Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Shani

Well Shani celebrates his birthday on 3rd of june. So lets wish shani a very happy birthday. Well to celebrate shani's birthday heres the mythological story of his birth (general story told to all)
Here is goes
On the new moon night of vaishakha month thousands of years ago moon came to meet sun.
On new moon night there is no light and no moon so some people believe shadow (chaya) came to sun. Well they did their thing and moon(or chaya wont say again) got pregnant. Well she immediately went in to labour (Dont ask mythological story). Sun being the caring man summoned the 7 krittikas in whoes home all this drama was going on (sun and moon are in krittika nakshatra on every shani jayanti) to help moon with the labour. Then he went off. Krittikas looked after the moon well and in the wee hours of evening moon had a child. Sun heard the news and was on his way. The child was dark, far cry from his parents, very ugly, and didnt cry or moved at all. Then slowly the child moved and then cried even later. As the child was slow the krittikas proposed and gave him the name "Shani" meaning slow (sanskrit "shanai shanai means slowly). Sun arrived on his chariot of 7 horses and a horse man. When the horses and chariot man looked at the child, shani cast his glance on them. Horses died and chariot man immediately developed leprosy.
Shocked by the childs apprearance and his deeds moon fled away to rohini nakshatra the next day. With moon gone the krittikas took the responsiblity of up bringing the baby shani. Sun meanwhile was also shocked by this instance and went to consult lord shiva. Shiva explained to him that this child is born to punish people for their bad deeds and he will be the supreme judge.
Sun decided to shift this dangerous shani in to the underworld in care of guru. So sun came to the krittikas to procure child shani (who was 1 year old then). Krittikas whelmently opposed this proposal to ship shani to underworld, it was no place for a 0ne year old.
Sun became frustrated and decided to steal baby shani from krittikas himself. Sun proceeded to the krritika nakshatra. There a krittika named "amba" was playing with baby shani alone. Sun sounded warnings, amba didnt budge. Sun in utmost act of desperation attacked amba with arrows. Amba had shani on her hands, she couldnt defend herself. In a bid to save baby shani she ran screaming and shreiking with pain. The Universe watched as the Sun again and again attacked a defenseless, unarmed woman with baby to protect. Amba shouted and pleaded for help.Mean while the rest of krittikas got worried and had started looking for amba and shani. When they finally found the pair, sun had critically wounded amba and but in the most selfless act she had managed to keep shani out of harms way. Rest of krittikas were verry angry at this attack. Like a elephant herd protecting their young, the krittikas formed a circle around the wounded amba and shani. Krittikas were excellent warriors, together the krttikas unleashed a fierce attack on sun. The clash was male energy versus the female energy. Normally female energy is consolidated and passively nuturing. But when they have to defend their young females show one of the fiercest form of attacks. The krittikas unleashed a blitz kreig on sun.
Unable to withstand the attack sun fled, to die another day. There is lot of debate on what exactly happend to amba. Some say she died and so there are only 6 stars in the nakshatra. Some say goddess parvati saved her. But the courage and dedication she had to a foster child is still talked about.
Shani now was year and half and still with krittikas. Then an unanimous decision was taken to shift shani to the underworld till he has learnt the right wasy of life. So a year and half old shani was dragged by his very father away from his foster mothers while the krittikas could only wail and sob. A promise was made to krittikas that every 30 years shani will return to them and live with them for a year and half.
Shani was shifted in care of guru. Guru being old and knowledgable, gave shani all knowledge but he couldnt love and care for shani as the krittkas did. Shani became a loner and depressed perosn. Slowly he grew in to a tall thin, emancipated and ill looking man. Later he was attacked by a rishi with bramhastra on his leg and so became lame too.
Shani came to hate Sun, moon and to certain extent the kritttikas. And till date he does hate them.
Shani the black sheep of sun was giving the job of judging people and punishing people for their wrong doings. Till date shani has judged everyone in his dasha or the sade sati.
So heres kudos to shani. Happy birthday Shani

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