Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jupiter Vs Venus

Well I must say there is fight of jupiter and venus now. Hehe. Actually yesterday after I wrote blog i happen to get a new friends request. Person named as "bhaskar". He said he wanted to discuss astrology with me so he has added me. I said ok and accepted him. Later I said lets see each others chart for starters. So i gave my details and questions. He gave short curt replies and ended my readin in 15mins. Later said i should read his. I started doing this and he started getting agresive. I was telling him what i saw in mild and polite manner. But the person said the his chart was best and it had nothing bad in it. I was like "huh did i beg to see your revered chart??" . He started telling me to "go read books" and "clear your basics". I have over tiem formulated my own certain style of seeing charts. I have with advice of my teacher decided what is to be given importance and he says "go tell your teacher to learn more". I couldnt tolerate this. I mean he said that "I will marry a film actress". He had retro jupiter in 7th and a very bad venus in lagna. "Film actress"?? I was laughin for like 10mins. Dude I say you ll get a fat ugly lady. But i explained to him that he had jupiter and so on. But person just doesnt budge. Well Karun was online also and we had a very good time at his predictions. He was dhanu(sagittarius) moon sign. Well my moon sign taurus ruled by venus has the perfect enimity with jupiters sagi. Hmm he even lands up on my thread in orkut community and starts giving false advice to people. Person is disaster. I mean I have seen people with half knowledge of astro trying to prove to all that they have fantastic charts. But this "film actress" was the limit. Well when i see horrible charts i try to soften words and use harsh words sparingly but this person like was invoking the demon in me. Then i unleashed the typical krittika person fury on him, and truely was rude to the hilt. He had half of his planets retrograde and no planet self placed. Extremely sub standard chart. Well I think he will remember me when he is marring a horrible fat lady. hehehe

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masquerade said...

haha this post had me in splits. I consider myself a humble layperson as far as astrology is concerned but even a layperson would know what Jupiter in 7th signifies.

Jupiter itself is a huge planet and denotes largeness. I have seen slim people become massive and portly in Jupiter mahadasha (it is much worse if Jupiter is ill placed) and a badly placed Venus (in lagna is it?) kills this guys chances of marrying a stunning film actress. Maybe he'll marry a former "item girl" who has gained 20 kgs after retiring from her profession!!!