Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Astro lull

Well nowadays everything is lull on all fronts. Most of the friends are busy with studies so no outings anymore. Further there is very low activity on astro communities also. Earlier I used to see 2-3 charts daily now I havent seen a new chart for like a week. I was planning to take a break from astrology now. anyway I need to get my act straight and study too. Well lets hope all works out and I see a little improvement. I get soo bored of study all days lets hope some people get enthusiasm to get their charts read. hehe
Well I have heard this song many times but wanted to the video so just put it here. But its no where to be found. Request to all if you know the link to original video of "Hotel California" by eagles then plz scrap/mail me. Heres the concert version

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