Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bored of being bored

I am sick of being bored. I am doing nothing for two days. Absolutely nothing. College over so no college friends. Further GP has gone to Hill station with his friends and DD has exams to study for so no one to hnag out with /sad. Well I hope tomorrow's day will be better. I have decided a thing for and from tomorrow I am going on a diet from tomorrow. See I am not like obese or somthing like that but I am just have extra fat. Now when I have college I usually am busy with college things and so eat less, but during vacations I dont have much things to do so just much all day and then get verry fat. I have decided that this vacation will be different I am going to slim down in this vacation. I am going to excersie also. hehehe. Any perosn who knows me will be laughing by now heheheh. Well this has happended many times earlier heheh. Well lets see the sucess rate this time. Lets hope i get a little bit leaner.

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