Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April ends

April month is ending today. April 2008 has brought about so many changes in life. April 08 will always be remembered for its bounty and happiness. Venus gave her best in April. Now planets are changing, for good or for bad. Very important event occured on 24th april Neptune changed sign. Neptune changes sign once every 15yrs, so imagine the magnitude. Neptune changed sign for just second time since I was born!!!!. Sun changed sign and became exalted in aries. Mercury managed to escape aries and enter safe zone of taurus. Major part mars just left gemini after tormenting it for 6months and entered cancer. Saturn has become sationary on way to become to striaght after months of regression. Jupiter is stationary on way to become retrograde. huff.... Planets are playing "me too" with each other. Its pressure to study effects of all these at once. Its raining predictions on account of each planetary transit.
Well I can safely say all these planets gave me happiness onall quarters of life. I am on correct path with all right things tkaing place as per what I expected. Journey is equally joyfull as the destination itself.
Song I like a lot. No moral from it, just listen enjoy and be happy

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rest Unlimited

Well I am having preparation leave now so sort of vacation. I am doing nothing. Looks like planets accepted my request to slow down, hehe. I am having total rest these days. Much needed rest. I am home all day eat a lot and watch TV or i am constantly online. Study takes some time too. I have to analyse that saturn,jupiter and sun chart again, lets see maybe tomorrow. Its going to take a lot of time to do that though.
My sister and her fiancee like talk so seriously about their future and career. I am getting a whimp that I should try to be more serious about my future too. But you know I just cant get serious enough. Its sort of I know that this is going to happen. I some times am afraid of my confidence that this is my future. What if it doesnt happen so?? What will happen then. One thing is sure,whatever happens to me in future I will know that it is because of me. I take all decisions in my life and I ll be happy that good or bad things are a result of my decisions. Nowadays even my parents dont interfere with my stuff a lot. There is a occasional "study" thing but its like they also have confidence in me. I spend most of time outside with friends or just dont study enough, but they are cool about it. See even when I was going through bad phase in life all things ater have turned out to be good for me. It was bad at that time but now when i see it it seems that these things have had important part in moulding my life. so even today is some bad thing happens I know that its for some good later. Especially since I have started rahu mahadasha I have experienced altogether extra ordinary things in my life. Things that would stand short of being called miracles and things that would stand short of being called disasters.
All bad things are culminated into something sort of good. Rahu is harsh judge. If you do something bad you can surely expect to be reprimanded but at same time be sure that you ll be rewarded for all good acts.
I have said many times in blog before I have got the gift that very few people have been given. I have been blessed with peace of mind. Peace,calmness and serenity beyond recognition. Most people my age are busy finding what to do in life, while I am watching my life like a movie being seen second time. I know all twists and turns and know climax as well. Its a feeling that cannot be described in words you have to be a 21yr old astrologer to experience it.

I cant claim that I have seen the world but I know that for me its beautiful thing. Song says that.In a bleak dark world it is the epitome of optimism. I like it for its cheerful attitude

Monday, April 28, 2008

Contrapositivity of the situation

Well todays day had two sides. Both bleak opposites of each others. Even peoples behavior had a contrapositivity attached to affirmative actions. Some times people behave like so nicely next day turn vicious. Well I had one of my supernatural visions today,cant describe it whole (It will invade in to privacy of a friend). Well I dont want to endure such para normality my whole life. In world where paranormal is worshipped I crave for normality. But still fate doesnt change by wish does it?
I have not got reply from mad ayurvedic quack yet. I am waiting what analysis he does on my chart, in his old ancient text book way. Lets hope he configures me alright. So no astro activity at al today. I was home all day and in evening went to eat outside with DD and GP. hmm days are getting bore, now planning to start studing from tomorrow.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Waiting for directions from fate

