Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Childishness: Boon of mercury

Hmm I was out with my friend tonight(since that scrap episode I am not even going to use pseudo names, people are too insecure). There we happen to get into an argument over who is more childish. Well for starters we both are rather spoilt kids on the block. Both live in respective homes and never do any chores for ourselves. I have seen hostelite friends trod through their chores but both of us don't do any sort of activity that can remotely relate to chores. We get in to argument mode with each one insisting that other is more childish. I was also doing the same but i knew it was me. Yup in the 2 spoilt brats I am the more brattier.
Well astrologically speaking childishness is governed by the vivacious mercury. Mercury is the planet that causes grown ups to giggle and guffaw like children. Mercury is the child in a person, mercury is the ability to find pure joy in simplest of things, the most basic of things can be a source of such large amounts of mirth. Mercury is the power to extract happiness when its running low.
In that matter I have a very nice mercury as compared to my arguing friend. He has a very nice sense of humour and is intelligence enough to comprehend even the complex of jokes but he lacks the ability to laugh at nothing. Well simply be happy for no reason what so ever. He cannot be childish. He enjoys what one is normally suppose to do. But will he stop on road to see bullock carts or elephants or camels or even plain donkeys?? No never he will zoom past. I on other hand will be gazing at all of these animals I like to see them, they are very nice hehehehe.
I havent agreed to him till now that I am the more childish of the pair so finally "I accept" I am more childish. hehehe and I have no qualms about it.
Hmm well since we are with childishness lets hear a childish song. I just loooove all aqua songs. everyone knows their barbie girl song so a different song by aqua

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