Monday, May 5, 2008

Wonder where time goes?

Hmm Time sure is changing fast and is forcing the inertia in me to move along with it. Today I did the ultimate thing that signifies adulthood; I applied for job. Sort of we had campus placements in our college so I went there and wrote exams for companies. Now that is adulthood behavior. I cant believe I just did that. Well resultswill be out in 2 days will tell you all what my fate was. As usual my fate played a large part in this job adventure. I had a sort of idea about placements but didnt know exact date time. I am sleeping at 9 am and suddenly I get call from SP. She is screaming "Get out of bed and race to college". I am like "What the hell happened". Then it dawned to me that it was strating at 9 30. I was practically not going to go, but SP forced me to come with her sarcastic words. At end of call i was like "OK ok i am out of bed you can stop now" . I usually take 3 hours to get ready(yup i am quite a vain person hehe). Today I was in college at 9 45 am and didnt skip anything (ie I had a bath hehehe). SP is like grinning from ear to ear. Well exam was good, later went to restaurant with KB and our TL as I was "nil by mouth" from morning. After eating I spent a lazy afternoon at KB's hostel room before finally returning home at 5. See I do very little in major decisions in my life. Fate takes all decisions and I just give a acceptance nod ;thats it. Well lets see what happens of the campus drive.
Meanwhile on another front GP was apologising again, hehe. I am bored of this stuff man. Well lets see what happens. I was home for night as well.
Well todays song is very special Its my favorite song from my favorite band. I am giving this song to a person(no names) . Quite old song, it brings out memories for sure. You must have a high volume to fully enjoy this song.
Ladies and gentlemen I give "My Love" by the incredibly Divine "WESTLIFE"

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