Hmm sunday was day to enjoy. I enjoyed myself a lot today. After an extremely lazy start to the day, I went to visit my cousins. My cousins and I get along like a house on fire. We had really good time. I had a nice tiem with my grand parents too. I saw photographs of my grandparents wedding, it was like 1950 when they got married. Photographs looked so different like a completely new person a total stranger to what my grandparents are today. Nice time spent I must say. Later me my sister and my cousins went to macdonalds for some food. Came home and messaged GP. Then spent rest of night with GP. We talked about our future plans. GP is still confused about his life. He has not found the essence of his exsistance, like why is he on this earth. hmm well he will eventually, still he doesnt seem like a run-of-mill person looking after money and only money. GP and I have sort of patched up after the tiff. Lets hope this arrangement works for long time.
The mad ayurvedic physician added me for the 3rd time, this time I had to accept. The person literally praises me like anything. All of which I dont deserve. Anyway I have given him my details lets see what vidwan pandit finds out through my chart. May be some useless yog. Haha.
As of today I see myself happy as always I wanted to be. I can say till now I have lived life I always dreamt of. A little less little more but core emotions were all same. What I am feeling now is a sense of calmness, peace and serenity that I am always blessed with. I beg lord to continue these out-of-the-world blessings

I have given songs for many people now. This one is for GP, Its a song he loved, it was aquired taste though haha. Since today was a retro day song is retro too. Enjoy this classic

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Respite day

Today was a respite day. Respite from the activities that I was doing. Hmm day was good in all. I even managed to see a chart in afternoon. Ketu in 8th and ketu dasha, veryy bad time going on. Dasha palat will definately help. So I successfully managed to finish my final year project for now atleast. Now I am having practical exams coming up, for one last time giving my prac exams. From now the end seems so near. I am going to finish my graduation, I cant believe it. heheh. It seems like yesterday I was trodding reluctantly to my first year classes. Well time slips as grains of sand, with time slip scenarios. I have to study for practicals now, I am thinking of starting from monday. Well for now its rest altogether. I was planning a saturday night out,but i am not feeling like going somewhere now, want to sleep early today. I am holiday for my astrology class tomorrow so I have entire sunday to myself. I am planning to visit relatives. Hmm what more....
Haan my friends AB is visiting Amsterdam, I am like "sooooooooo cooooool". Now I havent mentioned AB yet. AB is the person who understands me perfectly. AB can predict what I am thinking at a moment(I can predict his too but not always correctly hehe). AB lives in Europe now. So now only chat we have is online. Well I can say I have spent some of my best days with AB. So whereever he goes he will always remain close to my heart. Memories are like a time bubble, situation and scenoario changes but memories are like fixed unchanging. Memories have a property that almost no material thing has managed to maintian, undestructiblity. So everyday I make memories, good ones bad ones, funny ones becuase everything will be gone one day but memories are for ever.....
So heres to AB, enjoy your trip,your life. Live life king lize.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Request to planets:Plz slow down

Planets are moving like crazy and with it my life is moving at pace unparalled. Ok lets start. After my submission I hoped that my life will slow down and I ll be relaxing through the rest of time till practical exam, but planets had a different view on this. My life is all fast and jumbled up. I went for a photo session today and came to know that my friends had arranged an informal farewell party. I decided to be a part of it because for starters it was named as a get together and not a farewell. Soon I realized the verity value of my decision, no one even appeared to be sad, ecery one was happy and enjoying last moments with their friends. So in general the party was success. I came home at 10pm and immediately got a visit from GP. GP did try to convince me that he still is the same person lets see what time tells.
Well I am suddenly having a social life, I am not used to having such large amount of friends. I have always been a loner kind of guy. Now suddenly I have a lorry full of friends, I am running out of time. Recently I have been running low on time for astro too. yeah that reminds me lets talk about it for awhile.
Yesterday saw a chart with sun conjunction saturn conjunction jupiter and all this in kanya lagna.
It is going to take a lot of study to unravel the chart will keep you updated about this chart situation.
Well I had gone to drink cold coffee at night with GP where I heard this song so just putting it on. I love old classics like this. For a change no moral fromt his song. Just enjoy the song.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bonanza fizzles off.

