Saturday, May 31, 2008

Greatest injustice of all:- Love

"Love is the sweetest of dreams and worst of nightmares"
- William Shakespeare
Well dear bard is always right, love indeed is the sweetest of dreams and can turn into the worst of nightmares. I have for long experienced pain due to love from other people.
I myself have experienced a different version of the pain. It is one the most dark secrets that I have in my heart. Very few know and will know about it. Anyway its not about me today.
Many of my friends have fallen in love. Literally "fallen" in love. I now know why it is call "falling" in love. One does literally fall from grace. Firstly it was KB who went mad for SP. Then GP went slightly mad for a girl. KV who went in to panic depression when he couldn't convince his gf. Well the list is endless. All around me people are falling in love.
Well I am amazed how people change in love. How willing they are to compromise for sake of love.
GP was most striking of the all people. Gp actually gets angry with his want-to-be gf, he doesn't talk with her if she doesnt return his call or ignore his message. GP even gets possesive.Its next to impossible for GP to behave like this for any other person. If any other person eg me don't return his call that's the least concern GP has. He doesn't even remember I was suppose to calling. But if she doenst call him he is mad and expresses his anger by giving monosyllabic answers to her questions. Well this is so not normal behavior. Likewise everyone changes. Again I spill secret I do it too, I have become so tolerant of a certain entity that its impossible I would do that for anyone else.
"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind".
Again Shakespeare masters the idiocracy that people reach in love. Once Shakespeare says
"Love maketh a jester of gentleman"
So true, people go to unbelievable lenghts for love.
Well then the reality creeps in. The greatest injustice of the world, greatest folly the world has is the fact that one can love a person who doesn't even remotely love you. That is the greatest sorrow apart from any deaths. Only death can rival the sorrow produced by a broken heart.
So I say the greatest injustice of all would be to deny a person his love. But again there is no one to blame here except may be situation and fate. Well fate surely has gifted man love but cursed him more with unfulfillment of the same.
Well in end life goes on forever and GP says "I ll ask another girl" well surely he will but not before grieving the loss he will be experiencing. some move on, some stagnate. Some totally leave the arena. And very few walk away triumphantly.
All Attempts are aimed at the one second when the coveted person says the golden word with diamonds dropped for welcome "YES"
I say don't get stuck move ahead. So leaving you with another bards quote. Bye
"To mourn a mischief long and gone,
is the next way to bring new mischief on.
That cannot be saved what fortune takes,
and patience her injury, a mock'ry makes."

Friday, May 30, 2008

Chitra nakshatra :Celestial Architects

Well writing blog now as I may not be able to write it in evening. So writing about chitra nakshatra today. Chitra nakshatra spreads over Virgo and Libra each rashi having 2 parts f the nakshatra. Chitra nakshatra contains one star of utmost importance the "Spica"(Alpha virinalis) star. Most of the chitra's properties are infact properties of spica.
Spica as seen in picture is a big bluish star. Spica is said to be 400 times the size of our sun.
Spica mainly has the properties of Venus. So naturally people in chitra nakshatra are very much inclined toward venus and her properties.
Traits in chitra nakshatra:
People born in chitra nakshatra irrespective of their moon sign are very artistic people. Chitra nakshatra born are very talented singers,dancer,actors,artists,authors etc. Chitra is known as the nakshatra of architects too. Chitra people are creative and very good planners. Celestial architect Vishwakarma rules this nakshatra. Therefore many people born under chitra become successful architects. I dont say interior designers because the ruling planet mars doesn't allow shallow expression of beauty. They create buildings that the world stares at.
Chitra nakshatra people are blessed with beauty, especially those born in tul-chitra have very prominent facial features. They look different in the crowd, their skin has a reddish tone with beautiful large eyes and usually very fine eyebrows. Their look is very similar to the people born in krittika nakshatra except eyes are small due to krittikas sorrow. Chitra people manage to befriend many people, due to mars's lordship they are not spineless like swati nor diplomatic like visakha, Chitra people are quite straight forward in nature, kanya-chitra is known to use and manipulate people but other planetary factors also contribute to this.
Chitra is thr girlfriend of moon. Chitra is sort of friend moon would take out for a movie or social gathering. One of the most friendliest of the nakshatras. Chitra is the esential social life for moon. Though moon prefers rohini the best but he wont take rohini out for a party. Chitra people are very social people. Generally moon near spica gives a huge lot of friends. They dont categorize friends at all. Like swati all friends are same for them and in case of need chitra helps all irrespective of when, and how long, and how close friendship is. Chitra being mars ruled shows a surprising element of anger. People can get angry and surely show their anger to other people, let others know of anger. They wont break furniture but can raise eyebrows and spread eyes to signal anger and displeasure.
Chitra has an inhabitant godly gift. Ideas expressed by chitra native may seen illogical and simply foolish but with time those ideas are perfect fit for the problem. They are the type of person who is not bothered about the sentiments of others nor are they selfish to others. But in spite of this adamant attitude their dealings with the poorer section of the society will be very cordial and full of kindness. Quite often they are mistaken by others that being very rude and stingy. They have a tendency of giving reply on any matter without forethought and then wake up at the eleventh hour and try to rectify utterances when it is too late.
Being very good actors Chitra can effectively fool around people and create favourable situations for themselves. Chitra says that "I hate lies but a few white lies wont hurt". Hypocrisy is somewhat seen being a part of mercury's sign. Its not as pragmatic as in jyeshtha or ashlesha but a subtle amount of hypocrisy is seen.
Chitra is only nakshatra where resident ruling planet does little change. Chitra in kanya is very intelligent nakshatra, generally engineers, creative directors and architects are born on this part.
While the part in tul is more favourable for artist, painters,singers and dancers.
Chitra is the brain behind big creations. They have general leadership qualities. They may not be charismatic leaders like mool, but surely they can make others work with their charm and intelligent persuasion.
So concluding chitra we can say the nakshatra where Vishwakarma plans celestial creations. Chitra the nakshatra of creativity, artistry and planning. Bye

