Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day full of astrology

I had a very active day full of astrology today. I had astrology class today we are learning nakshatras there. Today it was turn of my nakshatra, Krittika. Well my sir was clearly in awe of krittika well any one can be after you hear what the nakshtra really is. I am proud of the fact that i was born in krittika hehe. Extremely protective nakshatra, krittika people are normally very cool and calm and enjoyable. You can even insult a krittika person very badly and get way with it. BUT if you try to harm or create bad situations for the people whom krittika loves then you have a tornado hurling towards your way. Suddenly krittika explodes with energy so bad that nothing can stand in front of it. Mythology goes that the 6 krittika were foster mothers of kartikeya and they had to take up arms to defend young kartikeya from demons. Such foster energy makes krittika borns very able lovers and family persons. Hmm enough about krittika now.
Further after astrology class we had a seminar about a "challenge" a scientist had given to all astrologers. Hmm a scientist has designed a test for us and was inviting us to participate and test the authenticity of astrology. Well unanimous decision was that the test was pre biased and should not be attempted by any astrologer. That was a good time dedicated to the debate about the stand.
Now after i came back i saw two charts. One had a horrible sun-Saturn-mercury conjunction in Libra in 4th place. Was finding words to express bad things in less hurting ways. Sad cases.
Well i had a very fulfilling day today. I want to post this song today. the wordings are simply an legendary metaphor the poet says "Total eclipse of the heart". Very Nice comparison of the state of sadness with the total eclipse of the sun. You ll love it. Bye

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