Thursday, October 30, 2008

Show me the world, take me to love........

I really love thsi song fromt he movie "Bride and prejudice". The movie is very special for me. Inspite of its miserable fate at BO I really like it. Firstly the time when I saw this movie was speacial so I sort of have made an association of the good time with this movie. Then the concept of people trangressing borders for love and love trangressing the boundaries of nations,communities, religion,culture is very unique. I like the idea of people flying to to different lands and fall in love.
I have immense love for the original "pride and prejudice" too. The most striking part is the one sentence by elizabeth(Lalita played by Aishwarya Rai in Bride and prejudice) it goes like
"You are the last person I would like to be with". Its such powerful sentence. Love it to brim
Listen to the song
Show me the world, take me to love........I want to do the same, I want to be in the year 2004 and california and sing this song on the beach.................
Show me the world..........................

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Course of living a dream

So far everything is going as per my plan. Plan I made after using the divination art to my benefit. Time period and the step by step execution of events is following a path that I saw through eyes of planets. If I manage to pull this(Wont tell what now) then it will be a victory for me sure but it will be a much greater victory for astrology too. So now just wait and watch and hope..........
I have always loved soft and meaningful songs, the reason I adore the band Westlife. I am embedding the song that made me fan of westlife. Song called "My love". I am addicted to this song cant live without "my love" being around. I like to hear it whenever I feel like hearing it.
today I dedicate this to a person. No one including the person will ever come to know why am I doing this. A heart of a person of Scorpio is a deep labyrinth of secrets, secrets that if revealed can induce terrible demons upon the person who have trusted them with secrets. One of reason I have never(and don't intend to) consume alcohol. Enough "me" fables. Listen to song lyrics included :). I cannot embed official video so this is second best

Monday, October 27, 2008

Unique blood relations

First of all a very happy diwali to all readers. May lord jupiter bless all with their minds desires this diwali and coming year.
My sisters wedding is now just a month from now. A lot is happening in the background as a prelude to actual wedding. Many people are inviting us for meals. Its a tradition in our society that relatives invite the people who are going to have major functions in their house. So lots of invites are there and we are balancing time to meet all of them.
So we went for lunch to a little lesser known relative. I mean they are not very close relatives. A few years ago we used to live nearby but now there is little contact since nearly 8 years. A major part of this lunch invite was the insistence by the elders of family. Senior citizens in our family are very much excited about this wedding as this wedding marks the first wedding of third generation in family. Our family has been blessed by longitivity so many old people are still around and quite healthy and strong.
Its a biological rule "reproductive success can be declared when progeny begets progeny". So biologically you are successful when you have grand children. When grand children get married its more success biologically I suppose. So all old people are very happy and quite excited at the prospects of a third generation wedding in family.
So I was talking of lunch we had. It was such a nice time. I didnt even realise I am meeting these people after like a year or so. They were genuinely happy to have us(I can spot insincerity) for lunch. Well to add to it lunch was delicious, great taste for food. This got me thinking that is really "blood thicker than water??". Do relations transcend the barriers of time and ego? I am not that thinker on such matters but now I am realising that whatever happens family(extended also) stick together. I hav emany friends who give no or very little attnetion to family. Even I have done it sometime but incidences like this prove that how many friends you have you got to have a relations with family.
Really genes tend to attract other genes..............blood is thicker than water......or for that matter even water that has salt :)
Cyu all later will write more now with nearly all my exams over

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fromed new astro community

This is link of my new astrology community
Join it for discussions with me on astrology things. The earlier community got hacked by pakistani people. Sad the community once was the best on orkut. Still I stuck to it and had a quite good time there. I got many good friends there.
Lately the spamming got out of control and it bored me to see 100 new threads each day.
So one night just created a new one. Heheh
Cya all in community

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adios Rahu :)

Still I am ill, this sucks big time. Bored of pills and horrible palette I am waiting to get upright very soon. Writing this to say farewell to Rahu. After finally 2 long years Rahu-rahu is ending and Rahu-Guru starting.
Rahu-Rahu started when the picture was completely different, Rahu has changed the picture by leaps and bounds everything has changed now after its tenure. Most remarkable is the gain of immense knowledge that was possible in Rahu. Both practical and empirical Rahu has surely made me much much wiser than all dasha till now combined. Every one has a few "decisive" years of life where they get the "aim" of life, get the inspiration to move towards the aim. Rahu has given it to me. These 2 years have been a roller coaster of ups and downs I saw loyal turning in to traitors and traitors swearing by loyalty. Rahu made me the person I was meant to be.
Person who started Rahu-rahu was a naive slightly blithe person after 2 long years the metamorphosis Rahu leaves behind is of a person who is far from naive,capable of games very few can comprehend. Hardships and frustrations may seem troublesome and cumbersome but they are biggest boons for us cause from these obstacles rises the sweetest of nectar the knowledge needed to tackle them.
Advice to all who always go on crying that Rahu dasha is bad. Rahu is not bad it is the perfect judge of your actions, all right actions are rewarded and all wrong are punished. Rahu is the judge unparalleled.
I bid farewell to extreme Rahu, bye bye Rahu master of Idiosyncrasies.
A song I was hearing just before wrote this enjoy "Ek din ...."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Idiots guide to swallowing pills