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Damage control day

Hmm well today I was on damage control spree. Earlier in week I was very angry with GP and literally cursed him.Now people who know me know whats it to hear something bad from my mouth and I said verry bad things to GP. I cant say sorry to people very easily, I have problems with apologies. So I was in damage control mode. Well firstly saw that GP has created a blog and is writing about cars, duhh. Puhlease I was happy GP would finally express his feeling to someone, but only thing he writes is some cars. I mean you can sell your entire family to some Vietnamese slave lord still cant gather enough money to buy a spare part for that car. Anyway thing to say is GP is still elusive and wont open up to anyone. GP is pursuing a girl for quite a some time now she has not replied in either way, but I sincerely think GP's lack of genuine emotion display has lot to do for her indecisiveness.
About Vishakha nakshatra now. Actually Vishakha is GP's nakshatra hehe. I may have got a little harsh on vishakha. I have vented my ire reserved for GP on in general vishakha nakshatra.
Let me do a little damage control. Following is also vishakha properties
Vishakha being Jupiter's nakshatra people are very intelligent and brainy. People are very compassionate and humanity oriented. They may be a little stone like from outside but have very complex emotions inside them. Wont display emotions to anyone except chosen few. Vishakha is the star where venus gets its sereneness. Venus gives a very nice personality. As a direct result this nakshatra is the most popular nakshatra. I think that's enough sucking up.
Listen to this very sweet song by westlife

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am horribly bored nowadays. I have to study all day and do nothing. Saving grace is my daily walk uphill. I just feel lovely up there, no sound to disturb you. No body to call(my cellphone has no range up). Love it there, mind just gets cool and is free from any malice.
Today embedding a marathi song wonderful song from very different movie. People who dont understand marathi try to enjoy music its very good. People who know hindi may get it, marathi is very similar to hindi try it. Enjoy

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Astro lull

Well nowadays everything is lull on all fronts. Most of the friends are busy with studies so no outings anymore. Further there is very low activity on astro communities also. Earlier I used to see 2-3 charts daily now I havent seen a new chart for like a week. I was planning to take a break from astrology now. anyway I need to get my act straight and study too. Well lets hope all works out and I see a little improvement. I get soo bored of study all days lets hope some people get enthusiasm to get their charts read. hehe
Well I have heard this song many times but wanted to the video so just put it here. But its no where to be found. Request to all if you know the link to original video of "Hotel California" by eagles then plz scrap/mail me. Heres the concert version

Monday, May 26, 2008

BG is back!!!!!!!!

Well I am totally exhilarated today my internet friends BG is back on net. Finished her exams and back with bang. Acutally I and karun were tlaking some astro thing when all of sudden BG comes online and messages me. We were like OMG. BG is a very funny cute and sweet person. She is totally sweet from heart but very mischeveous. Earlier in year we used to spend hours gossiping and bad mouthing other people hehehe. Well i totally missed her during her exams. Hmm now she is back I am looking forward to more fun on internet.
Actually BG scrapped me in january this year, it was regarding Karun. I have told entire karun kahani earlier in blog. April last week,check archives. Then we hit off, from astrology to normal things. Karun was our central topic though. Now adays Karun is no longer the sad person he used to be so we are verry diffrent position now. Well heres to great time ahead with BG.
Well song for BG suits her perfectly hehehe

