Monday, April 27, 2009

Do we realise "Full stops"?

I really have a weird thought today. Can we realise that there is a "full stop" in a particular thing. Nice moral stories may go on and on about how efforts can change fortune and blah blah. Well wake up in actual world it does not happen. In actual world things end and efforts are lost in thin air. That accepted and acknowledged can we know when to "stop", know that our efforts further will yeild nothing as such. I am generally very optimisitc person, I always hope that things do really happen for good and that even the worst possible dark cloud has a silver lining. I have a strong sense of hope and always hope for the best in whatever is left. Still sometimes I just have a feeling that something is just "done"..gone finished, fertig. Generally seeing the probablity of 50% the probablity of it happening is suprisingly accurate. So can we generally know that our efforts are going to go down the drain?
Even in relationships and frienships can we realise the "point-of-no-return"? can we realise that a certain relationship is battered beyond repair and just move on with our life? It may be very difficult for normal people but when you are an astrologer you sort of develop a detachment from the materialistic world. We astrologers tend to see the world and its people, their miseries in third person and slowly slowly we start looking at family,friends and lastly self in a perspective of a third person. So we can actually detect a dead end??

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are people really snakes??

Alexander the great, the great conqueror of unknown lands received a very important lesson from his mother Olympia. Olympia was Greek and indulged in pagan religious activities. She has many a kind of snakes with her. Young Alexander was but natural afraid of them. Historians quote Olympia teaching Alexander:-

"There is nothing to fear about snakes, snakes like our touch. They feed on our affinity, they absorb our love and make our hands cold. They like the care and comfort we give them and relish our help and our good wishes....
Snakes are like people, you can spend a lifetime caring for one but in the end he will turn around and bite back injecting death in return for affinity. "

The more earlier one realises this better it is because at least we can stop caring for snakes.........
I guess 22 is not a bad age to realise is it? Well like many other things I have realised this late. Whats done is done...but no more snakes now

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ethics of Astrology

Few days ago a person asked me about a chart. It was not his, someone elses. Asking about it he asked when will the person die? I was taken aback. The chart clearly showed a horribly placed lagnesh plus 8th place had no consoliditary planet. So am I supposed to tell him that person will die early? What do ethics of astrology tell? Is the relevance to rules laid down 2000 years ago intact?
Well if you decide "not to predict death", will it be a cheating? I mean for professionals people pay them, at this stage witholding important information like this, isnt this cheating? Right now I have the excuse of "I am learning", I mean if I predict to someone an early death, and then learn something new then? Am I supposed to "revise" his death timing or what? Isnt this very close to godliness? When you "revise" a persons death time. So death predictions are out of question for me. Still I have been taught how to check out age and life expectancy so some yogs cannot miss the eye. As one learns Jyotish eyes are trained to spot the "knot". At such times I have to lie and not tell correctly what I saw.
My Astrology teacher(He is quite aged about 78) talked candidly with us. He told how these "lies" and manipulations can affect the Jyotish's life itself. He said it creates a "burden of knowledge", knowledge when witheld is a burden for the witholder. Such knowledge cripples mental peace and calmness of person.
Right now I may be safe behind the "learner" tag, but some day it will be gone. Then what am I going to do? Tell truth to save myself the "burden" or witheld the truth for sake of "ethics"?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Growing up

A very old saying goes "What doesn't change dies". If not changing is attributed to a future death, changing must be attributed to life. So is change a sign of life? Or really does a change signify a health, a sense of living etc?
Recently I have changed a lot. I have become more patient and a lot less arguing. Earlier I used to fight for hours upon absolutely useless things, immaterial ones. Nowadays even important things cant force me to take up arms. I am a LOT less possessive and very much less caring also.
Is this good? Am I becoming calm or do I no longer care. The later situation is very bad because when I don't care for something, I really don't....that is the end then. At this stage I want to be a little optimistic and believe that I am becoming in generality calm and composed. Then the most frightening thought strikes my head. "Am I growing up?" :O. Till now I have always behaved like an overgrown kid and got away with that, but all of sudden I am loosing interest in many things which I had much many before. Can a person just "grow" in months?
Astrologically I just started a complete new antardasha, from Rahu-Rahu to Rahu-Guru. The planet of maturity and oldness Guru, is this the reason I am suddenly behaving like a calm composed person. Most weird thing is, I can see myself reacting differently. Like today I was in a situation where I would have flared up and created a huge hullabablaboo, but I did 1/20th of what I would have originally done. And while I was reacting like this, I was actually feeling myself changed. It was a very very weird feeling. It is like when only one of your foot gets wet.
You want more, you want water on the other foot but you cannot, its like that. I wanted to be more angry and more aggressive was as if the taps of angers went dry and there is a drought of aggression.
Another thing is, I should be happy that I am more calm and not fast reacting, but I am not. I feel weird when I don't get angry. I feel like its not me. I know this is because of habit. Even parrots in cages love their cages and prefer them to open skies. I hope I realise the right time to leave the cage.
I never imagined that change of antardasha can bring about such drastic changes in me. For years people used to say to me "grow up", "learn to make decisions", "learn to take responsibility"..........Is it time to do it all? Has Jupiter decided that I shed the skin of child and become a man now? Scary it may be but if it is time I must do it. Because to live one must change. In coming time it will become clear what is expected of me now. Whether the time has finally come to "GROW UP"........for once and for all.........

