Thursday, May 8, 2008

Astrology for all

Well my internet friend KP all of sudden decided to leave astro for ever as he doesnt have practical help in astro in his city. Well to help KP and lots of other people who get confused about astro language i am going to write few things about astrology. I am not saying i know a lot or i am teaching you. I am just sharing whatever knowledge i have got in my clases with people who dont have access to classes. So i ll write these informatives as per time but as frequently as possible.
Part One
1)Mercury(budh) 2)Venus(shukra) 3)Mars(mangal) 4)Jupiter(Guru)5)Saturn(shani) 6)Uranus(Herschelle)7)Neptune 8)Pluto
9)Sun is also cosidered as a planet though astronomically its a star
10)Moon is considered planet as well though its a satellite.
11)Rahu :its the intersection of earths orbit with the moons orbit on northern side Also called as dragons head
12)Ketu:Its the intersection of moons orbit with earths orbit on southern side. Alos called as dragons tail
Rashi:Rashi and the number associated with it is a must for any astrologer. They are as
1) Aries(mesh) 7)Libra(tul)
2)Taurus(vrishabh) 8)Scorpio(Vrischik)
3)Gemini(mithun) 9)Sagittarius(Dhanu)
4)Cancer(kark) 10)Capricon(Makar)
5)Leo(simha) 11)Aquarius(Kumbh)
6)Virgo(Kanya) 12)Pisces(meen)
now if i say 8 then only scorpio should be on ur mind and that too within a flick of second. Thats the first thing for any astro hopeful.
Lords of each sign
1 and 8 are ruled by mars
2 and 7 are ruled by venus
3 and 6 are ruled by mercury
4 is ruled by moon
5 is ruled by sun
9 and 12 are ruled by jupiter
10 and 11 are ruled by Saturn
I ll write the houses tommorow

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