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vishakha Femme Fatale

Today is turn of Vishakha nakshatra. Vishakha is 3parts in tula and 1part in vrischik. Vrischik part is very easy to study problem lies in tula part. So lets first cover vishakha-vrischik
Vishakha is till 3degrees 12minutes of vrischik raashi. No major star is seen in this part. Jupiter mars are perfect friends so their combination is very straight thing. Attractive and yet curt people tend to form lots of friends and loose a lot of them too. Their sharp tongue gets them into trouble. Generally straight forward people that lead straight forward lives, no star properties are seen and people are little less ambitious as compared to rest of Vrischik raas which is fiercely ambitious.
Vishakha 3 parts in tula raashi face are a difficult thing to study. See vishakha is ruled by guru but is in raashi of its arch rival shukra. There is constant battle of guru with shukra leading to some of the most complex people around. Vishakha is demonic in nature a sharp contrast from the divine punarvasu and light contrast from sister nakshatra purva bhadrapada. Vishakha is the jupiter's negative side, the behavior jupiter wishes to hide from everyone.
Vishakha people are very beautiful, have a very striking face and very appealing features. Vishakha women especially are very attractive and always have a lot of suiters around. Jupiter is fair and combined with lord of beauty venus vishakha is unparalled when it comes to beauty. Even rohini cannot stand tall when it comes to physical beauty. But "Beauty is skin deep" and the beatiful face hides a treacherous mind that few can fathom.
Vishakha people are what is called femme fatal(of homme fatale if the native is male). Treachery,deceit,manipulation,mind games are a normal part of life(and they dont consider that as bad thing to do). Jupiter gives immense intelligence and a very practical mind but fails to inculcate the basic mindset of a scholar.
Venus on her part gives all it gives to rest of tula rashi. Venus gives calm and peaceful mind, it gives gives the serene nature that rest of tula rashi has. Venus also gives immense popularity. Rather this nakshatra is the most popular nakshatra, people are just drawn to vishakha people. Even swati cant match vishakha's allure. But swati is the sweet that has chocolate inside vishakha has bitter medicine.
Swati is the innocence in a child while vishakha is the pseudo innocence of a teenager. Swati is the girl who laughs at petty things,vishakha is the girl who laughs because she feels complelled to . Swati cant say "no" to people vishakha says "yes" and does a "no". Swati enjoys with her friends, vishakha enjoys when she wants to with or without her friends. Basic differnce is clear I think, Vishakha is a grey side of tula rashi.
Vishakha being jupiter's nakshatra, people get a mahadasha of jupiter first depending on their part of vishakha they are born. Max upto 16yrs. Then the bad thing creeps in they get saturn for next 19years!!!! Now everything depends on placement of saturn, but mainly I say the decietful nature and all things bad start manifesting themselves after saturn gains control of vishakha.
Also another important part of vishakha. Secretiveness is a exponential curve up in life. Vishakha are not exactly secretive during early years of their lives. My theory is after they start saturn they get progressively secretive, in the mercury phase are the most secretive and then reach a platuea where they are equal to jyeshtha in vrischik rashi. I have not met a lot of vishakha old people so dont know what exactly happens later, maybe wrong.
Love life of Vishakha is always strained owing to the overwhelming social life of vishakha. See even chitra,swati,rohini,purva are very social people with number of friends but they dont turn and manipulate people as vishakha does, So vishakha's lovers should either be saints or mentally unfit for vishakha to have a flagrant love life. Passionate yet conservative vishakha is the quitessential middle class of indian society.
Vishakha has a affinity for mediocrity. People try for what they want and after they reach a certain height they just stop all upward efforts. They are very happy with what they have and are very less ambitious about life.
Vishakha taratmak results: Vishakha has two stars Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschemele(sometimes spelled as Zubeneschimali) any planet near to these stars ignites a energy spark which may lead to once in life time events. Genrerally is moon is near to any of these stars the 30th year of life is very difficult(especially if person is born during his/her sade sati) Stars have a quality of saturn in them.
Well that bring end to the intriguing Vishakha. Surely Vishakha is the femme fatale of nakshatras. Vishakha is femme few can resist and a femme who spares her fatalis to even few.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Swati Nakshatra

Nowadays my life has become very boring so I am not writig about it. Instead I ll write about some astro stuff that I feel like writing
Todays topic is the Swati nakshatra. Swati is the middle part of tula rashi extending from about 6 degrees to 19 degrees. Swati is the essential essence of tula rashi. Swati is indeed tula rashi.
Swati the birth star of Rahu. Rahu is born in swati. Swati nakshatra has the calm and cool effect that rain has on scorched earth. Sun goes in to swati nakshatra in about october each year. ITs is very rare that it rains in swati nakshatra. It is said that if it rains on swati nakshtra on sea the raindrops are converted in to pearls. Such is the importance given to swati in zodiac science.
People born in swati nakshatra are very cool calm and tend to stay away from fights. Swati nakshatra cant fight. Their strenght lies in the fact that they can change their enemies mindset and convert him. People are very kind and help every deserving person, problem is that they cant say "no" to people. They have manyyyyyy friends. So many friends that only vishakha in tula can rival their number. Swati people are very popular. Other people are attracted to swati nakshatra just to be friends. Difference should be noted. People are attracted to other venus ruled nakshtras/signs too. People are attracted to vrushabh raashi people owing to their influence and their power to give sound advice. Krittika,mrig are on forefront of giving advice. So people flock to vrushabh for advice, but people flock to swati for no reason what to ever. So I say most popular people are swati people.
Now the bad side of the nakshatra. I think they are spineless people to be around. They cannot stand up for either themselves or for their loved ones. Cannot defend themselves against verbal or otherwise attack. What is use of all popularity if someone jacks you off in middle of road and only thing you can do is smile?
Generally this is tendency of all the tula rashi but swati shows in its full glory. I have many tula friends nice and cheerful but equally irritating heheh bye

