Friday, June 6, 2008

Mesh Vs Tul; War of the stars

Today would be talking about the Shadashtak yog between mesh and tul. Every sign has a shadashtak sign for it but not all are that powerful yogs. A few other yogs are sinha Vs makar, vrushabh Vs dhanu also vrischik Vs mithun, Today we ll be talking about mesh and tul.
Mesh(Aries):- Ruled by mars, sign is a fire sing and is movable sign. Divided into 9 parts, called as navmansh parts, they again are given names mesh,vrushab......till dhanu(last part). It contians 3 nakshatras Ashwini(first 4 navmansh),Bharani(next 4navmansh) and krittika (last 1 navmansh). Mesh is exaltation sign of Sun, mooltrikon sign of mars, delibated sign of saturn. So in general it is sign of war, agression,self respect,self defense,battle for supremacy etc. Sign rules the head.
Tul(Libra):-Ruled by Venus,sign is air sign and is movable sign too. Divided into 9 parts with same numbering as mesh has. It also contains 3 nakshatra. Chitra(first 2 navmansh),swati(next 4) and vishakha(last 2). Libra is exaltation sign of Saturn,mooltrikon sign of venus and delibated sign of Sun
So consider the oppostion here. One has sun exaltated other has it delibated. One has saturn exalted other has it delibated. Both are important sign in nisarga kundali so assume importance as owners of kendras.
Now lets consider Nakshatra wise combinations.
1)Ashwini Vs Chitra:- This will be a battle to behold, Ashwini will always attack first which gives chitra the benifit of crying "attack". Chitra being the mars's nakshatra will sure fight back giving ashwini a mouthful of its own filth. ok scenario will be like :-
Mr ashwini and Mr chitra have had an accident on a road. Fault is of Chitra and damage is more to Ashwini. Ashwini will shout and scream and demand repairs even abuse mr chitra. Mr chitra will call the police and tell the police all that ashiwini has said. Ashwini gets even more angry and starts again, police will think ashwini is trouble and shout at him. Chitra is in his car and off while ashwini gets in to trouble.
Ashwini Vs Swati :- No way can swati stand off the attack by ashwini. Swati is too weak, even if the person has very agressive lagna swati shows her traits. Same scenario about accident:-
Ashwini will come screaming and shouting , abusing. Swati will make a very bad face and say "Its to my mistake". Ashwini goes on and on. Swati waits patiently hearing all crap. There is long traffic honking. All start to shout at ashwini realising he is conrnered ashwini relents and goes. Well ashwini got high blood pressure swati got abuses.
Ashwini Vs Vishakha:- Well vishakha is a little different, it can stand up for itself but differently.
Ashwini has come up shouting and abusing Mr vishakha. Mr vishakha tells him to wait a sec. He makes a drama about calling someone and secretly selects a boy amongst the crowd and tells him something in very pleading tone. Ashwini is restless and comes again. He talks and talks vishakha listens to all. Then when all is over, vishakha drives away ashwini realises his tyres are flat!!!! the boy has done his work and got paid as well.
Bharani Vs All tul naskahtra:- Bharani will react differntly. He is not that aggressive and if some lady in vicinity tells him to give up he will in a minute. He wont create a drama and will try to settle with money. demand money in very subtle tone though. Usually tul will pay the money if it is justified and matter will be resolved.
Krittika Vs Chitra :- Major drama will happen here. Krittika will park his car right in front of mr chitra and wont move at all. All honking wont affect him. He wont abuse chitra but extreme displeasure will be conveyed in mild tones. This can result in stand off a sort of check mate. krittika first pad is known for its stubbornness he wont give up at all. Most probability is that chitra will offer money to end the embarsing situation. Krittika will take all the right damages and then smile at chitra. They may even go to coffee then.
Krittika Vs swati:- Nothing here. Nobody will fight. Seeing that mr krittika is not abusing or bad mouthing swati will apologise immediately. Most cases krittika wont even ask for money. Things go on as usual. Point to note swati has apologised to krittika because reaction is different from ashwini. Swati will never apologise to ashwini.
Krittika Vs Vishakha:- Krittika first pad is ruled by jupiter and is very intelligent. Vishakha will realise it cannot fool with him. Vishakha will try to bargain out through the situation. Even falsely apologising or trying to end matter. Both dont want police, both dont want any sort of fiasco but both dont want to withdraw. Tricky situation with both them holding their horses waiting for moves. Outcome will be tricky.
Bharani nakshatra will generally try to extract money, krittika want to win morally and ashwini wants to beat up the other person. Tuls on other hand would never be aggressive. They only want to save their skin nothing else.
Well thats it about the most powerful shadashtak Mesh Vs Tul. Will write about some more. Bye


Rajeev said...

Hello Vibhav...

Rajeev here.I read some of your astrology articles and found them quite logical and true.Would like to hear from you on Purvabhadra nakshatra(both Kumbha and Meena)

srivathsa said...

nice work dude, ur explanation is ina refined way so tht even a lay can understnad. keep it up i hope tht u wll finish all the others too.

Ojas said...

Very well explained.LIke you have written about Mesh and Tul, can you also enlighten us about Dhanu and Vrushabh. Also I have heard about navamash guru maitri as an exeption to Shadhashtak. Please elaborate on the same.

Anonymous said...

sir,i'm in a big problem.please give a good suggession.we r in love.he is virgo n i'm aquarias.according 2some astrologer there is "mrityu shaadaastak yog".graha maitri is there(mercury n saturn).we both r manglik.he is devta gan i'm manusya.we want 2 proceed it further.plz suggest any mail-id