Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taurus moon kicks in!!!

Firstly today is shaniaschar amavasya, ie shani jayanti. So lets wish shani a verry happy birthday.
Hmm well after yesterdays bad day i thought it was over, but nope. Same friend pops up again in night and we go all over all again. Well I have a very peculiar planetary condition in chart. Its a saturn in lagna place making 178 degrees with moon in taurus (exaltated). As a result i get depressed very easily, I get very sad and just keep thinking of that sad thing. Well then a day or two pass by then exaltated moon takes over and drags me out of the depressive abbey in like hours. Its like 2 hours earier i was sad and now i-was-never-better. Well dont know whether its a curse or boon but i have both sides to extreme. People have underestimated the power of moon. It is supposed to be weak and readily influenced by other planets. Infact a strong moon can easily influence other planets. Waxing moon is rohini nakshatra is supposed to be most powerfull moon of all.
Well i am alright now and completely out of sad sorrow thanks to taurus moon. But i ll remember all this as what-not-to-do kind of thing. I have decided to be very careful when i help someone now. It will be very difficult for me to just help anyone now. Further I ll compromise for even few. Astrology help i ll give all, my opinion to select few. Well aristrotle and olympia when teaching young alexander said the following thing. I think its the most important thing to learn. I guess everone learns it the hard way.
"Never under estimate people. People are like snakes, one can care for a snake all your life. Feed it protect it, nurture it all life. Still it will not hesitate to strike you with the fatal bite"
I have been very choosy about my friends till now. Thats why maybe I never was stabbed in back. But now I am going to enhance my stategies to understand people and identify bugs early on. At a later stage the weild too much damage to me.
Hmm AB was in london and UK for weekend. I have yet to see photos but his description were great. Ab must have had a great time i believe. What is called "Time of our life". So want to dedicate a song to AB. I think i have posted this earlier (I am too lazy to go thro archives hehe) but again I give FIFA wordcup 2006 song "Time of our live" by toni branxton and El divo.
To AB :- Watch it. heheh.
Bye evryone cya tomorrow

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