Friday, May 23, 2008

War of zodiacs

Well a person asked me today "Which people are the perfect lovers?" So going to write about it today.
Broadly speaking we can begin with moon signs. We can easily drop following volatile signs
Gemini,mithun is not a sexual sign, people prefer companionship more so it cannot be
Virgo,kanya is neech rashi for venus ,Venus looses all sheen, people are literally unromantic and can make a romantic commit suicide with their talk.
Sagittarius Dhanu is passionate but not about love
Pisces meen is the epitome of mediocrity, meen cannot be the best out of anything so its dropped
Now we go to fixed sign
Vrishabh with its rohini nakshtra is a very strong contender, We can drop leo due to leo's obsession with morality. I wont say thats a bad thing but it clearly not a sign of perfect lover
Vrischik has very high sexual tension so it can be considered
Kumbh aquarius is out of question, wives of kumbh men are surprised if their husbands take initiative heheh
Hmm now the airy sign
Aries is a strong contender, Cancer is too homely to be a passionate lover, cancer lacks pasion so drop cancer
Libra tula is a strong contender with its swati nakshatra
Makar is simple too exhausted to make love hehehe
So we come down to mesh vrishabh tula vrishchik now lets go into details nakshtra wise intoeach sign
Vrischik has vishakha,anuradha and jyeshtha, Vrischik rash is a little immoral particulariy jyeshtha nakshatra does not know love it knows only lust. Anuradha is again ordinary. So vrishchik- vishakha stands tall here
Mesh has very little scope with only bharani nakshatra capable of nomination
Now we come to the big TWO. Vrishabh and tula
Tula has chitra and swati both nominated. Tula vishakha is jupiter ruled part of tula, venus's dominance is less as result people are very selfish and a selfish person can never please his love interest so tula has swati and chitra
Vrishabh krittika has very little influence of venus, they may dress very well and behave very well but krittka has curse of extreme possisivity people are very possesive so spoil their love life
Vrishabh Rohini is sure nominated, Mrig again is alittle companion seeking nakshtra mrig ony wants company not too much intimacy so drop krittika and mrig
So now line is mesh-bharani,vrishabh-rohini,tula-chitra,tula-swati,vrischik-vishakha now in line
easily bharani and chitra are ousted. A combination os mars and venus will give lustiness more, so its not perfect love again. Vrischik vishakha is too immoral and is just loose character nakshatra so it looses sheen at this stage.
Vrishabh rohini and tula swati have a stand of now
Hmm Rohini is the living incarnation of love with moon governing the nakshtra all good things are said to take place on rohini. Rohini is the woman in bedroom who has an enticing apprearance to her
Swati on other hand is ruled by Rahu, swati is very stable nakshatra too. If yu ask me it loose to rohini. Swati being in tula get to the positive side of venus. Tula rashi in general is very calm and cool and inactivate. People dont get angry and passionate about anything. In general life it may be very good but love requires a degres of intensity tula can never gather. Swati is the wife who opens tthe door to her husband when he comes home.
So certainly winner is Vrushbh raashi rohini nakshatra
Bye hope you liked the analysis

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rahu-rahu with venus is no good

I am hating this venus now. Venus in 7th over moon is verry bad thing if you are me. Well I was all happy about my life. Then steps in venus with her fan glory and sweet knife. I hope i meet someone new as soon as possible. Rubbing past scars is no good. I need a fresh interest. I need a fresh entity to be the center of world, be in center of krittika pleaides.
Well day was a sort of astro day. I read about gochar grihas in afternoon, later on net i did little research about the astronomy and astrolgy co relation. Read a little about fixed stars in nakshtras and their "Taratmak" results, interesting thing to know.
Well not much to write about today. GP has got his internet connection back. Well he was telling me that he would recharge his connection since january this year. Well dont laugh by GP standards its quite early. GP doesnt listen to anyone. His will governs his actions only. Its going to be very difficult for him later when he will have to interact with people or even in love life. Anyway I have tried telling him, rest his fate I cannot do anything to help him beyong this.
Well time for song, hmm sad song I know but i like it. It signifies end, death of a relationship. But look beyond the usual it also signifies a relief and rejuvination. Love the lyrics and adore the tune Heres Waqt ne kiya....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time to study now (Thats what my mom thinks hehe)

Hmm my mom thinks its time that i study hehehe. Acutally she told me in much stronger tone, ehhe. Hmm well I will sure have to start some study now. Venus is going great transiting through krittika but is very close to sun so its not that powerful. Well I had a very good day today. I went to college for some signatures but unfortunately didnt get my teacher in time. Then I called DD (I called GP too but he as always refused the invitation) midway then we went shopping for DD then went to a restuarant and had a very good time. Right now DD is with GP, I wont be meeting GP now on my own initiative, I have had enough.
Well time for some good song now, NEW song by WESTLIFE shows their achievements uptill now. Enjoy the best Westlife

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Medicine to the wrong wound

I seriously think venus transiting is applying medicine to the wrong wound. She is trying to fix something that is beyond repairs. Well I had expected nice new romantic life, but venus is reviving and scouring with old scars. Hmm well suppose my dasha is not helping either. I am so waiting for this Rahu-Rahu to end. Rahu -rahu will end a period of total anarchy, misery and just plain unexpected results. Rahu has given me good things but I am tired of the unexpectedness and surprise quotient rahu gives. I just want a stable and normal life now. I have had enough surprises, both good and bad in this period. Again a venus transiting over moon would have given very good results but again rahu peeps in and totallt unexpected occurs. Out of all the planets rahu is most difficult to decipher and predict. Largely now i know how to behave in rahu period heheh. Well lets hope i manage to hide those old scars with brand new clothes and forget what was the "past that was never expected".
A Scorpio's heart is a sea of secrets, some trivial, some serious and some dark. Well no one will ever know why i put this song here now, its one of the secrets that I hold in the sea. I dont totally relate to the song but a secret does. A secret that was an integral part of my life, now a scab waiting for fresh skin to grow and cover her up.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Venus recovers tomorrow hurrraaay!!!

