Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jupiter arrives

Well I had my project orals today. Total havoc for me. We were asked to come to at 8 am to college. I was right on time at 8. Then we were told that our project was last one and it would take at least 3 o clock to be done. But guess it started at 6 and ended at 6 30. 10 hours waiting for external examiner to show up to review our project. Exam was very good though.

Hmm now a little astro view on this. According to a software I have I was to start Jupiter bhukti from today's date. Jupiter was finally going to come to share Rahu's absolute monarchy.

Well After at about 12 0'clock our project just stopped working!!!!! We were like "OMG". It has worked fro 3 months and now suddenly it goes caput?? Well at about 3pm we managed to fix it and get into running condition. At 6 pm our internal professors assembled in our room to preview its working before actually its shown to external. Well guess what happens? Power cut!!!

A generator was started and we managed to start project. Midway power came back and generator switched to mains. Within that second computer restarted!!!! Good lord I was at the end of my wits. Rahu was dancing like a wild adivasi all around me. Doing everything that I never expected. Rahu was like a wild animal destroying everything for me. I recalled that today was bhukti date, I was like "wrong date", no where is jupiter seen here this is Rahu's one-man-show.

I was so wrong. Just imagine what happened later external examiner walked in. I am not lying even a bit now, really this may sound cliche'd false but its damn true. Examiner was middle age grey hair ,very fair and very nice. He was veryyyy kind in approach. Best part was when one of internal professors asked us a little tricky question, external answers it for us!!! I was like "what is going on". I have myself appeared for 20 orals and heard about countless one. Nothing of this sort has ever happened before. All my partners as well as teachers were awestruck and were just like "AAWWE". External examiner explaining project on behalf of student??? This is totally unheard of.
Well I knew that Jupiter has arrived. Rahu danced like crazy all day but in end Jupiter has made its very first appearance and with a bang. I start my Jupiter Bhukti. Welcome Jupiter

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