I am down with a bout of flu :(. I hate being ill, just detest the sick feeling. One of the main reason being I rarely fall ill(so rare that all my illnesses are "black magic" for my mother heheh). I do have a constant allergic cold every now and then but rarely does a pathogen hijacks my body. Unfortunately now i under one of those attacks. Well last i got ill was in 2004 or so heheh. So its quiet boring to get sick. You have to swallow HUGE pills(I ll come to that point) and people call you to enquire about you and you have to bear witness to their counter questions and be prepared to hear "You eat outside food thats main reason for this........." heheh.
What strikes me is the lightening fast process of "falling" ill. I was perfectly well yesterday evening by night i was restless and morning totally miserable. And in in spite of all this I had to go to by jyotish exam, it was a torture to drive till my class it was just a hells road. I felt sooo weak, its a quite insecure feeling that you are physically weak more than the weakness itself that sucks the energy. Thank god it didn't rain today that would have been total disaster. Hmm so paper was niryan mathematics, I am quite well versed in niryan mathematics so that was not a problem solved the paper and just immediately reached home. At home was confronted by mom with an array of tablets. This is worst part I just cant swallow tablets they just make me puke and dizzy. Ever since i was a child my mom had devised a algorithm for me to follow to help me swallow tablet. After 15 years I still follow that. Following is algorithm
Step 1:- Take a big glass of water and your tablets and leave for a secluded place.(Don't ask why even, my mothers lame explanation is "When you are alone you can concentrate on swallowing" hmm it has worked for me so I dont ask for more expositions
Step 2:- Drink a little water swallow it
Step 3:- Open your mouth as wide as you can, then directly drop the tablet inside you throat, don't let it touch your tongue(another moms gem "touching gets the bitter taste and you puke")
Step 4:-Now swallow the tablet and immediately pour a lot of water down your throat, just flush the tablet down.
Step 5:- By this stage I am experiencing the tablet go down in my stomach and tears swell in eyes(Don't know why). Rest for 2 minutes
Step 6:- check for tablets if they are left any go to step 1 else step7
Step 7:End your seclusion and join the society triumphantly :)
Well this plan of action has been put to test since I was 5 and it has yielded good results. I guess moms know best for their children :). hmm I just cant believe people who swallow pills without even the use of water. Very unique people.
So ending this idiots guide to swallowing pills

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gilded cages

I have always been an extreme liberalist ever since i recall. I hate any sort of bondage, extra luggage on anyone. Firm believer that everyone should be free to do whatever he/she wants to.
Recently my friend in a multinational company described the atmosphere to me.
Campus 10km away from city, Self contained campus, plush rooms with television. So impressive na? Well all that glitters is never gold most of time some cheap metal. The working hours are extensive and laborious, trainings are unnecessary. This is one way acceptable as the company pays you it is expected that you give your best towards the venture. Next in line comes the virtual slavery. Cameras all over, personal email and social networking sites are not allowed access. No communication what so ever with the outside world. Its like an entire world that is contracted to a minuscule area of land.
I have and will never apply to a MNC as a technocrat ever. Managerial posts in MNC is where the moolah is and also where all the fun is. May apply to managerial post there if ever i want to.
I have a strong conviction in the perception that personal freedom should hold utmost importance in a persons life. A beggar with rags on street is a million times better than a convict serving sentence in jail. At least the beggar has choice what he can do what he can eat. Personal freedom and the right to free speech is something that one must value all his life. These two form the core on which self esteem is balanced.
Many people nowadays in order to procure money engage in a meaningless race of sycophancy and odiousness. There is nothing more degrading to yourself than the fact that you are licking someones behind to score some money. What do these people achieve? What are they going to feel when they are on their death bed. I have heard arguments like "This is temporary once i climb up the ladder I will be free from this bondage". To all such people I ask "What if tomorrow never comes??". Every ladder in society has another ladder which is posited a tad bit higher than the lower one. Every ladder has its restriction and bandages.
It is every persons responsibility to make sure he/she is treated well and given the importance he/she receives. Make sure that your are not damped and smothered by anything/anyone.
Everyone has to fight to keep the the difference that exists between free citizen of a free state and a slave.
For that it may require some sort of sacrifice or some bad situation. Remember again pauper ragged happier than monarch in gilded cage. All through my life I intend to break open the gilded cages and fly in free air.
Marathi song of same meaning. It calls for the bird to break open the gilded cage and escape to free world..........I wow no cage wrought,slivern,gilded is ever going to cage me

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


For 10days each year Hindus all over the world celebrate "navratri", literal translation is "9 nights". For 10days people revere and show their gratitude to the feminine energy. People celebrate the female goddess for her power,energy,vitality and generosity.
Myth goes that the demon "Mahishasur" was causing lot of grief to people on the earth. Mahishasur 's temerity reached its pinnacle when he coveted goddess parvati. The goddess was enraged at this amorous demon. She decided to end the miseries of people and kill the demon mahishasur. Goddess Parvati began a wat with the cruel demon but mahishasur was no minion he was incredibly powerful and he fought with treachery and deceit. Goddess fought the demon for 9 days and 9 nights. Finally on the "ashtami" ie on 8th day the goddess manifested herself in to the most powerful entity ever to set foot on earth"mahakali". The dreaded goddess was ruthless and with unprecedented power she waged war with the demon. On the 10th day when the demon was tired and weak Mahakali changed her form into "Mahadurga". Mahadurga is the feminine form of goddess one with sympathy and pity(even for demon who had waged 9days war). She offered truce and gave an offer to spare mahishasur's life. Still the audacity of demon had not subsided he laughed at proposal and continued war, following which on the 10th day Goddess killed the demon with a trident into his chest. People all over the world celebrate this 10th day(Dashami)" as "Vijayadashami or simply Dusshera.
This the the time when people worship the female energy. The energy that can nuture the future generation, the energy that is the cradle of life.
Following is the "Aarti" ie a song of praise to the goddess durga who after killing mahishasur became known as "Mahishasurmardini" ie killer of the mahishasur