Venus recovers tomorrow. After a month of being in horrible aries and then setting on the eastern sky, venus is back with a bang. Venus will enter her self territory of taurus tomorrow early morning. Well sure will she shower everyone with pleasure and love. Venus will bring respite from all the tensions and trouble people have been facing. So lets Welcome Venus with open hearts. hmm Well if any of you readers happen to feel any changes due to venus transit please let me know.
Well the most common effect will be that venus will bring harmony in to strained love relations. Many love relations ahve been strianed due to weak venus, I wont say venus will rain love but surely she will do her best to patch up bad sweat. So heres a song to Venus, Welcome come back dear

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day full of astrology

I had a very active day full of astrology today. I had astrology class today we are learning nakshatras there. Today it was turn of my nakshatra, Krittika. Well my sir was clearly in awe of krittika well any one can be after you hear what the nakshtra really is. I am proud of the fact that i was born in krittika hehe. Extremely protective nakshatra, krittika people are normally very cool and calm and enjoyable. You can even insult a krittika person very badly and get way with it. BUT if you try to harm or create bad situations for the people whom krittika loves then you have a tornado hurling towards your way. Suddenly krittika explodes with energy so bad that nothing can stand in front of it. Mythology goes that the 6 krittika were foster mothers of kartikeya and they had to take up arms to defend young kartikeya from demons. Such foster energy makes krittika borns very able lovers and family persons. Hmm enough about krittika now.
Further after astrology class we had a seminar about a "challenge" a scientist had given to all astrologers. Hmm a scientist has designed a test for us and was inviting us to participate and test the authenticity of astrology. Well unanimous decision was that the test was pre biased and should not be attempted by any astrologer. That was a good time dedicated to the debate about the stand.
Now after i came back i saw two charts. One had a horrible sun-Saturn-mercury conjunction in Libra in 4th place. Was finding words to express bad things in less hurting ways. Sad cases.
Well i had a very fulfilling day today. I want to post this song today. the wordings are simply an legendary metaphor the poet says "Total eclipse of the heart". Very Nice comparison of the state of sadness with the total eclipse of the sun. You ll love it. Bye

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Waiting for Venus!!!!

I am having a very bad time. All things are going wrong. Its very frustrating. Now i had planned to go out today. At 10 am morning all was planned and fine, then twists start occuring DD suddenly decided that he wants to go his hometown,to his parents. Now what can you say, you cant stop a person who is going home after 4 months. So DD out of picture GP as usual stabs in the back too. GP has to go to some absolutely stupid farewell and so I am not going any where. Well i lined my black cloud with a slivern lining and went to hill for some fresh air. Really enjoyed there though. I like being alone, the feeling of solitude is very relaxing and healing for me. My mother tells me ever since I was a child i liked being alone. I never get bored alone, i like.
Hmm I am waiting for venus to recover, to come out of the horrible aries and enter its home turf of taurus. Venus in taurus will give bounty to many people. So just waiting for venus dearest to gather her clothes and move home.
Well song for you. The song and the movie is the reminder of the care free day the 1990's were. I was young int he 90's decade but still feel like it was the decade to be active and going. So heres a song from 1991 flick "Saajan". Beautiful songs made this movie immortal, essential element of the 1990's I give ode to the the decade that was the intersection of technology and joy the decade that was the 90's

Friday, May 16, 2008

I am going out tomorrow

Hmm I am sitting in the house for like 4 days now. Bored shit. So dragging my ass outside tomorrow. I ll threaten GP in to accompaning me to some shitty film or just hang out on our fav eating places. heheh. Well I have to do it, arre everyone is sick. I was sick GP was sick,DD was slightly sick 2-3 other frnds were also sick. Hmm very bad venus destroying health for all. I am fully recovered now I am marching out in morning for a morning breakfast in the city. Looking forward to a great day
Astro front nothing much going around there either. Lets hope soem things change here too Bye

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little boxes little boxes.......

Well I have been a little unwell(Venus in aries and set over eastern sky sob sob). So didnt write yesterday and by the way i didnt do anything yesterday just was home. Hmm I want to write about a syndrome today its called little boxes. Well i was talking to KB on phone and we were talking about general things. Later KB happen to mention what every person wants in life. I remeber him saying that his perfect life would be "A high rise flat in mumbai with cars etc, a good wife and children and he teaching his children abcd(the alphabet)". I was like ooooooooohhh hold on. Dont generalise things.This is not everyone wants. Well I dont know what I want from life but now I know what I dont want for sure hehe hehe. Hmm you cant really generalise this motion about life but to some extent you can extend the realm of practicality in to the abstract domain of happiness and satisfaction.
See a nun is happy with her life but for us her life is the most horrible thing in the world. Like wise for celebrities, we thing they live great lives but in reality very few are really happy.
So the theme has limitations. But average joe person can expect what KB mentioned. This brings us to the little boxes syndrome. Every person has and gets the same things. Alike houses alike chilfren jobs etc. And then live life like practical clones of each other. Every society has a few "normal" things that people of each age sex and gender combination are expected to do. If you dont then you are a rebel. But if you do you are one of the thousand boxes.
For sure I tell I dont want to be a box a cliche and a clone of thousands of other people. I prefer to be an outcast than live in little boxes.
The song that inspired this thought, the classic used as "Weeds" theme song. Enjoy but also think
Little boxes little boxes, little boxes on the hillside...............