Venus is ending her term in meen rashi. Venus is now in revati nakshtra. Venus's bonanza is ending, dark times are coming. Venus will go into her enemies sign ie mesh on 25th and then later the planet of love will set on the eastern sky. Venus setting or "shukrast" is a mourning period for love and peace. Venus will remain imcompetent for about 2 months. So this is the last time of plenty, soon gloom is coming for love and beauty and humanity.
Another incident happened yeaterday that of I came to know today afternoon. My friend and project partner KB proposed to SP. KB was all candid about his affinity and adoration for SP. He told me all in afternoon while we were having doing nothing at a restaurant. Kb asked SP what relationship she had with the boy which we call her boyfriend. SP is a perfect diplomat her answer was "I dont want to justify my relationship with .... to you". Woah now thats brainy isnt it? Later ofcourse SP didnt accept Kb's proposal. KB is cool about it. He already knew it was a difficult one. KB trusts me with all his information. So I too was not surprised by rejection,rather I would have been surprised if SP had accepted it. KB is a very jolly person, but he has dark sides too. Kb takes everything lightly, he thinks the world is one big party. For starters this philosophy sounds so uber social chic and jolly, but the depths hide the immense immaturity and non acceptance of present situation. I am writing honestly here, I was not in favour of this relationship much. I gave KB all support and a shoulder to cry on but in my heart I always thought SP deserves better. How much KB inflates he cannot match the caliber required to compliment SP. I dont know if my thinking was right,may be it was wrong but I did feel that way. Perhaps this feeling was a result of me insisting KB to stop drinking and smoking and his non complaince to my suggestion. I personally dont like people who drink till they get "drunk". KB explains this as "We are partying", man this is the worst way to party. Further worse than drinking is smoking. Kb does both and I detest him for it. I hav told this on his face. Well KB didnt tell me reasons that SP gave for the rejection, those are SP's secrets. Anyway thus ends the odessey of KB. Good thing is that Kb is taking this in right spirit and is not sad about it. Because however he may be KB is my close friend and I woud never want him to be sad. I have seen KB's chart and had told him last year that SP is not the one for you. Officially the thing got over now. Life is new now.

Here's to KB.Better Luck next time

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Useless Day

Well todays day was like it was not there at all. The day didnt make any difference to the situation. I was home throughout the day. In the evening went to hill stroll with DD. Later my brother-in-law to be came so just spent some somewith him and later talking about him.
Hmm about the scene with GP. GP did not sent me any message today. I didnt even. Tomorrow its very difficult I can meet him so its upto day after tomorrow. If GP has decided its the beginning of the end then so be it, I have no problem with that. Lets hope that whatever happens happens for good. I have vrischik lagna and vrushabh rashi, both being fixed signs I tend to maintain a harmonious status quo around me. I hate abrupt changes but I will restrain myself if the situation demands. Ball is in his court now, I have raquette raised and will deliver appropriate blow to the ball.
About another topic, farewell. I finally have decided to go to the farewell. firstly I am confident there will be no tear works there. My clasmates are working so hard to make that farewell happen that I am feeling the moral responsiblity that atleast I can do is attend it. So I am going for it. Its on 25th april so posts may differ.

Leaving you with a song, a bit sad but true.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day of energy loss

