watch original too.
I present 2006 flashback "Time of our lives" official song of FIFA world cup 2006

Look back and I see that I really I was having the "Time of my life" in the year that was 2006. Bye

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