Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reconciliation costs affinity

Blog especially to end the distraught and estranged friendship I was talking about earlier. I have decided to reconcile and bring an end to animosity and the profanity that had creeped in to the relationship. Well but this doesn't come cheap the cost is affinity. The incidence has destroyed the archetypal image i had of the person in my head. As the vision proclaimed the girl has burnt the old person and moulded a new character that suits her and is to her liking. I have no relation what so ever with this new Frankenstein and so should not be even in close proximity of the person. Well practically people are not black or white most of them are of varying shades of grey. So practically I have decided not to harbour hate. Hate is a double edged sword it kills the hated and kills the hater too. So I have given up on my strategic position and decided to flag the white flag. Further the person very recently even apologised, now i dont know whether its straight from heart or from the very manipulative brain but i dont care.

So I no longer have any enmity in mind, having said so there is huge "BUT" to it now.......

I no longer have any type of affinity with him either. Earlier i had taken liberty of reprimanding him for his mistakes, now that would be a severe mistake now. So I no longer am going to correct, advise or consolidate him. Most important decision of all " I AM NEVER GOING TO SEE HIS CHART AGAIN FOR ANY KIND OF PREDICTIONS". I am not going to be the person to look to anymore now. He should go to professionals for help. Just a very normal and platonic friend. This are teh decided terms and conditions from which I ll never move now. Haan and one more thing I am not going to compromise anything for him now. He has fallen from height that was unparalleled to a depth that is also unparalleled. I am not feeling exactly thrilled to write this all but I was not the one to create a tussle here. So like it or not the above said stands true.

I have always valued anyone who is worth the value and in very rare cases I have changed that value. Sadly this was one.

Well I don't want to end on this strict note, so just will talk few sentences about the time that has gone by. I have had the most funny, enjoyable and interesting time with the person. Nostalgia will always carry his name along side good times. So here the good times we had and nothing can corrupt memories.........

Heres "A little help from my friends" 1969 from woodstock. I like this version more than Beetles version.

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