Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have a dream........

Well finally I am on track and adjusting to fit right in. Well I say all happens for good. Even if it seems that its not right now, it is the right thing over time. So studying for exam and doing time pass for rest of time. I had decided not to see charts for few days, til my exam gets over but then DD asked me to look how his exam will be. So saw his chart. Hmm realised something, mercury is retrograde over my moon. Now mercury is the 11th lord for me, 11th place shows friends and 11th lord in very bad state over moon has caused me pain. Hmm nice teaching.
I have said many times faith drives me towards my destinations. It removes all obstruction, whether i consider them obstructions is different thing but later i realised they could have been major ones. Every time I go away from my destiny fate drags me back to it, it is not pleasant transit but the right one i suppose.
Hmm I am concentrating on my dream now. I have a dream.. to fulfil. I owe myself the task to complete it. So with renewed vigour and vitality I trod my path. A path I have seen many times through visions, astrology and just plain intuitions. Towards my destination I go now. To fulfil my dream because I have a dream...... a song to help me cope with reality.....
Well I feel like hearing that song today. The song is the epitome of optimism and positive energy.
It is the Phoenix that can flap its wings free from the its own ashes and elevate to heavenly heights.
Heres I have a dream....... Westlife version

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