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Krittika:- Razor of the cosmos

By now most of you would have guessed my favorite moon sign is tul. After tul i like vrushab moon sign.The fact that it is my sign may have a role to play here wont deny it. So starting with first nakshatra in vrushab krittika. Hmm its my nakshatra but i have met other people with other planetary combination so wont be talking about me now. This is general krittika I am not exactly like this hehe

Krittika(pronounced k-r-o-o-t-i-k-a-a) is divided as 1part in mesh + 3 parts in vrushab. Mesh-krittika is very different from vrushab krittika. Mesh krittika is the dhanu navmansh of mesh and contians star named algol so its a whole subject in itself. I will write on it later its very intresting part. Its very rare that people are born on krittika-1 so talking about majority ie vrushab krittika now

Krittika contains 7 stars of which one has gone missing and so now we can see 6. It is called pledias in Greek mythology. In Hindu mythology krittikas were the foster mothers of kartikeya and Shani himself. Kartikeya gets his name from krittikas.

Krittika is ruled by Sun and has gods Agni and kartikeya as its god-fathers. Agni is said to have been born to krittika. Krittika is the essential passive female power. It has intense energy inside it but on surface it is cool. If Ashwini is fire that burns krittika is box of gun powder, you can play cards on the box as long as its not ignited but when ignited it explodes with unnatural energy.

Same can be said of people born under krittika, people are generally above average stature and have commanding appearance with a stern face and small penetrating eyes. Eye bows are very neat and naturally shapely. They have a certain magnetism attached to them, everyone will look at a krittika person when he/she will enter a room full of people.

Krittika borns are snobbish in nature. Its their tendency to look with contempt at others if they are not up to the mark. Extremely choosy and have very static and fixed notions about all things in their mind. They are very demanding people, constantly need attention and someone to boister their huge egos (ego is absent when krittika is seen with kark/meen lagna). They are very careful about how they appear in public and are very self conscious of themselves. You ll never see krittika borns dancing rabidly on streets. Dignity is to be maintained even if sacrifice is needed. Very fashionable people giving minute details to their attire and appearance. Krittika is surely the narcissist nakshatra.

It is the birth star of Sun, thus people are sharply intelligent. They have very sharp wit and a veracious tongue. Will insult people at the drop of hat and it will be very bad (mesh/vrischik lagna with krittika is particularily very bad). Emotions are a thing to play with and only they have feelings others feelings are to be completely ignored. Intelligence is also manifested in observation, they have keen senses deeply analysing every view,sound, taste and touch. People will be scanning you all over part by part paying attention to every minute details.

Krittika is caring energy. Krittika cares for its loved ones with all energy it can gather. Krittika Born's are very good family people. They will take very good care of family. Krittika born females are extremely good mothers, rather they are perfect mothers. In general people look after others very well. This trait gives them very loyal friends and relatives. They perfectly know what other person expects and try to fulfill all. They are also sought after for their advice and directions, many krttika people have become successful consultants.

Krittika love life is interesting part of krittika. Krittika females and to some extent males never get heart broken. No one will leave a krittika girl after knowing her well. She is the near perfect combination of love and lust. Same is said for males, very few girls will reject krittika men. After Rohini its the most wooed nakshatra owing to their very caring attitude. They are opposite to the favoured rohini. Rohini people want others to take care of them and krittika like to take care of others. So krittika-rohini match is the best compatibility in the entire rashi chakra. They are very romantic people too. They may not be poetic and expressive like rohini but none the less let the other person know hoe special he/she is.

Lastly the bad points of krittika. Extremely angry people. When provoked will wage a long lasting war. They use secrets to their aid and destroy enemy. If their loved ones are attacked they put up the best defense ever seen in human psychology. I ll say people who have krittika as their family friends are very lucky because they are very seclusive. They choose their friends very carefully because later they stick by their friends through absolutely anything. Very possessive people, want frequent reassurance of affinity. Can be irritating, as they smother others with excessive care.

So well krittika ends here. Will write about the much talked about Rohini later.

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