Well moon moving through Vishakha was not particularily good for me. Day started of as most of my days start today at 9 30 am. I watched the daily astro predictions and read panchang for today. Well then the drain began. My project leader summoned me to college. I was not at all interested in driving 10kms to do some project work. but he changed his tone and started using sarcastic language so just said "OK". I dont anyone to say that I didnt do anything for the project. So dragged myself through the immense sun to college. Well then after some pleasantaries, all of us decided to go to our project guides office. Off then in sun I go. And what a pleasantly horrible surprise guide was not there. Now leader gets a call, and he says "lets go back". We are like huh?? what just happened?? Finally we revolt and decide to go to a restaurant near by. Leader goes his way. So its 3 of us. Me KB and SP(KB is a jolly character, SP i have told earlier is only girl in our group and she loves gossiping). We spend 2 hours talking and eating and just quite enjoyed ourselves. Leaders thougth was lost quickly and we like made ourselves comfortable with food, drink and nice wind. Later SP had a class to attend and we had our things so we parted at 5 pm. Now begins the bad part. I sms GP to come with us(Me and DD) on small nearby hill. I and DD go regularily to the hill for fresh air and some excercise. so just wanted GP to come with us. GP sents rude reply "no". GP is very odd person. He sometimes does the most selfless acts and sometimes behaves like most selfish person on earth. anyway I am quite distraught with this behavior. I am not going to my self planning to meet him now. I always make time and room for GP. I understand study and things but the reasons he gives are simply unacceptable. I sometimes think that I have made a mistake by granting "special" friend status to GP. Does GP deserve my attention?? Do I deserve to be treated like this?? and by GP?? Well I dont know these answers.More questions have emerged from the live carcasses of these ones. Does GP thinks the same way I think for him? GP has 1000 friends so what priority I hold there? I am sure of DD, but in the strong walls of friendship cracks are plenty from GPs side.
Only time can tell, and it will tell. Well if it turns out that GP doesnt think of me specially I will sure get a lesson. I will still maintain friendship with him. Elizabeth I granted life to the person who deceived her and plotted to kill her, she said "I always want to see what to avoid in future". I ll do the same. Bye

Karun Kahani

Well today I ll write about Karun first then my day. Flashback to january 2008. I was online and karun's friend asked me to see his chart. I was quite amazed by chart. Verry good chart. 4 planets are highly placed. Story goes as
Karun was in relationship with a girl(lets call her M). She later left him for her best friend. Karun lives in delhi, karun actually went to Calcutta to meet her and convince her of his love. Still she rejected him. Karun was asking me if he could get her back, he was willing to do anything. Now the astrological part of this story. Before karun met M he was this cocky,"i-can-get-any-girl" type of dude. Well as most people know Saturn doesnt like boasting. So karun started sade sati and M came into his life, after time she left him. I think this was effect of sade sathi and nothing else. Rahu dasha for girl prompted her in to this relationship. The end was disasterous. Saturn had created total havoc for karun. Karun was almost a fallen hero,he couldnt think of anything else. Well the Dark Lord finally saw that karun is no longer the cocky person he was. So slowly he recovered. It was in this recovery stage that I met him on net. We used to talk, I told him to get over M. I explained to him that Saturn uses everyone as pawns to manipulate and control the situation. With time Karun has shown remarkable improvement. If you had met him in jan and meet him now you would see how much change he has gone through. Well Karuns chart indicates a very high fame and money yog. He will one day become famous and well known. I think it was the test Saturn put him through. Like gold has to be tempered in very hot furnace before being converted in to the valuable it is. Like wise Karun has been put through the furnace of time sot hat he can be the well known person he is going to be. Karun has now regained control of his life and livning it fullest. Earlier post about him tells all. I who was sent by Saturn to help him realize the situation and open his mind will remain a distant memory of hope. He has very different way than mine. As karuns progresses and climbs the ladder of fame I ll sit back, see,smile and say "Thats my friend".

Monday, April 21, 2008

Life as I see it.

