Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day different

Well today had a oral to apprear for in moring so was up early in morn. I knew that ral was going to be a piece of cake. Already I am quite thorough with Java and further jupiter got retrograde yesterday. Retro jupiter will immediately give good efects. As expected I answered all questions like those were some chips to eat. So Viva sailed soothingly at around 12 noon. Then I and KB went to restuarant and did some time pass along with some much needed food. Later I went to our TLs home to complete some last bit project work. There I had no work so I and TL played cards while one of our member completed the bit. I was fun it was amost a decade since i last played cards and enjoyed it so much.
Later went to hill for walk and then GP came. I went to Burger King with GP, there we were so famished that we ate so much in so less time. hehe. Later just spent the remaining time loitering around and doing TP.
Hey I want a feedback from you people
What to you people think of my life? Do I have a nice life?
Please tell me your views
Well I am writing next part of teaching artical tomorrow. Today I ll end this with a very nice song. I dedicate this one to a special person, person I like very much

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