Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bored now

Hmm I am bored now, bored of holidays. Well I have a project oral still left to finish my engg syllabus. Its on 28th so time for it too. Astro community is going great these days. I spend most of time there, like it get to learn more and more new things. Well going out tomorrow in city, hope to enjoy some sun and some early morning shopping in city. Cya tomorrow

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srivathsa said...

Dear Vibhav,
Im naive and just startd to learn astrology.I have few Q's, if there is anything stupid sory for tht.im just asking out of curosity

1. Is it so tht if one of the prospective couple has anyone of these mahanakstras(anuradha,makha,mrigshira,swathi)then there is no need to check out the horoscope matching for marriage as the ill effects would be cancelld. how far is it true and can u plz tell why so

2. Moon in scorpio is debilitated and moon rules over emotions, if tht is so, can anuradha natives maintain a gud relation ship in marital life inspite of having a debilitated moon and why is it chosen to be a mahanak even if this nak falls in deblitated moon? I have read it somewhere tht debilitaion of moon can be cancled is it so, if so how?