Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crazy time

Yesterday one of my Internet friend said that I am too serious and too grown up in my writing. So decided to do something absolutely fun and without any purpose. I went on collecting nursery rhymes. Yes I looooooooovvveee kindergarten songs. They are soo cute and refreshing. Just no meaning at all heheehe. No deep felt lyrics or cryptic messages in songs just plain stupid fun songs.
Hmm I do seem serious in writings but people who know me would vouch that I am quite opposite in person. I am very idiotically funny. I laugh at drop of every silly hat. Right now as I am writing this I am hearing and singing "Oh sussana", hehehe fun song. I am never deadly serious about anything in life. I dont even fight seriously; most of time I am giggling or guffawing midway in a fight.
Well on a little serious note nursery rhymes remind me of kindergarten so they are the vague memories of a time when I was 2 feet in height and weighed 11kg(Yup i have a card with my vital stats dated 1989). A time when I thought that world was filled of mulberry trees and everyone had a mulberry tree near their house(because I had one). I had taken granted that everyone had a mulberry tree hehehe, those who didn't have it were aliens. A world which had soooo much too see and explore. So many questions to ask lot of answers to procure.
Still I am the same person just tripled in height and many times over in weight still enjoy "oh susanna" and still smile every time I see a mulberry tree. I still make faces when my mom tries to push some ugly vegetables down me. I still run around house (unfortunately no one chases me now unlike then).
So similar yet very different, Its like a silk Caterpillar on mulberry tree metamorphosing in to a silk moth. The exterior the body changes but the life the essence is the same.
Enjoy "Oh susanna" by vont tapp German movie

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