I am writing first post here, second will be about KV. First something about me and Life as I see it. This thougth was provoked by GP and DD. GP was home today and bored me with all car stuff. I mean he watches and likes verry expensive cars. I mean you can sell ur family(both immediate and extended) to some veitnamese slave lord still wont be able to procure such kind of money.But I was not innocent person today, I too troubled him a bit. I put on horrible songs and lambasted his cars, it was fun. Today night rather as i write, GP and DD are with their college friends. hmm information for people:GP and DD go to a college that is close to my home but incidently I go to a college far away. If you consider status wise GP, DD surely have an upper hand. When they were planning to go, each of them separately asked me if I would come?In mind all 3 knew I would not and should not. GP, DD never have treated me any inferior but I cannot say that of their friends. Earlier I used to get angry, frustrated but I was young. Time has induced me with a wisdom so vast that those friends would never dream of. I pity them now. What status are you talking about dude? Do you know what is going to happen in 10yrs?? A slight move by saturn can totally change your world, happiness can sublimate within seconds and sorrow percolate in micro seconds. This knowledge is the shield that repels away bad thoughts and is the greatest gift the time has given me. Now when i see a person boasting about something, I smile. So I have a new outlook towards life. I have learned to squeeze life for joy and extract the last drop of happiness from situation. I live in the second, for the second and with the second of time. Further astrology has given me the power of divination, I know what lies ahead. I know when to expect the unexpected. Thus I have greatly improved in years. GP and DD are going out with the friends group they had in first year(4 yrs ago). I bet as they meet for last time everybody will see how different everyone has fared. Some passed some failed, everyone had their own fate. 4yrs changes a lot including the so-called-status. So now I look behind and see what idiot I was to consider myself less. Well i go ahead with the serenity and peacefulness that few have known. What most people dont find their whole life I have got at the threshhold of fate. I thank my fate and planets for this.
Life as I know it, is beautiful, is kind and most importantly verry fair.
The song is perfect for the occasion,Lyrics speak all I want to say. I experience this every day

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still home

Its like 7 pm and I still dont have plans. Just wanted to write a short post. Topic is my interent friend KV. Kv has come a long way from the bleak and dark past he had, he has embraced the light of new day. Very few people would have managed to crawl up from such deep abyss of darkness. So today I celebrate new light and new life for KV. This song is for him.
I have a dream, a song to sing to help me cope with anything

VENUS VENUS shining bright

Writing in morning today because may not get time to write in evening. Sunday night dear!!! hehe. I had planned to write about a person whjo is boring me on net, but yesterday night I realised there is even more important event happening. Venus is smiling bright. Yup Venus is in Pisces(meen) sign. For those who dotn know, pisces is venus's exaltated or ucch sign. Venus is best in meen when owner of meen is good. Incidently jupiter(owner of meen) is best it can be. Now what is the effect?? Venus is spreading love, she is dispersing her affection through the four quarters of world. Venus the queen goddess of love, beauty, affection and humanity is radiating all her virtues to people below. Result "LOVE is int he air"

Video is great. I am just waiting to sing this song. I have rahu-rahu dasha now so very little chance now, heheh. Hmm rahu while going will surely gift me with love, I know that rahu has never let me down. For now I am in love with Rahu. hehehe

