Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nakshatras :Stars talking

Astro classes started nakshatra today. I am very excited about learning more about nakshtras and fixed stars. Till now I have seen most of the predictions based on nakshatras have been the most effective ones. Detail study of chart with nakshtras and navmas vargottam planets etc gives the most promising results.Hence waiting for nakshtras, I am sure nakshatras will help me become better at astrology. So looking forward to divine stars. Later went to mall with DD. Gp has msged me in between apologising, I dont want to hear from him again now. I am happy with my life as it is now sans GP. Sad but life goes on, and so it will. Mall trip was fun enjoyed myself. Now looking forward to some astro action online in orkut communities

Today I am embedding one of my favorite songs. Its very old song from CID, lyrics are meaningful and old music just sooths nerves. Classic unparalled, music divine.

Watch as the lady tries to protect Dev anand from the inspector. Rare human emotion of caring showed in a very different way. She cannot show her real feeling in front of the man but still has to convey his presence to Dev Anand. Very good direction and good drama by all. Great song.

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chandra said...

suggest please see the scene in hindi movie BHABI student standing in front of KANKAL asking him questions to answer!
scene of my choice..
another all time great moive PYASA..