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bored of being bored

I am sick of being bored. I am doing nothing for two days. Absolutely nothing. College over so no college friends. Further GP has gone to Hill station with his friends and DD has exams to study for so no one to hnag out with /sad. Well I hope tomorrow's day will be better. I have decided a thing for and from tomorrow I am going on a diet from tomorrow. See I am not like obese or somthing like that but I am just have extra fat. Now when I have college I usually am busy with college things and so eat less, but during vacations I dont have much things to do so just much all day and then get verry fat. I have decided that this vacation will be different I am going to slim down in this vacation. I am going to excersie also. hehehe. Any perosn who knows me will be laughing by now heheheh. Well this has happended many times earlier heheh. Well lets see the sucess rate this time. Lets hope i get a little bit leaner.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Eternity has a curse of tragedy

Well I have done nothing throughout the day except eat and sleep so have taken up a topic here. Does eternity really has a curse?? Does normality never gain the priviledge of eternity? I was stricken with the question was watching the classic mughal-e-azam today. Well i know many people are grasped with this questions but they dont have the time,power of the inclination to search for answer. I really think if a thing wants to be remembered for ever it has to be abnormal. Both sides of normality are capable of beig time immortal. See people rememeber "Queen Victoria" true but they also remember "Black beard". So morality has little rolw to play here. And we are not going in to moral things here. Just the fact that something is para normal gives it ability to become eternal and immortal. Physically there are very few things that can remain unchanged for ever but many things and people have attained virtual immorality in the sense that they remain in memory long after being physically destroyed. I leave you with that thought today. As this thing was started by mughal-e-azam lets see a scene and a song from the same. Uncertainty is very nicely depicted as a negative impact here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time to shine 12th venus!!!

Hmm so my college over and all curiculum over I now set my eyes on future. Well I have 4 theory papers to apprear for but that will go on. Right now I am trying for a chance for higher education in foreign country. Well I have my 12th lord venus in swati nakshatra and in meen navmas. So its quite possible I ll go abroad. So its not something thats beyond my fate. Every single astrolger may be my great sir or some amateur friend has told me that I will be going abroad. So I am trying for it. See I have a little attraction about western culture but its not that i "have" to go or something. Well I am trying thats true. hmm Venus in 12th has the responsiblity to send me abroad lets hope she shines and helps me do it. Well its very powerful for sure so I dont question all those predictions even I would have said the same thing.
This blog will stand testimonial to venus's and astrology's righteousness. hehehe. lets hope it does.
Anyway today was mothers day, so brought my mother a cake. We all ate the cake and enjoyed the day. Didnt I tell you people now a days i am living a very nice life. Rahu is letting me enjoy the unpredictivenes that he brings with himself. Well I expect my next gift from rahu soon. As soon as in july/august. Rahu is going to gift me love in life. He is going to bless me with a GF. hahahaha. Well thats what i say eheheh.

hmm from rahu to the the of love venus. I am embedding the best love song ever its a legend by my standards. Its Rose by westlife. I am hopeless romantic owing all the romance to the super powerful Venus. So from the priest of venus(me) comes the love song Rose along with lyrics

Some say love it is a river
That drowns the tender reed.
Some say love it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed.

Some say love it is a hunger
An endless, aching need
I say love it is a flower,
And you it's only seed.

It's the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of waking
That never takes the chance

It's the one who won't be taken,
Who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying
That never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long.
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong.

Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun's love,
In the spring, becomes the rose.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day different

Well today had a oral to apprear for in moring so was up early in morn. I knew that ral was going to be a piece of cake. Already I am quite thorough with Java and further jupiter got retrograde yesterday. Retro jupiter will immediately give good efects. As expected I answered all questions like those were some chips to eat. So Viva sailed soothingly at around 12 noon. Then I and KB went to restuarant and did some time pass along with some much needed food. Later I went to our TLs home to complete some last bit project work. There I had no work so I and TL played cards while one of our member completed the bit. I was fun it was amost a decade since i last played cards and enjoyed it so much.
Later went to hill for walk and then GP came. I went to Burger King with GP, there we were so famished that we ate so much in so less time. hehe. Later just spent the remaining time loitering around and doing TP.
Hey I want a feedback from you people
What to you people think of my life? Do I have a nice life?
Please tell me your views
Well I am writing next part of teaching artical tomorrow. Today I ll end this with a very nice song. I dedicate this one to a special person, person I like very much

Friday, May 9, 2008


Well as title says tomorrow I will be invoking the finalize() method on my college life. OK for all non-computer people explanation>> In Java language we use objects to do certain actions. When we are throughly done with the objects and dont need them we release the memory and CPU resources by using the method finalize();. Java then destroys the object for ever, it invokes garbage collector on the object.
I am invoking finalize() on my college life. Tomorrow I have a last oral in my college then I only will return for 4 papers. I end my college life tomorrow. I am sort of sad remembering thefun I had in the college days. Well all is gone now. Everyone will go their own way on their own path now. Hmm four years saw lot of changes. Changes in me changes in my attitude. Progressive and frictious too. Now I have a world to fathom not just few eccentric professors. A world to fight with not just 4 project partners, and a world to look at not just a college playground outside my window. Horizon changes, but in one place it will be same throughout the life :in my head. Time ll freeze to tomorrows moment and I will remember the college as I will see it tomorrow.
I am studying for tomorrows oral viva now.
Before ending the object collegeLife i will look back at its history and then with a tear in one eye perfom

