Monday, June 30, 2008


I was watching the movie "Ankush" for nth time. Ankush always makes people think. ankush literally means a sharp weapon used to control an elephant. Metaphorically it means a simple trick that can contain large energy and use it right direction. Back in 1986 when movie was released the situation was very different in India. Socialism was prevalent and its horrible negative effects had crept in. Corruption was rampant and inflation was on all time high further unemployment was so high that it was just impossible for people to get jobs. With absence of powerful private sector government couldn't provide all with employment. In such a situation the basic values of humanity were being preserved against the onslaught of selfishness.
Uranus was transiting jyeshtha nakshatra leading to total chaos and anarchy. 1986 was far the worst with Uranus finally entering the gandaant of jyeshtha-4. 1987 brought relief and by time Uranus reached poorvashada, socialism was almost gone and capitalism was taking baby steps in India. Rest as they say is history.
Some things are reminders of the past that was a learning experience. A past that was bad, a past that everyone wants to forget. These reminders are the ankush that we have to restrain our self when we are about to do some thing extravagant.
Well the movie will always be the stark reminder of a time of turmoil and change. Transition from poverty to wealth wont affect it because it has frozen time in itself. A time that needed an Ankush. Ankush of love and affection, the thought that "violence begets violence". Even in today's world the movie holds relevance. All violence has ever done is to create more of it. The prayer in the movie says this very nicely. I wanted to embed the last prayer but dint get that version. This is the happy version when everyone is alive and optimistic at last everyone dies and the prayer then is very pessimist almost like a mourn song.
Well watch this video and experience the turmoil that was the year 1986.

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