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Activity filled day

Well todays blog is going to be very long cause I did many things today, important from astro and non astro point of veiw. So lets get cracking one by one
Firstly last night I got this scrap
"thanks 2 geting in trst in my h oro by d parasari & katway d position of moon n mars make a viprit rajyoga n othe hand im moon chart d exchange of 1st n 7th lord maks comfort by many wives and here 12th house also included in natal chart wat u say abt my meeried life .in nat chart 1st lord is in own nakshatra n 7th lord has same condition .in d9 moon is vergittam in 7th house 10th lord in 9H N 9Lis badhkesh (kalidas) wat 2 do me profesionaly an astrologer or a physician"
Now what does a person understand, anyway I am very bored by people trying to prove that they have exemplory bright future. If you are confident then why ask me?? See this person works as a ayurvedic practioner, I dont know if he has proper degree or is just a quack. But I can say he is not a very well known doctor. He has a retrograde mercury combust!!! Well now he says he has been blessed with a Rajyog. Now if packing smelly stuff in paper bags is rajyog then I am emperor of the world. :) I have much to talk today i ll write about this stuff and give updates on this churan character
Secondly, Now this is short thing. I officially finished college today. Oficially finished submissions and was granted preparation leave. So it bye bye college. I am still in two minds about farewell party. I have not made up my mind about going/avoiding it. See I have absolutely no emotion about leaving college. I am neither sad nor galliantly happy. For past 2 farewells I have expereinced people getting sad and all gloomy, some saturn aspected moon people even start flowing their tears(Some insipid nakshatra are at forefront of this fiasco "uttara bhadrapada", "pushya" and "punarvasu" are the queens of tear ceremonies). I am the opposite. I just do not get unhappy. Its very difficult in such situations, everyone is busy being sad and you are unusually cheerful!!!! So I am planning to skip this weird feeling and the farewell too.
Third thing, Today while I was busy orchestrating a perfect submission on my phone(My henchmen being my project partners who succesfully completed my submission), I got an unexpected message "Are u free today?" and sender was even more unexpected, "GP"!!!!! Now he met me yesterday itself, GP has sooooo many friends so certainly it was not that he didnt have options. So in afternoon came marching GP. Now its evident that I dont talk much about my third friend DD that much, but believe me he is also impotant in my life. Just that he is quite busy these days to we dont meet. Btw I did get 3 calls from DD too. So GP comes home, and we just pass time like it was some free commodity. Internet he read my blog too, in front of me. No astro thing going today though. Then I dont know what happened to him. He jus opened orkut and started writting a post. Goooooooood loooooooord, he was writting something abut cars, and he took 1 hour to wite it. I was listening to songs. I finished all songs on my cellphone. See I usually get verrrry bored ar such time, but I must admit I was amazingly cool. Dont know what it was but GP was talking and soemthing even i cant comprehend. Later he went, he had class to atttend. Meanwhile he did get calls inviting him somewhere but he avoided them all, I liked that part though. hehehe. Later too he was quite reluctant to leave.... wonder whats going on GP is new man. hehehe. We did call DD but DD was busy playing games.
Fourth part and last part. I was looking for muhurats today, well found good ones and was quite an excercise. Later in day mom came up with a chart, her friends. She has had a very rough life and mom wanted to see if that could be explained through her chart. Well lady had shani in dhanu mool in 12th for makar lagna. Further moon in mitun ardra, needless to say shani dasha, antar dasha was verry bad. I am waiting for another chart from same family, lady's son. Lets hope I get it then I ll talk about it.
So my day filled with activities. Actually I am loving my life these days. I know I dont have a very good life but I love it. Hehehehe. Good night

Friday, April 18, 2008

Astro Day!!!!!!!

Before today lets recap yesterday because events happened after I wrote the post. Hmm after the blog post I and GP had a SMS fight, and i overdid it a tad bit. I just sent a deplorable and plain hedious message to him. It was sure a stroke below belt. I was feeling guilty but I am not good at apologising. Usually i never apologise to anyone, but at same time was feeling bad so what to do? hmm well you can say I have a bad trait I just dont accept my mistakes or take blame for my follies. So finally i reached a solution I asked him to come to my house today and I would give him an astro reading. He came today, that part i ll tell later first a chart i saw yesterday
Yesterday night a person messaged me on orkut asking me to read for him. I was already distraught yesterday but still manged to feed the details in to software and then............ The chart was very interesting. Many conjucntions in it. Saturn and mars opposite moon, sun mercury ,I am still studing it, but I feel good I saw it. Rest of the night was spent analysing the chart. Usually I prefer to chat with people with extra ordinary charts but I doubt i would be able to extract information from this one. So the day ended for me 3 o clock in the night.
Morning was late as expected, anyway today was holiday so no one (including me) cared when I got up. I still had the guilt hang over from yesterday night, immediately smsed GP and asked him to come in afternoon. I had another friend coming for same astro reading, but i adjusted him and made room for GP, guilt made me do it.(Any way i didnt dump the other friend just sent him packing early).I was apprehensive about GP coming, GP is very weird he avoids being alone with me, except when he has private talk to talk otherwise he always uses DD(My other friend, he completes the trinity...) as a shield or buffer. Anyway he did land up at my doorsteps. So after light talk we straight went to chart, GP has quite a impressive chart. It may not be rajyopgkari but has good chart. So all the questions anwered. Then he had to leave for class. But this time when he left I didnt see him hasting or getting away. Again as I said earlier its very difficult to understand him.
Later got a call from SP(SP is my project partner, she is a girl and already has a boyfriend hehe)
Then we spent the hour gossiping and teasing other people from college(My favorite past time and incidently SPs too).
Now planning to watch a movie or something. No more chart today