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Astrology for all

Well my internet friend KP all of sudden decided to leave astro for ever as he doesnt have practical help in astro in his city. Well to help KP and lots of other people who get confused about astro language i am going to write few things about astrology. I am not saying i know a lot or i am teaching you. I am just sharing whatever knowledge i have got in my clases with people who dont have access to classes. So i ll write these informatives as per time but as frequently as possible.
Part One
1)Mercury(budh) 2)Venus(shukra) 3)Mars(mangal) 4)Jupiter(Guru)5)Saturn(shani) 6)Uranus(Herschelle)7)Neptune 8)Pluto
9)Sun is also cosidered as a planet though astronomically its a star
10)Moon is considered planet as well though its a satellite.
11)Rahu :its the intersection of earths orbit with the moons orbit on northern side Also called as dragons head
12)Ketu:Its the intersection of moons orbit with earths orbit on southern side. Alos called as dragons tail
Rashi:Rashi and the number associated with it is a must for any astrologer. They are as
1) Aries(mesh) 7)Libra(tul)
2)Taurus(vrishabh) 8)Scorpio(Vrischik)
3)Gemini(mithun) 9)Sagittarius(Dhanu)
4)Cancer(kark) 10)Capricon(Makar)
5)Leo(simha) 11)Aquarius(Kumbh)
6)Virgo(Kanya) 12)Pisces(meen)
now if i say 8 then only scorpio should be on ur mind and that too within a flick of second. Thats the first thing for any astro hopeful.
Lords of each sign
1 and 8 are ruled by mars
2 and 7 are ruled by venus
3 and 6 are ruled by mercury
4 is ruled by moon
5 is ruled by sun
9 and 12 are ruled by jupiter
10 and 11 are ruled by Saturn
I ll write the houses tommorow

Jupiter Vs Venus

Well I must say there is fight of jupiter and venus now. Hehe. Actually yesterday after I wrote blog i happen to get a new friends request. Person named as "bhaskar". He said he wanted to discuss astrology with me so he has added me. I said ok and accepted him. Later I said lets see each others chart for starters. So i gave my details and questions. He gave short curt replies and ended my readin in 15mins. Later said i should read his. I started doing this and he started getting agresive. I was telling him what i saw in mild and polite manner. But the person said the his chart was best and it had nothing bad in it. I was like "huh did i beg to see your revered chart??" . He started telling me to "go read books" and "clear your basics". I have over tiem formulated my own certain style of seeing charts. I have with advice of my teacher decided what is to be given importance and he says "go tell your teacher to learn more". I couldnt tolerate this. I mean he said that "I will marry a film actress". He had retro jupiter in 7th and a very bad venus in lagna. "Film actress"?? I was laughin for like 10mins. Dude I say you ll get a fat ugly lady. But i explained to him that he had jupiter and so on. But person just doesnt budge. Well Karun was online also and we had a very good time at his predictions. He was dhanu(sagittarius) moon sign. Well my moon sign taurus ruled by venus has the perfect enimity with jupiters sagi. Hmm he even lands up on my thread in orkut community and starts giving false advice to people. Person is disaster. I mean I have seen people with half knowledge of astro trying to prove to all that they have fantastic charts. But this "film actress" was the limit. Well when i see horrible charts i try to soften words and use harsh words sparingly but this person like was invoking the demon in me. Then i unleashed the typical krittika person fury on him, and truely was rude to the hilt. He had half of his planets retrograde and no planet self placed. Extremely sub standard chart. Well I think he will remember me when he is marring a horrible fat lady. hehehe

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Everything is going helter skelter today. All made plans had to be cancelled and resheduled at 11th hour. Every thing is going worng. Finally I have cancelled my last coffe meeting to avoid another fiasco there. Yesterdays prediction is turning true inspite of the fact that moon left krittika for Rohini in morning itself. Such is power of moon in taurus. I want to point out to people who have told me I have bad moon(My moon makes perfect 180degrees with saturn) to experience what power moon weilds. It is logically correct too, out of all the heavenly bodies moon is the closest to earth and affects the future the most. Moon when exaltated can do miracles and turn miracles into cheap magic tricks too. So I answer the most asked question
"Which moon sign is the best?" The most logical answer is indeed TAURUS. Moon in taurus is a force to reckon with. Fact: There are very few people who have moon in taurus as compared to other moon signs. Rare but the most enjoyable people to walk to earth. They know how to live and to enjoy the living.
Today I feel like suddenly my life took a turn unexpected. I knew it from before but then you can never prepare well for bad things.
Now I am fixed about life What a puzzle it is. And then I know most before hand. Still life manages to surprise me. Heres to the puzzle that will never be solved "LIFE"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moon transits through the dreaded Krittika!!!!!!

Moon is transiting through the demonic Krittika nakshatra. Well moon usually is in krittika every 25 days then whats the matter?? Well for 4 days each year moon transits through krittika when krittika's ruler the autho-totalitorious Sun is at his crowning glory. Krittika the birth star of Sun is flaming with energy owing to her master's well being. Moon in krittika is the ultimate outburst of energy. I will illustrate Krittika more for you people. Krittika is divided in to two zodiacs. Every nakshatra is divided in 4 parts called "pads". Krittika is divided as 1part in aries(mesh)+ 3parts in taurus(vrishabh). Well now sun is in aries, its exaltated and moon is in aries as well such amavasya doesnt affect much, moon is too weak to create trouble and is in control of over powering sun. Then moon moves in to taurus, free from sun it becomes exaltated in taurus flexing its new found muscles moon challenges the ultimate strenght of sun. With both sun-moon exaltated and supremely powerful Krittika glows with pristine,unparalled energy. Transfering all this energy to earth. Ultimately affecting all people on earth. Most affected are people who are born in taurus moon sign. cancer libra and aries also face bad changes for a while. I am born in taurus and in krittika nakshatra. People who have been with me will relate to this sudden energy burst thing. All krittika people suddenly evict so much energy that they blind the opposition. hehehe. Anyway tomorrow I am keeping my fingers crossed as the celestial bodies create havoc in heavens. Lets hope its not something serious to worry about. Will tell you what happened tomorrow.
As for todays day, well special thing was that GP came calling. I behaved perfectly well as though nothing has happened and am going to do it.

