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Jyeshtha: Curse of Oblivion

I know I was going to write Uttara bhadrapada but I am just eccentric that way so here is jyeshtha.
Jyeshtha expands to last four navmas of the Scorpio zodiac. Jyeshtha astronomically is a single star called "Antares". Antares is situated at the 8th navmas of the Scorpio zodiac ie vargottam Vrischik. Antares is tremendously big about 1000 times our sun and is verry powerful in terms of gravitational field. Antares is the giant of universe
Jyeshtha in mythology is called "Aalaxmi". There is story of jyeshtha:-
During Samudra manthan before Laxmi came up laxmi's elder sister came up from the sea. She was extremely ugly and poor. She had huge fat lips and obese body and was very unattractive. Closely following her came the beautiful and elegant laxmi. Being born early and being elder the ugly one was named "Jyeshtha" meaning "elder" being opposite to laxmi she is also called "Aalaxmi" people in certain interior areas of India called jyeshtha "akkabai". She was so ugly that no one wanted her, laxmi was married to Vishnu and was getting all attention. Jyeshtha grew jealous and angry, she became green with envy. Sensing jyeshtha's plight laxmi with help of vishnu convinced a rishi(I dont know name) to marry jyeshtha. Marriage did not last and rishi abandoned jyeshtha near a peeple tree. Laxmi again came her aid and she was converted in to a star. She was given many a boons by laxmi. Laxmi has a great affinity of jyeshtha but jyeshtha still is jealous of her. Since then jyeshtha is shining in sky burning with envy and hatred
Jyeshtha ie Antares is ruled by mercury. Antares is known to possess great power and is red in colour star has power of mars-uranus. Being born with moon in jyeshtha is sort of curse especially jyeshtha-4 which is part of gandaant. Jyeshtha people are extremely hot tempered people. Like residence goddess Aalaxmi jyeshtha people are very jealous and show contempt at other peoples good fortune. Jyeshtha glows with hatred and people are incarnation of anger, contempt, jealously, guile and treachery. Jyeshtha people are very snobbish kind of people.
The difference in behavior is seen with other snobbish nakshatras. Jyeshtha sort of makes compartments about in mind about people and when they dont like certain people they resort to snide thoughts about them. If provoked sufficiently jyeshtha attack with lightning speed and destroy their enemy. Their attack is so fierce that it is only second to the krittika defending her young ones. Even krittika leaves her opponent when she feels that the threat to her loved one is over but jyeshtha wont ever leave an enemy totally destroy every enemy.
Jyeshtha being mercury's nakshatra show exemplary intelligence. They are very sharp and extremely vigilant. Like a scorpion they attack every threat to its death. People are very devoted to their work and consider their work as worship. Even worship they do with a certain tenacity. Extreme penance, fastings and powerful devotion to their gods. They excel in jobs such as managers, sportsmen, astrologers, surgeons, accounts etc.
Extremely jealous and suspicious they have very few friends. But whatever friends they care for much. Same goes for family, they may shout and scream at family but do care for their family deeply.
Another thing about jyeshtha is the affinity of money and gold. Being laxmi's sisters the oddess laxmi never lets go of the sister doing everything to please her ugly sister. Jyeshtha people have proximity to wealth gold and prosperity. It may not be theirs but they are always surrounded by wealth
Antares the powerful star eludes the aura unparalleled. Antares jyeshtha the curse of universe, the curse of green colour,the curse of oblivion. Jyeshtha the curse of Aalaxmi herself

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Hi Vaibhav

Read your blog contents on few nakshatras. Interesting notes.

Keep it up. One request: Please also comment on core tatva of nakshatras (sattvik, rajsik etc). They truly become the determinant of constellation results (also preceding and succeeding stars ones).