Embedding song from my very favorite series "Brothers and sisters"..."Easier to lie"....
Even I feel the same, its easier to lie to myself, that nothing is changing stick to the past I had.
Everyone knows the shouldnt lie, but many still do....because it is much easier to lie...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just realised that one entire year will be completed for the blog. I started blogging around 20th April last year. I just cant believe that...................... Complete year gone. Time flies like a cheetah running for a snack or rather more aptly the Thomsons Gazelle which runs with his life dangling between life and death. I started blogging just because I wanted to "write" and feel like a writer. I like writing and have a long lost dream of being a Journalist. Well I certainly cant call it "long lost", recently one of my friend left his well paid IT job and training to pursue a journalist job which paid him half. So who knows if I try really hard I could end up being one, heheeh but then again will I try that hard?? hehehe
So was talking about the blog and the love for writing. In the past year..hmm lets see. Jupiter changed sign, I changed from Rahu-Rahu to Rahu-Guru and Saturn finally decided to say bye bye to sinha and is his way out of the pompous sign. So many changes but I feel like that nothing has. It is like feeling like just few days passed, actually when the world changes. Great is the human power to adjust, we adjust to so many things without actually knowing that we do :O
Song by ABBA...nice one...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Angels,Demons...or just FATE??

I was thinking about writing this for quite a long time but like all things my incredibly lazy attribute has procrastinates it like anything. What I want to write is a bit weird, it is bit paranormal. I somehow feel like I have something in life which puts a cushion in between me and hardships. Well this has happened so many times that it has lost the typical "coincidence" explanation right. It just cannot be explained.
I ll divulge more details here now. Actually examples would make it easy. I am very sad these days due to some universities rejecting my application. Still every time I get a tad bit more sad something comes up. Something that just lifts my mood up like a wind lifting a fallen bird feather.
Its like I never make any major decisions in my life, they are just made automatically for me and almost every sad thing has a reason which surfaces later.
Example:- The choice to learn astrology was not mine. I never set out of house to become an astrologer. My mother heard about the astro class and wanted to join it. So she sent me to collect forms for her. The result, she never attended that rather I went in astrology. It is very weird that a subject I have so so so much interest is just "happen" to be put on my plate when I had the least palette for it. Is a person destined to become someone/be somewhere/do something which he/she cannot avoid?
There are many more situations which bear witness to "fate" at work. Second most blaring is German. I just joined German for "Time pass" because one of my friend joined it. Later he dropped out and I am near the completion of my second level. Again last week after I got a major rejection I was very sad and down and wanted to meet an astrology acquaintance but she didn't have time. Later as the week progressed I became more and more blue and all of sudden she calls me and invites me over. There again she showed me in so many ways the occurrence that I am just convinced. That totally removed my sorrow and induced a new vigour in me to work ahead.
Long time ago when I was 12 my grandmother used to tell me that I am a reincarnation of her father-in-law who died a very long time ago. I was like "ohohoho" and that would be made a joke into. Last Saturday when a very knowledgeable jyotish told me the same thing then my ears went up like a rabbit. I have long heard of ancestors helping family members and jyotish is filled with such fables. But when something unfathomable happens it calls for the mind to look to more alternatives other than plain old "coincidence". There are just too too many coincidences.
So what is it? Angels? Demons? Ancestors? Fate? or even the thought just slipped into my mind
I don't know, but one day I will, that may be the day I die but one day I sure will.
Song from Jewel thief I like it very much..though not related to this talk..