Monday, November 23, 2009

Good fortune,glorious envy and inglorious acceptance

The position a person occupies by default in life, something which he occupies without any work aimed at acquiring it can be called the good fortune the person has. Now how "good" the good fortune is totally a different matter but this article is not about that. The article is about the good fortune and the acceptance of the same.
People are born with different fortunes and they do different karmic acts which together determine the quality of life they will enjoy. I for one believe that the fortune which we are born with is very difficult to override and some events are predetermined which cannot be changed at all. Such events are seen in the chart as very powerful oppositions of some qualities which are mismatched. We cannot change such things but we can definitely work to make ourselves accept the reality of fortune or misfortune.
The fortune of some is the cause of envy for some due to the absence of the same. The problem is not the envy. It is natural for human beings to want something and to see someone better apparelled than self will definitely be a cause of hate. Actually it is one the emotions few can resist so I have called it glorious here.
So now the real problem. Refusal to accept the reality of the time can lead to persistent envy and envy once prompts a person to act can it can be very bad for karma. Well if a person refuses to believe in such concepts then please go on...act on your envy. The fact of matter is that the early the person learns to accept fate more easy it becomes for him to remain happy in that fate. I know it is difficult, and I am no saint(not yet :P maybe in few decades :D) but we have to try and try. Crying over misfortune is the initial reaction which is very fine but when we devote time to think we should pull up the bar and accept the occurrence thus enabling us to be happy even in misfortunate conditions because that's what a life is about...being happy for most of it isn't it? :)