Sunday, June 29, 2008

Answer to questions

"Dear Vibhav,Im naive and just startd to learn astrology.I have few Q's, if there is anything stupid sory for just asking out of curosity 1. Is it so tht if one of the prospective couple has anyone of these mahanakstras(anuradha,makha,mrigshira,swathi)then there is no need to check out the horoscope matching for marriage as the ill effects would be cancelld. how far is it true and can u plz tell why so
2. Moon in scorpio is debilitated and moon rules over emotions, if tht is so, can anuradha natives maintain a gud relation ship in marital life inspite of having a debilitated moon and why is it chosen to be a mahanak even if this nak falls in deblitated moon? I have read it somewhere tht debilitaion of moon can be cancled is it so, if so how?"
I got these questions in the one of the comments asked by Srivathsa. Firstly I am sorry I didnt reply promptly I had a exam and I just dint notice the comment to such an insignificant post.
Hmm about first question just because the native have mahanakshatra it doesnt cancel any ill effects. These nakshtras assume importance because of their size in sky. These nakshatras are very big and have large expanse in sky that's why called maha nakshatras they dont cancel anything and horoscope needs to be seen equally.
Question 2):- Hmm moon in vrischik is debilitated. See moon is karak for mind agreed but it does show its effects in people. Vrsichik people are secretive, dont care much for emotions and are very outspoken too. So this can be considered as negative effect of moon. Irrespective of nakshatras vrischik will always carry a certain traits on its own. Anuradha is no exception. Anuradha is no saint at all, people can be equally vicious as jyeshtha but difference lies in aggressiveness. Jyeshtha will attack anuradha will defend. I have already explained why its a mahanakshatra. Nakshatras cannot cancel any neech yogs. Nakshatras are to be seen separate from rashis


Rajeev said...

May I also add that Mitra being the deity of Anuradha ,the natives of this star are generally of friendly disposition and hence they tend to be good companions in marriage more often than not. But since Moon,the naisargika matrukaraka or natural significator of mother is debilitated in Vrischik they usually have no happy memories of their mother or are not much benefited from their mother or native place.This may remain in their mind throughout and in some cases affect their personality in negative way.

srivathsa said...

thanks rajeev and vibhav