Hmm I got this video to show how krittika must look. Ash doesnt have the fiery look of krittika but all other effects are same just imagine a femme fatal in the video

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wonder where time goes?

Hmm Time sure is changing fast and is forcing the inertia in me to move along with it. Today I did the ultimate thing that signifies adulthood; I applied for job. Sort of we had campus placements in our college so I went there and wrote exams for companies. Now that is adulthood behavior. I cant believe I just did that. Well resultswill be out in 2 days will tell you all what my fate was. As usual my fate played a large part in this job adventure. I had a sort of idea about placements but didnt know exact date time. I am sleeping at 9 am and suddenly I get call from SP. She is screaming "Get out of bed and race to college". I am like "What the hell happened". Then it dawned to me that it was strating at 9 30. I was practically not going to go, but SP forced me to come with her sarcastic words. At end of call i was like "OK ok i am out of bed you can stop now" . I usually take 3 hours to get ready(yup i am quite a vain person hehe). Today I was in college at 9 45 am and didnt skip anything (ie I had a bath hehehe). SP is like grinning from ear to ear. Well exam was good, later went to restaurant with KB and our TL as I was "nil by mouth" from morning. After eating I spent a lazy afternoon at KB's hostel room before finally returning home at 5. See I do very little in major decisions in my life. Fate takes all decisions and I just give a acceptance nod ;thats it. Well lets see what happens of the campus drive.
Meanwhile on another front GP was apologising again, hehe. I am bored of this stuff man. Well lets see what happens. I was home for night as well.
Well todays song is very special Its my favorite song from my favorite band. I am giving this song to a person(no names) . Quite old song, it brings out memories for sure. You must have a high volume to fully enjoy this song.
Ladies and gentlemen I give "My Love" by the incredibly Divine "WESTLIFE"

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nakshatras :Stars talking

Astro classes started nakshatra today. I am very excited about learning more about nakshtras and fixed stars. Till now I have seen most of the predictions based on nakshatras have been the most effective ones. Detail study of chart with nakshtras and navmas vargottam planets etc gives the most promising results.Hence waiting for nakshtras, I am sure nakshatras will help me become better at astrology. So looking forward to divine stars. Later went to mall with DD. Gp has msged me in between apologising, I dont want to hear from him again now. I am happy with my life as it is now sans GP. Sad but life goes on, and so it will. Mall trip was fun enjoyed myself. Now looking forward to some astro action online in orkut communities

Today I am embedding one of my favorite songs. Its very old song from CID, lyrics are meaningful and old music just sooths nerves. Classic unparalled, music divine.

Watch as the lady tries to protect Dev anand from the inspector. Rare human emotion of caring showed in a very different way. She cannot show her real feeling in front of the man but still has to convey his presence to Dev Anand. Very good direction and good drama by all. Great song.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Micro Happiness

Well I finished my last practical of engineering, it was quite good. Rather very good. It was expected to be good so it didnt come as a surprise to me. nowadays very few things manage to surprise me. Haan in night around 10pm DD called me telling me to come at the corner of road to meet him. I went down and opened the door and DD was there, now it seems stupid to all of you but the moment was so funny we laughed for about 10mins. GP has not called,messaged me for 3days now. Well I already have told you my stance onGP though. Its very late now and I am quite sleepy. Tomorrow I am having my astrology classes so sure will bring some information for you. good night CHAO

Friday, May 2, 2008


Well I am having the last practical of my engineering syllabus tomorrow. I am studing for it, just took out time to write this. I am not going online today. If i meet someone then it will not be easy to stop chatting. hehe. Well officially i ll finish all practicals I had in my graduation syllabus. Its sort of sad. With every step I see the end coming closer. First it was submission then practicals.I have a last oral on 10th may. Then only 4 papers. End is like a near probablity than a distant one that it has always been.
I am feeling kind of nostalgic today. Remembering all the practicals I have been through. All the tension and the 11th hour problems and 12th hour solutions hehe. It was fun through the years. I feels kind of sad that it all will end now with tomorrow. I am not writting more today as I have to study. I wanted to embedd the song "Time of our lives" today but the original cannot be.
Original can be found on the link
I am embedding a another version. Do watch original too.
I present 2006 flashback "Time of our lives" official song of FIFA world cup 2006

Look back and I see that I really I was having the "Time of my life" in the year that was 2006. Bye

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome may. May god help us in may!!!

Welcome the year has dragged May in to our face. May is sure a challenge now. The complete oposite to april was. It is sure raining miseries this may. As i am writing I am chatting with AB. Ab had great time in some garden in Amsterdam. Now dont raise a eyebrow AB is ganga maiyya pavitra aur doodh se dhula and all that jazz. hehehe. He simply liked the flowers better. hahaha. Well good for him. hmm I am planning to go to coffee tonight. Well lets recap the day fast then. I had a blast shopping today. I went in to shopping spree shopped for clothes whn my cupboard can no longer hold any clothes. hehehe. LAter went shopping for shoes, belts and caps and allllll. I like enjoyed myself very much today. I wish such days come again and again. I also liked the sense that i ll be seen with my new clothes all over college and other places. I sort of set trends every where. Many wont believe but many people copy what i wear. I am sure i ll start a new hat craze in college. hehehe. lets see i ll tell you about it. I am off for some coffee now cya tomorrow. Enjoy your self Chao