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hmm morning was good but night would refuse to follow her lead. Sort of boring night. GP came calling but was talking with all except me. Couldnt even spare a minute, anyway he has friends at every step so I guess I am over reacting. Have to take care next time. No astro activity now. I am in no mood to give anyone any sort of advice. GP always manages to spoil my time. He is like essential evil, hate his presence and loath his absence. Cyu tomorrow. Tomorrow holiday so lets hope day has major astro activities to write about, todays blog was quite boring with no major event hope tomorrow is better. Bye gudnite


Hmm Morning is the delight the nature bestows on humankind!!! Well cheerful enough as I am in mid morning I must make ammends to blog. As an astrologer you have to respect privacy of people, so its very rare that I ll put peoples names in blog post. hmm this knowledge is not the crop of my fertile brain but rather a suggestion by friend. So names not allowed here, unless I get permission to write them here.
Scraps are pouring in, people are sending freinds requests too. You know I accept most of them because I just want more number of friends on my account. hahaha. People have like 500 friends and I have a paltry 70 to show. So in bid to increase my false popularity i am doing this. Hmm thing we do to create illusions are very strange. People apply colour, people smile like every day it their birthday, sweet talk with all and the sundry. Well I do my thing to make me more humanity friendly. I guess everyone likes huge list of friends, even if the list contains total strangers.
so I am getting scraps by person lately, who seems in desperate bid to prove that her chart is very good. She is digging out all sort of ancient formulas to prove that she has a valiant future.
Personally I dont actually believe in ancient books that preach astrology. All results are erratic, "You will be a king" else "You will be a beggar" arre there are many stratas between monarchs and paupers. So I generally accept but dont relly on ancient scriptures. Personally i think only "Phaldeepika" is worth the attempt to read obsolete sanskrit. hmm getting back to desperate chart inprover. People say incomplete knowledge is bad, I am getting the practical implementation with this person.
Maybe posting in evening again about the day. For now i am going to enjoy morning. Bye

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 1: Energy draining day

Right now i am realizing that how many people are not happy with there lives. I get many requests to see when some event will occur or when will they get a material thing. Agreed everyone doesnt get all they want but it doenst mean that you just loose heart. Hmm let it be.
Desperation driving people to limits. All of sudden world seems such a bad place with everyone in misery. hmm anyway so about the day. Before that you ll need to be aquainted with few characters. 1)GP(request granted,anonymity): My very good friend and my guinea pig, all my astro experiments were first carried out on his chart. He believes in whatever I say. haha. Strange person. Moon in libra. Nobody can sense what exactly he is feeling right now. hehe. so ideal volunteer for astro and social experiments.
In the course you will get aquainted with other characters that play a part in my life. Bt the way I live in city of Pune in maharashtra India. City is major character itself, how you will come to know later.
Day was not exactly astro day. Submission are going on and i was in hurry to finish off the thing as fast as I can. I am doing this for 8th time and last time. I m feeling a bit missed out after finishing it. When you are regularily beaten and all of sudden someone tells you "no beating from tomorrow" it feels odd. Now not exactly happy not exactly sad. So all day was spent doing the thing and getting it checked.
I looked at a chart of a woman who just had a baby and wanted to go back to work. Shani dasha in final stages shani in 5th now how the hell will she get a job. So i had to tell her "look this time fate has reserved for you to take care of your baby" lady khush. Dasha change will definately bring bright light but its in jan 2009 so time for that. Anyways good work I must pat myself on my back not for prediction but the way i put it in. hehehe. hmm thats for now i suppose see you tomorrow.Byw

First Post Intro

I am a budding astrologer working on internet, I constantly come across people who give me their charts for analysis so this blog is about the people on Internet and their weird queries demands etc.
I will also document how difficult it is to manage a hobby with an engineering course.
So lets get started......